1. N

    EU Nationals Might Be Required to Leave Britain after or on 2021

    Hi Evening Folks, I was feeling fine, very much happier linked, by my very strong mutual admirer, this evening, separately at the moment, hoping we'll get together, and, I happened to have read up about the EU National settlement Scheme from March, and deadline until 2021 in that year. My...
  2. L

    Need someone to talk to

    I just have so much going on in my head everyday is a battle and I don't know how much longer I can stay strong for... I have no family members I can talk to or no friends I just need somebody to help me
  3. A

    Stay Strong

    The hardest thing for me to do, is stay strong when the voices feel like they've gained most of the control. But, I know I am the one who is in charge. Sometimes it's difficult to take the lead. It's very important to know yourself and to trust your judgement. I try my very best to not let the...
  4. G

    Horrible fear of vomit sounds

    This is an issue I've tried to bury all my life and deny. I'm a 26 yr old male. It wasn't until my sister got sick last week that these fears resurfaced. I have a fear of seeing/hearing someone throw up. For some weird reason I am not bothered when I'm the one getting sick. This has been an...
  5. soulsearcher

    getting strong urges to self harm

    hey peeps im getting strong urges to self harm, my mrs has hidden everything but i feel like going to the shop to get some :low: i just feel like i need some release :low:
  6. M

    Keep fighting. Never give up. You're the strong one.

    As I've mentioned in another anxiety forum thread, I have anxiety problems which give me obsessive intrusive thoughts, debilitating fatigue, and emotional numbness. I've been living with my problems for over 15 years but I'm not giving up. I have contact with a doctor who can hopefully prescribe...
  7. C

    I need an urgent reply from ALL of you plzz

    I have told you in my previous thread about my therapist that I am very close to her because she was always available 24/7 but now she has changed her attitude. Although I know this is right attitude because she wants me to become strong (I assume this reason because she hasn't told me). But...
  8. N

    Strong Mutual Admirer away for a month/prevention for feeling to low/Fluoxetine

    Strong Mutual Admirer away for a month/prevention for feeling to low/Fluoxetine Hi All, I have discovered today, and you all might have seen amongst my other thread, my s trong mutual admirer, is to be away for a month. To help to prevent, for me to become too low in this respect, I have...
  9. J

    Strong urge to self harm and rumination

    When I lay down to go to bed at night, my mind starts wandering and I start fantasizing about self harm and suicide. I get a strong urge to act on it. I know that it's not a good idea but I'm afraid I might act on it because I get very impulsive and become less conscious. What are some good...
  10. Kerome

    Is religion a delusion?

    I was wondering about this this morning, whether a strong religious belief could be called a delusion. It is a strong conviction, which some might call unreasonable and for which there is no proof or evidence. In some psychiatrists’ books that might well fit the definition of a delusion. What...
  11. bippie71

    Not much changed

    Hey, kinda went dark due to issues. Things got real crazy. Cat almost died, i got sick from improper heating, and my money woes. My cat made it after i got myself into $400 debt due to vet bills. I got over my flu. Money woes havent changed. Now ive lost my passport because im sleep walking...
  12. soulsearcher

    i get these strong urges, is it because of bpd?

    hey peeps so im married, been married for 12 years, like anything in life ive had ups and downs in my marriage but i keep getting these urges to f*ck about and mess around with other women then at other times i i think no i shouldnt then i get the urges agin its like theres a light and dark side...
  13. H

    Depression and sex drive

    I feel depressed almost all the time, and have taken test (online) on depression that suggests that I am depressed. But I wonder if its really so, because sometimes I get a really strong sex drive. I live alone and have little contact with other people, but when I meet someone, for example when...
  14. C

    Want to feel happy and not pretend

    Hi I’m new to discussing my feelings to anyone. I’m always pretending to be a strong and happy person. I feel hollow. I want to feel alive and normal.
  15. N

    I Don't Know

    I don't even know what to write. This is my first time to ever come onto a forum... Let alone to come share my feelings with strangers ( I was never able too express, even to family or friends when they were still there.) I am empty, alone and unsure how to find my worth anymore. It's like...
  16. A

    Telling my mom about my diagnosis

    Hey, So like the title says I told my mom about my diagnosis and after the conversation I felt like crap. couple days ago she called me and I tought this would be a good time to tell her well first she wanted to know where it comes from I told her that It can be genetic she said that she doesn't...
  17. A


    What can I say? Can't speak to people in supported housing as they currently busy. Said to phone back later. Just spoke to Samaritans but what can they say? What can anyone say? I am having really strong urges. I am very scared. I don't know what to do. ps. sorry, I realised someone else...
  18. R

    Murderous thoughts and urges

    I have these strange thoughts and really strong urges to kill everyone around me even if im not mad or sad I just feel the urges. Sometimes they go away for weeks and or months and return harder to fight off then last time. I fear that one day they will become to strong to fight off.
  19. V


    I recently had my wellbutrin dosage doubled and I am definitely feeling the manic side effects. I have cyclothmia and the meds have been escalating my hypomania since they upped the dosage. I am working with my therapist to find the right combo but it's kind of a fight with my gp. Any...
  20. R

    I feel I'm barely hanging on

    Has anyone had issues with not being able to get over a breakup? It feels like half the time I am keeping myself composed but in my mind I'm screaming, crying, wanting to hurt myself and the other half I'm almost lost in some mental fog where nothing seems real, my surroundings, myself. Time...