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  1. Kerome

    Balancing acceptance and striving

    Recently I have been wondering a lot about spirituality which teaches a deep acceptance - such as the Tao - versus that which teaches striving and improvement - such as Buddhism. At first glance you would assume the two are contradictory. Acceptance seems to be a passive approach, while...
  2. Kerome

    How to avoid the trap of self-improvement

    This is quite an important point in all self-help or spiritual endeavours, where there are actual things you are trying to address. It is a question with how do feel about trying to fix some part of yourself, does it mean you no longer feel at peace within yourself? In the healing work of...
  3. C

    Getting to a more positive place

    It's been a bumpy few days but since being free of medication I'm slowly getting to a better place . Today is the most consistent day I have had in a very long time and dare I say it actually felt happy , talkative and outgoing . Been getting lots of fresh air and spending time with my other...
  4. C

    How can I get standard knowledge?

    Ok, so setting and meeting a goal offends others... OK, spiritualist thinking aside, if somebody sets and meets a goal to lose weight, is this offensive? or to buy a house? Or to go on holiday? i don't where you live, but then I don't think many people would say striving for something per se...