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  1. C

    Struggling to stay afloat

    Hi there, first time posting but I'm not really sure where else to turn at this point. I've lived with some kind of mental illness for as long as I can remember - I'm 25. Some times are worse than others but I feel as if something is always there. I have tried pills and counselling numerous...
  2. L

    Reaching out into the void

    Hello I'm Lilac and I'm a 21 year old female from the US. I've struggled with severe depression, social anxiety and general anxiety since I was about 10. I'm in a really bad state right now and I'm afraid all that I am capable of feeling is sadness, boredom, and crippling loneliness. I hope that...
  3. Screechout

    New here (struggling with 2019 already)

    Hello so I've just signed up after a while of looking at this forum, thought i'd sign up myself. A bit of a backstory of myself I was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder in the summer last year after several hospital admissions, I'm currently under a mental health team but...
  4. letmein

    Stay safe

    please folks stay safe, 60 hours will see it over and gone.. for those looking forward to it, enjoy :) for those who arn't we can get through this together.. words and support. I will be around as much as I can till thursday. PLEASE STAY SAFE....... IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING INBOX ME!
  5. R


    I’m roxie I’ve Just joined the forum I struggle with anxiety and depression, im married and have a nearly 2 yr old but I’m just feeling really alone and struggling at the moment I don’t live near family and literally have 1 friend where I live
  6. M


    I split with my wife 3 months ago and have been fine until the last week. Ive struggled the last week and currently I'm in tears with no one to talk to. Really don't know what to do I've managed my depression for the last 4 years but right now nothing is working. I know the obvious answer will...
  7. S

    New here and struggling with health anxiety

    Hi everyone, I'm feeling very anxious and panicky right now as I'm typing this. I feel so worried I'm always thinking I'm going to die. I get a headache I think it's a brain tumour, I feel sick I think it's some sort of cancer. I can't take it anymore I'm always fearing the worst. I wish I could...
  8. M

    Writer, fresh out of the hospital, working on my PTSD

    Hi. I'm Matt. I live in the states, formerly someone working in the mental health field in department of corrections. Currently a Lyft driver, struggling author (I've published several books with moderate success, but nothing that allows me to continue it as a full time gig), looking for work to...
  9. S

    Powerful Dreams

    Lately ever since the Dr changed two of my medications I have been havin some overwhelmingly Intense Dreams. It has become hard to separate the dreams from the “real” world. When I’m in these dreams it feels like they are the real world and not this reality. I’ve been struggling with this, it...
  10. D

    Any suggestions welcome :)

    Hi. I'm new to this. Lonf story short but my bf of 7 years finished with me 2 months ago due to my severe contamination ocd that was affecting him so badly he became depressed and suicidal. I dont want the loss of my relationship to be in vain. I have bad guilt due to how i treated him in the...
  11. A


    Urges really bad at the moment. Not sure I can make it through. xxxx
  12. W

    Don’t know how to fix personal problems in relationship

    I’ve been through a lot of emotional problems in my life, and the issues have never really been resolved and some of my personal problems as a result ended my previous relationship (my first marriage) because she couldn’t stay with me long enough to help me resolve my own issues and I don’t...
  13. L


    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself a little, I have had a long history of depression, anxiety, CPTSD, been diagnosed about 12 different things over the years, (not really into labels), struggled with self harm, suicide attempts hospitalizations and addictions to name a few. Long story...
  14. B


    I have suffered with depression for sometime now even though I have a good job,family partner, nice car things people feel happy and blessed why is it I don’t feel anything I seem to be going through day to day struggling to get up have energy and be happy inside of course outside I have to be...
  15. S

    Newly diagnosed.. need advice!

    Hi all I have been struggling with anxiety and depression since i was in an abusive relationship, i since then have met the love of my life, bought a house and had my amazing little girl. I thought that was the end of my problems. Wrong. When i got pregnant i became severely anxious, feelings...
  16. A

    Struggling to find a reason to live.

    I have always loved dancing. It’s as if I feel free when I dance. I started dancing when I was a kid and continued until I was in high school and up to my early college years. I joined competitions locally and I was happy whether I win or lose. As much as I love dancing, I had to stop. I got...
  17. C

    Had A Rough Day...

    Can I just have a hug? I'm really REALLY struggling tonight. I can't...I just can't...
  18. A

    Reducing Citalopram from 20mg to 10mg after 1 year

    Hi there. I've never actually posted on a forum before. I have spent hours of my life searching for people who feel similar to how I feel and reading other peoples advice and have always found that invaluable. It's strange that I'm feeling so nervous to write on this but could really use...
  19. mami5


    Have been really struggling with suicidal thoughts all day. Can't get them out of my head. Don't want to live anymore. :cry2:
  20. N


    I'm struggling a lot lately. I just can't stand myself. Everyone keeps commenting on my body and saying how I need to gain weight or how I'm "so tiny." Commenting on what I'm eating/not eating...etc. Just wish everyone would be quiet. It's so triggering and I'm trying really hard to eat and...