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  1. T

    Woken up by loud noise

    Last night I was dreaming, can't remember what now, something normal not particularly weird when there was an incredibly loud noise right in my ear, nothing to do with the dream. I woke up immediately, heard my husband make a mumbling noise which made me think he'd been woken up too, the dog...
  2. A

    Itchy scars

    My sh scars are so itchy and the skin seems to shrink cos when I stretch out my arms the scars are stretching and it hurts more than the sh did!!! Am 51 so don't suppose age is helping skin wise. Any ideas anyone?
  3. Gajolene

    No regret tattoo's developed.

    Something I've never done is get a tattoo, because I have visions of being old and the tat stretching out of shape, losing all it's colour, getting a bad artist, or just regretting it years later. Now two Canadians have developed a two week tattoo that is 100% safe to use. This is something I...
  4. KellyB

    Just need to say it outloud to people who "get it"

    This is my first post & I hope it doesn't get too long...there are just things you can't say to "normal" people, I hope that makes sense. I have suffered from chronic pain since an auto accident in '98 which, of coarse, started the depression...until about 7 years ago I was able to keep a smile...
  5. J

    stretching hands?

    has anyone in here experienced a need to frequently strech there fingers and then clench them. i have been doing it the last couple of days, the only other time its happened was during my drug taking days. saying that i have felt very euphoric lately to. what could this mean?