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  1. E

    Can't walk up or down stairs

    I forgot to mention this to my psychiatrist so it here it goes. When I'm walking up or down a stairway I subconsciously step at the same time someonelse is stepping. Two sets of feet, one rythmn. For some reason it makes me feel better. I can only guess that if the other person realizes it and...
  2. R

    Strange social anxiety symptom

    Does anyone feel really aware of there own face when speaking to people like every twitch or mouth movement is questioned in your head ? It's so frustrating and makes me panic
  3. N

    a bad month of anthropophobia

    I'm afraid of people. but at the same time I crave to have them in my life. It's exhausting. after having my phone stolen out of my vehicle at work a month ago my anthropophobia came back with a vengance and I was forced to call off any event involving others in my life for the month. All I...
  4. S

    Is this anxiety? Depression? Something else?

    Hi, for a couple of months now I have episodes of weird mental states. They've been very spread out in the beginning but now they're almost daily and sometimes don't go away fully. I'ts hard for me to explain it when I'm feeling ok but here is something I wrote earlier while I was in one of...
  5. E

    Afraid of becoming schizophrenic

    Hello everyone, I have had anxiety for most of my teen years and depression from time to time. Also I am afraid now I may develop schizophrenia because a Dr. said that my ideas that I had a few months ago resemble a psychotic episode. I always had a strong imagination but I became obsessed by...
  6. T


    Just been remembering what a counselor asked me last year. She said "when was the last time that you were actually really happy about something.". To this day, I cannot think of anything. It's quite strange. Past experiences were OK, but I wouldn't say I was really happy. It's a tough one.
  7. ArcherX

    Ear Cleaning psychosis

    Hello just registered here. I'm been living with psychosis for about 3 years. I didn't get treatment until about 6 months ago when my symptoms got much worse. I mostly suffer from negative symptoms. I'm not really sure how to put this. My experience with psychosis started after I got an ear...
  8. T

    Feeling alienated from others

    When I'm around people it increases my self consciousness to the point where I am a great listener but worried people find me strange The thing is I am strange Strange to myself. I go and meet up with friends for coffee and during the break I went out for a cigarete I just walked out Then I...
  9. I

    Fighting the urge

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. Scared but hopefully about connecting and speaking to people going through similar thoughts. I have a history of self harm and a few weeks ago I harmed myself. Previous to this I hadn't harmed for about 3 years. I am not sure if I am the only one but SH for me is...
  10. S

    Are any of these behaviours characterised by a mental illness?

    Hello, I'm looking for some information / support. My partner has for a while had uncontrollable anger - not at me, but at inanimate objects and sometimes animals. He's broken things by getting angry and hitting them, and says he feels like he can't help it when it happens. He knows how much...
  11. 6User_Name9

    PTSD triggers

    I wanted to share some of my PTSD triggers because I was wondering if others were as strange as mine :p . Some of the words that trigger me are: Uncle, Jason, silly (said in a certain way), mints, anything about the army, people who fix computers, anything about rape, sexual assault, or...
  12. A

    Strange Calm

    Hi all, I have been on a couple of different antidepressant medications for several weeks now. Admittedly I did skip my dose last night, but had taken it every day up to that point. Anyways, I feel a very strange sense of calm right now. I do not feel so bad. I'm not sad, angry, or any of the...
  13. D

    Hi and high

    Hello guys,I can feel myself becoming more excitabl as the minutes go by,I feel very strange.
  14. Prairie Sky

    How do you know that a delusion is a delusion?

    I mean, if you have a delusion it's something that you firmly believe, right? So how do you/the doctor know that it's a delusion? Are they those beliefs that you don't talk about because you know they would sound strange to other people?
  15. S

    Looking for people who get this too: Horrible feelings that cannot be described with words.

    Looking for people who get this too: Horrible feelings that cannot be described with words. I've decided to make an account here to post something that has been haunting my life since it occurred. What better place to try to find certain people than the internet? So...I am more thankful than...
  16. M

    Just feel like crying all the time

    Something has happened to me recently and I don't know what's going on. I've often considered that I may have depression in the past as I regularly feel down or kind of lacking in motivation and energy. However, it's never been more than that. I've never felt like things are hopeless, that I...
  17. F

    Feel a little spaced out

    Feel a little spaced out and distant. Room seems a bit strange
  18. R


    -Feel empty -Feel like I'm watching myself through my own eyes in life, I also feel like I'm speaking to myself constantly in my head, like I'm in my own head speaking to the living me -Feel emotionally numb unless it's a bad emotion -hate my own body, everything about it, buying expensive...
  19. B


    do you ever ask why your the way you are. i had a shitty childhood, but now my life is ok no real worries at all. i do have a lot of physical health issues and do constantly disagree with my doctor about weather is the physical issue cause the depression or the other way round. my counselors...
  20. P

    Concentration is so messed up

    Hi, so I've had this problem for about 2 years now but don't really talk about it. My concentration is just messed up. Like my concentration is constantly breaking even whilst writing this, whilst talking to people it will probably go about 20 seconds before it breaking and me not knowing what...