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  1. H

    really struggling

    I've been pretty good for the last five months since I've been out of hospital, only one incident of self harming and no thoughts of suicide. but last few weeks have been a real struggle, I'm now back at work full time and finding it really stressful, and as i work in retail i have to face the...
  2. C

    Struggling today

    Today it's been 2 months since I last had contact with my ex of 12 years. In two weeks time it will have been 4 months since I last saw him and the flat I'd lived in for 8 years. He said he'd fallen out of love with me. I've got no job, hardly any friends in this part of the country, I'm...
  3. H

    help with dealing with anxiety and depression at work?

    I have recently been discharged from hospital from having a section 2 because of an attempt, and now back at work :), but after a period of feeling good at work i am feeling myself slip back into a worse mood. I work in retail and can be stressful how do you guys deal with having to keep a smile...
  4. BorderlineDownunder

    Really, really struggling

    and I'm not sure why except that I haven't been sleeping well and I've started cleaning and I hate it and it was my sons birthday, I didn't hear from him Ive been SI for about a week and today I'm supposed to go clean but I'm sore and unhappy and I don't want to go help ive been SI all...
  5. A

    Don't agree with my diagnosis at all.

    So I've been diagnosed with BPD for not long really, about a year now, and I just struggle to agree with it. I don't really have angry outbursts and my mood doesn't change that quickly at all. I'll feel fine for a month or so and then gradually feel worse until I become my worst version of...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    anniversary of mummy's death

    its the anniversary of my mummy's death on 2 august ,im already struggling to get through it im having terrible nightmares and feeling really suicidal ,i just want to be with her again i dont think i can get through it x
  7. L


    My mood is very low today. And I'm worried that everyone will get sick of me and leave me. No better than I deserve perhaps. I feel like a crumpled up piece of unwanted paper. That is all. Sorry for the stupid post. Xx
  8. Y

    Please help me

    Hi All I was wondering if anyone can help me out as I am really struggling with an anxiety issue that is really impacting on my life. I am really struggling with going out to social places, meeting people and it's definitely impacting on mental health. I grew up with not many friends to really...
  9. S


    Found out last week that my boyfriend has been cheating on me during our entire relationship. I'm really struggling to come to terms with it all. At first I felt sick and dizzy and was 100% certain he had to be dumped, I've lost all love and trust for him. He has tried to contact me a couple of...
  10. C

    Hiding Self Harm

    im new to the forum , i was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder few years back and had a traumatic psychotic episode in July 2012, every year since i have been sectioned around this date, normally due to overdoses, my way of self harm...this year im self harming in a different way. Im...
  11. P

    now struggling to manage

    I'm in receipt of ESA and used to manage fine, but over the past six or so months things have got more and more difficult and now I have an overdraft. I rarely go out - my money is going on food and bills. Has anyone else noticed that things have got harder lately? Does anyone know when...
  12. P

    Help for my son

    Hi everyone My son has ocd from taking malaria tablets in the forces he got better but my husband (his dad) has been diagnosed will terminal cancer and it has set is ocd off quite badly we live a long distance from each other my son is married but is wife is struggling right now they have young...
  13. I

    i can't do this anymore

    Hi life has become too much off a struggle I'm.really suicidal and I'm just a sad loner whi no one wants to be friends with I actually pray that my life will be taken because things are never going to get better I've been struggling for weeks to cope and I'm just not sure how much longer I can...
  14. Nikita

    My mental health has deteriorated I am gonna ask for help!

    With all the drama over narc sister entering my house without permission and gaslighting me my mental health has deteriorated and I am struggling to manage all the bad feelings and fear she has instilled me,I am in shock and fear,I can't concentrate of focus and I am losing energy and security,I...
  15. H

    Owned up or been caught out?

    As I've already said in a different post, owning up or being caught out self harming is something I'm struggling with at the moment, so I'm generally curious to how the situation has played out for everyone. Haven't made a poll on here yet so hoping it works alright. So, did you own up or...
  16. S


    Hello i am a new member from England I joined this forum as in march i was diagnosed bipolar type one i am at the minute struggling like mad and feel so alone i am going too start a journal as i have being advised it may help me.
  17. E

    brand new here, need help.

    Hi all & thankyou for having me. I'm Emmie, I'm a recovering alcoholic and I was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder and panic disorder last year. I started taking Mirtazapine 15mg and gradually went up to 45mg, then came back down to 30mg because it spiked my panic disorder...
  18. Drooo

    Men with BPD?

    Hello. I'm new but I'm looking to reach out to or interact with those with the same disorder as me. I've been following the forum for a while and feel I have to now jump in. I'd be very interested in all feedback, but especially from other men that have this horrible, mind-bending disorder...
  19. S

    I am struggling big time with Paranoia

    My head is struggling and losing because how can it not be paranoia when I see things so blatant? Two major things affect me. This happens a lot, when people walk past me they either sniff, cough, hawk loudly or murmur as they walk past me, I try to convince myself it's coincidental but it...
  20. Fairy Lucretia

    im a loser

    truly i am my life consists of sleeping and watching tv i do nothing productive i dont go out because i have social phobia and agoraphobia and i cannot cope with people sorry for yet another post but im really struggling and this forum is all i have xx