1. N

    Stigma and mental illness

    Hello guys, I seriously can not stop thinking and frustrate about the fear of opening up about mental illness. Why still people (including myself) can not talk about it? Why people instantly will think that we are "crazy" or it is "just in our head" or we are "weak" or something like that? When...
  2. S

    I feel indifferent about everything

    I've recently discovered that I have began to feel numb towards many things. I don't have the same drive for my career as I used to. I don't have the same urge to help others as I used to. In fact, I'd rather not help others now. & that's very unlike myself. It's easy for me to say bye to a...
  3. blurrypeach


    Hi all. Is it true that people with BPD can be strongly empathic in certain moments? in which they also try to satisfy other people's needs?
  4. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Anyone believe a secret group/ taskforce is tracking you?

    I have thought this since I was a kid. I don't know what they want or why but I feel this very strongly. Like my Internet use and cell texts and phone calls are all being monitored. I sometimes think my phone is listening to me.
  5. chesterking

    I do NOT have paranoid schiophrenia - Hypnosis made me say it LOL

    I strongly believe that I was hypnotised to say that, or classical conditioning was used on me. Hypnosis can make people say or do things they don't want to say or do. It is also called Mind Control. So that is hypnosis or substances or both.
  6. F

    Do antipsychotics help or harm psychotic symptoms?

    This is the latest, and perhaps last, of several debates with Bob Whitaker on the role of antipsychotics in treating psychotic symptoms. It was triggered by a recent email exchange that clarified our areas of agreement and disagreement. Bob's blog summarizing his views and how he arrived at them...
  7. B

    any tips for separateion anxiety and depression?

    when ever i am with my partner i am so happy no matter how bad life gets i can handle it but when i go to work or the storeor aanything that causes us to be apart even for a few minutes (this includes him just walking to another room of the house) i get depressed and start havind pannic...
  8. O

    Anxiety at night

    Hi, I'm a 20 year old college student, and I strongly suspect that I have GAD. I worry about a lot of things constantly every day, and most of the worries are totally irrational. Recently it seems like I'm too busy with school during the day to notice the worrying, but when I go to bed it hits...
  9. S

    It's pretty bad, i won't lie

    I was going to say it couldn't get much worse, but there is always a worse. I could be sitting in front of a doctor right now, that would be worse. As it stands, i am sitting on my couch in the warm. I have nice food in my cupboards, a telly to watch and other bits to do. I am comfy and safe...
  10. pepecat

    Letter to a husband who killed himself 30 days ago.

    Found this today and thought it was worth a read. Posted in the Huffington Post In the End, There Is Only Room for Love | Poorna Bell My dear husband, It has been nearly 30 days since you held the spark of your life between your hands and pressed them shut. Since then, I have been trying...
  11. valleygirl

    Traits of People Who Self Harm

    This is a list of traits of people who self harm from Self-Injurers and Their Common Personality Traits - HealthyPlace It is 100% me. -tend to suppress their anger -have high levels of aggressive feelings, which they disapprove of strongly and often suppress or direct inward -are more...
  12. Mister.B

    'Ticks' and involuntary speaking and shouting.

    Does anyone else have this? When I say ticks, they only look like them to the observer because I manage to stop myself speaking so it seems like a random noise. It's like the thoughts in my head, that belong to the others I am co-conscious with, get muddled with mine and I say what they are...
  13. C

    Experts wanted for North West London MAD Republic

    Experts wanted to form North West London MAD Republic Are you a resident of one of the following North West London boroughs: Brent, Ealing, Hillingdon, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Harrow and Hounslow? We are currently recruiting 4 experts by experience per borough...
  14. I

    Help! How to deal with my schizophrenic friend.

    Hello My friend has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia for nearly a decade now. I have tried to support him as much as possible but it has been difficult as he has been institutionalised intermittently and housed outside of the area. The MD's have made little to no progress over the years apart...
  15. teresacat

    Want to say Thank You

    As I'm not tech savvy I'm not sure where to post so I'm here to say thank you to the people who were kind when I was in trouble, I'm still in the same kind of trouble but I feel strongly that those people should be thanked and their kind words go a long way when kind words are rarely heard. I...
  16. S

    Fluoxetine anybody?

    Is anybody here taking Fluoxetine? I want to know the side effects and whether it's had a positive effect for you? I've always been anti-pills because of the stigma attached to them as well as a fear of side-effects.. but I feel I have little else for choice and the doctors are strongly...
  17. V

    Why do i Obsess?

    So recently ive been obsessing so much with finding out who hacked me, with Microsoft and etc, i havent even paid attention to my own life much, and now my girlfriend has left me, and we had a kid together, before this obsession my other obsession was actually this forum, it spiraled out of...
  18. I


    Hi and thank you for reading this. Lately I'm becoming aware of a problem that I've been having for nearly two years. Please excuse my english. I'm attending highschool. I'm supposed to be studying and working hard. But I don't do anything. It's not exactly lazziness, more like passiveness. I...
  19. T

    27 year old Autistic Man who worries about Empathy. Please help me!

    Hello, I have struggled with Aspbergers all my life, I feel nothing toward anyone for any reason. I try very enthusiastically to be some what normal and function as a human. No matter what situation I find myself in no emotion is ever evoked and I never "feel" anything, very rarely I feel the...
  20. P

    Struggling with gettin help plz advise

    Hi im a student at kilmarnock atm fr my second year i suffer frm severe depression and im in serious debt. I struggle to keep track of things even days of the week and if it wasnt fr my very ill father i strongly believe i wud hav killed myself by nw. I am still nt recieving my ful bursary and...