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  1. J

    End this world

    I wish I could destroy this world with everything in it all the material things and people. Nothings ever fair here in this life what's the point of waking up everyday to this. I hope this world ends soon
  2. L

    Need advise partner has anxiety, depression&paranoia

    Hiya everyone, first time using this. I’d just like some advise really from anyone who’s been in this situation or has one of the above& feels this way. Basically I have a 4 year old daughter from previous relationship. Me& my current partner are expecting a baby. When I pick up& drop my...
  3. H

    Have you been told you are paranoid? When you know its all real?

    Hi All We have fought for the past three years to prove we are not paranoid. I *a woman" has had my entire emotional past exploited online, every job someone has mentioned something about my past and something about my partners. I felt as if internet searches and pages were repetitive and that...
  4. B

    Feeling not good enough at uni :(

    Does anyone else get these crippling feelings of unworthyness? My tutor hates me. He keeps picking on me and using my work as a bad example :( I’m very anxious now to make any work and I’m constantly stressed about what he’s gonna say next. I already suffered with anxiety and depression and this...
  5. C

    My First Class Degree of Uncertainty

    University was the best three years of my life - cliche I know, but it's true! I had the best group of friends - some of which are now my closest! I did really well at uni, I had never done design before and i absolutely LOVED it, I enjoyed every single second. When the time came to leaving...
  6. M

    i can't sleep at night

    for i month now i kept waking up early and early everyday and today i slept like one hour and woke up crying no reason ( this is first time it happened to me) at the day time i feel so tried and i can't focus properly, if anyone has dealt with this before please help thank you in advance ps i...
  7. I

    sp worried and stressed not been paid

    Hi todays supposed to be pay day so worried and stressed feel like crying as not been paid and hate confrontation I assume would have been paid before I'm so scared and upset
  8. D

    it's me again

    Hello all, I'm back again. I have ran into an issue with having my mom move out. She can't get an apartment until she pays her back rent which won't be for a few months. This has just gotten me stressed. I'm trying to control everything but I can feel it slipping away.
  9. Guy12182

    "My Mood Emticon Scale"

    When I joined Mental Health Forum, I saw I get to choose a mood emoticon to let others know how I'm feeling. I am bored and lonely, so I will take time to update my "mood chart" while I work my recovery process here on the forum. It will be a good way to monitor and see my progress. So I...
  10. Zardos

    Anyone Herd From Fairy Lu ?

    She hasn't posted for a couple of days.. And the last time she did she sounded pretty stressed.. So I was just wondering if anybody knows how's she's doing...
  11. M

    BPD and relationships

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or has experienced this personally. Is there anyone on here with a partner who has BPD or anyone with BPD who can explain how it affects relationships? My boyfriend has BPD and we're in the very early stages of the relationship (we were friends for...
  12. K

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, I'm a female from Indonesia. I don't know whether I really have any mental health issues or not because I've never done a checkup, ever. I think it's still uncommon for us here to do mental checkup or consultation, or maybe I've been living under a rock lol. I always try my best not to be...
  13. P

    From no emotion to overly emotional

    I really don't know what's worse tbh. When I was on sertraline I has literally no emotion whatsoever, like I couldn't even cry, I was essentially a robot. Fast forward a few months and I'm not on medication anymore (my decision due to other side effects) and I could literally cry at every little...
  14. S

    Need Help and Advice

    I'm really new to this still and I don't really know what I'm doing but here I go anyways. (i hope I'm posting in the right area) I'm a 20-year-old pre-med student diagnosed with major depressive and anxiety disorder. I'm a rape and sexual assault survivor along with surviving abusive...
  15. B

    Best ways to help with you stress/symptoms?

    Besides the typical medication and counseling/therapy; what else do you find helpful for extra stresses and symptoms? I find that i can normally become manic without any sort of trigger; but its usually not to the extent that it becomes a major problem. I really only get too manic or too...
  16. B

    Ive never been in a relationship

    As in with a girlfriend; is that weird? I wouldn't say ive been avoiding relationships, ive just never sought one out. I guess what it mainly comes down to is not wanting to complicate things (life can be hard enough just trying to cover your own groceries and bills); and also not wanting to...
  17. B

    How do you deal with being really stressed?

    I dont usually get very stressed as i try to not let things get to me; and i prefer joking about things than taking things super serious. At work most of my coworkers; especially ones i work with a lot dont get mad at me or anything for joking around (some actually think its funny, especially...
  18. S

    Falling apart

    These past few days, I have really not been feeling myself. I feel a pervasive melancholy that renders me incapable, or at least uninterested, in carrying out my responsibilities. I've missed multiple classes this week, and am unable to focus on my academics. All of this is coming at a time...
  19. T

    Hi... stressed here

    Hi, I have been looking for a forum as a way of dealing with what is going on in my life at this time, everything is pretty confusing and I am so stressed and tired. I won't bore you all with details, in brief I left my partner two years ago with my three children, but its never really ended and...
  20. P

    Does anyone else get really stressed when cpn cancels appointments?

    New Cpn was meant to come today but rang just before appointment to cancel. I get really stressed about appointments and was freaking out all yesterday, felt too nervous to eat my tea. Now I've got to wait all over again, I thought it would be over with by today. Is this just me having issues or...