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  1. valleygirl

    Anxiety Rising

    I always have a certain degree of anxiety, but it's been getting worse lately. I was counting down the weeks and then days until the holidays, because it meant time off work, but I feel like my anxiety is getting worse, not better. I feel paralyzed by my anxiety, rooted to the spot, and I...
  2. C

    Head pains

    Hi, I have panic disorder and I’m agoraphobic. Used to most symptoms but as I’m sure you know we always get new “problems “. Does anyone ever just get a random head pain that goes straight away? I know I’ve probably gotten them before but tonight it just panicked me very badly.
  3. S

    agoraphobia son

    I have a 29 year old son who has a fear of leaving the house. In a year he might get away from the house 2 times, to get his aunt to cut his hair. Then his mom or I have to go with him. Now he gets his mom to cut his hair at home. When he was in school, then two years in a small college. he...
  4. T

    help please

    okay im a gay 19 year old male always have been knew i liked guys from the age of 13 maybe 12. now im scared im going to turn straight or my sexual orientation was a lie or i will stop liking guys in a sexual and romantic way is this a form of OCD?
  5. Zardos

    I Don't Know What To Do Now

    Got half way through the write up for the last few days.. But I'd be too paranoid to post it ..................................................... I've lost all confidence... So am alone ...................... I am what I am ............................ I'm not out to get anyone...
  6. Mr.NiceGuy

    Summoning Angels to work miracles with your voices pt2

    I feel kind of bad for everyone else because they may or may not have the protection I get. I am being 100% honest when I say that calling on this Angel to deal with my voices causes a response in them that would definitely not exist otherwise. For example, I might say " Angel, put my ears to...
  7. M

    Keep Spacing Out

    Hi All! I keep spacing out for no reason or I can't think of a reason. Could be anxiety or I know it sounds strange but seems to happen shortly after drinking tea I've noticed. What happens is I can't think straight and my vision goes a bit funny. I go from feeling really good to not being...
  8. N

    LDR with a depressed girlfriend

    Hi all, First of all, i have never posted or talked to anyone about my problems because i felt like others will not understand me. I am sorry that i am not a very expressive person and may not be able to fully express myself here. I am a 31 years old guy and i am having a LDR with a depressed...
  9. A

    Hocd or bi? Please help

    Hi everyone, I have recently been going through a really tough couple of weeks with anxiety. I’ve always been an anxious person and I have had hypochondria in the past, obsessed with worries I have cancer or their illnesses. Recently my worries has focused on being gay, or what if I’m gay. I’d...
  10. T

    intrusivethoughts please help

    i dont know i think i might have a problem maybe i have alot of intrusive thoughts i mean the thoughts i have are varied like theres a list murder rape suicide death being trans being straight terrorism incest pedophillia anorexia bulimia SO YEAH i have all these thought they come around at...
  11. V

    Venlaxafine 75mg

    Venlaxafine 75mg, they don't seem to be working for me at all. I'm in at the doctors on Monday for a review and I honestly don't know what to say. I still don't sleep and my mood is exactly the same. Am I supposed to feel any different on them? The only different I guess is that I don't go from...
  12. S

    Lonely :-(

    I always always feel lonely even when I am surrounded by people. Does anyone else feel this way? And need to come off valium..attempted cold turkey and had withdrawals more or less straight away so took them and I'm stressed cos I feel weak for taking them.
  13. R

    i dont know

    so i dont know if thia is the right place to post this, i posted only one other thing on this site and it was great to just get it off my chest. last week something bad almost happened, i was feeling pretty shitty, i have on and off moments of downness have for most of my teenage life its been...
  14. Eleison

    ultimatum/medical redeployment

    For some years I have been given reasonable adjustments that include little to no public facing work, instead doing mainly office based work. I work for my local council. My diagnoses are Chronic-Recurrent Depression, Anxiety and Stress [it's acknowledged by Occ Health I meet criteria for...
  15. P

    The burning, the fault lines, landslides, tornadoes.

    Look where people are living. Directly in harms way. Building entire metropolises on fault lines, putting our weak homes with no shelters in the path of a tornado, landslides? well who gives a shit just build your home right on that fucking hill because you can die in a landslide if you want...
  16. shaky


    I've said before that there is something lop-sided about e Maybe miss-connections between right and left brain A friend who does neurological occupational therapy gave me a few pulls on my bad right shoulder and neck then told me that I walk wrongly My right leg I hitch up all the time instead...
  17. cpuusage

    How to Win a PIP Appeal

    How to Win a PIP Appeal | Advicenow If you made a claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and you didn't get the award that you think you were entitled to, you don't have to give up. This guide will help you decide if you should challenge the decision. It, and the accompanying tool, will...
  18. J

    Am I becoming poorly again?

    Hi, so I thought I'd get back on here after about a year and a half because I'm panicking and I don't have anyone to talk to at the moment as I don't want to worry anyone. I have been free of medication and have been discharged from the mental health services for just over a year and it felt...
  19. cpuusage

    The Man Who Turned Hell into Heaven

    BY SOFO ARCHON The Man Who Turned Hell into Heaven | The Unbounded Spirit According to Christianity, heaven and hell exist outside of ourselves, as if in some kind of a geographical place. To me, however, heaven and hell are nothing but manifestations of our own mind, and we carry them within...
  20. R

    Feel like I'm not all there over an embarrassing situation

    This is going to sound silly, but I can't stop obsessing about it, feeling down, anxious, stupid and filling more self hatred. I just want advice. I feel I'm the most pathetic person ever! Was worried about mild pains in my lower abdomen and where the groin is. was told to take a urine sample...