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  1. C

    Where to go from here?

    Hi all I'm new here, So I've been struggling with my mental health for about 5 years now, depression, anxiety, irrational thoughts etc. But now I've lost my job, I've separated from my wife (back home staying with mum) and things are really getting on top of me. I had a brain op last year too to...
  2. H

    When you think you’re alone and why did it have to be me!

    Really struggling lately with my diagonasis of bi-polar i was diagnosed when I was 17 now 25 so had it a few years but I’m really struggling. I moved away from home because I thought that was 25 year olds do but I honestly can’t do it I need my mum nearby however stupid that sounds! I’m a...
  3. L

    I'm in need of advice supporting my severely depressed partner

    Hi all, This is my first post, I've just signed up to this site as I'm desperately in need of some help and advice. It will be a long post, but I'd really appreciate any help. My fiance has been struggling with his mental health since he was around 16 (he's 25 now). He was originally...
  4. danielgain


    Hi my name is daniel i live In sussex UK due to my mental health getting worse i thought i would join this fourom I am 25 and am really struggling i have gone though a lot of trauma in the last few years i really am struggling with past memories crying daily and being absent from work I want...
  5. C

    My girlfriends depression is hurting our relationship

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and wanted to ask for any advice or experiences people have had that is similar. Me and my girlfriend have been together a year and after a ‘honeymoon’ stage of 6 months her depression spiralled. I love her more than anything at the minute, but I’m concerned...
  6. A

    Really struggling to stay safe this evening

    I'm sorry for posting again. It's just that I'm really struggling to stay safe. I know all the distraction techniques, but they're not helping. Not sure if it's because I don't want them to help.
  7. B

    Not well and struggling

    Each day in the last week I felt like I am going down step by step. I am struggling not to let myself down and my greatest fear is not to go as down as last year when I wanted to kill myself. I dont want to kill myself, I am sure of that, but I am really scared that I will loose control of my...
  8. L

    struggling ?

    At the moment I’m struggling so much, my mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer with months left to live. The thought of losing her is heartbreaking.......my world feels like it is falling apart. I’m watching her die slowly and I can’t stop it! I don’t want to be without her.
  9. ScaredCat

    Really sorry to post

    Am really sorry to post but am struggling and I actually want to od, die so I doubt anyone can help anyway cos I do want to do it
  10. N

    Struggling with bulimia. Need help

    I've been struggling with bulimia for the past 7 months and i REALLY need help. I went to my GP as soon as it started and she referred me to the eating disorders service. I have been waiting for the last 6 months and i STILL have not got an appointment with them. I have called them several times...
  11. D

    Bipolar 2

    Hi everyone, how are you all? I have bipolar type 2 and am really struggling
  12. D


    Hi everyone,I have bpd, I'm really struggling at the moment
  13. L

    really struggling

    hi im really struggling with my BPD at the moment there is alot going on in the family at the moment and im not coping with any of it and nobody understands i can be screaming and shouting one min and crying the next i spend 99% of my day in bed thinking to my self why am i here so much so that...
  14. G


    I'm NJJ and I'm struggling. I have been struggling since my late teens, I feel so alone in this sick world even though I have people around me. I want to be hopeful again but I jus feel numb and empty, I can't describe how I feel at the moment but I will soon. So hello peeps:-)
  15. S

    Hi :)

    I am struggling. I've arranged to meet with a counsellor this coming week, but I'm not hopeful. It feels hopeless, but I really don't want to give up. I have a child who I love more than anything. But I am a major people pleaser, to the point that my open uni studies are getting behind because I...
  16. C

    Struggling with supporting partner with mental health

    Hello, my partner was sectioned 3 weeks ago and I am struggling to understand it. I knew that he had a breakdown 15 years ago before I met him but I thought it was a one off due to stress. It came out of the blue for me and now I want to support him but don't know how to deal with the cruel...
  17. R


    Hi I am really struggling to get myself motivated and moving today all I want to is cry I am on my way into work but just feel like I am going to get sick and thinking of ways so I can just go home and shut the whole world out so I don’t have to deal with anything I really hate this feeling
  18. S

    Why I am here...

    Hi all. My 15 year old son was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 2 months ago. We've had 4 camhs referrals sent off (by gp and school) but nothing back from them. We are 6 sessions into counselling but the whole situation is getting worse. My son experiences panic attacks constantly, unaware...
  19. S


    New to this forum, just wanted to say hello :) I signed up here to share experiences and maybe chat with others who are going through similar struggles. Been struggling with anxiety and depression for years and find it extra challenging in winter. Have a nice day :)
  20. T


    I'm not entirely sure how i ended up on here but I needed an outlet I guess. About a year ago maybe a bit longer I ended up going to the Drs because I was In a really bad place my other half thought I might be depressed and urged me to get help. My dr thought I was struggling with anxiety but...