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  1. M

    drug induced akathisia

    any help with drug induced akathisia does it go away after stopping the drug? pls help
  2. G


    Hey I'm new here, thought I would start by stopping here and saying hi, I'm from Fife in Scotland.
  3. D

    Risperidone ( Libido after stopping )

    Hello sorry for my english skills , I'm from Germany. I want to know if the Libido comes back and how long does it take that the Libido come back after stopping Medication with risperidone ? I would be very thankful for your experience
  4. B

    Elevated prolactin

    Does anyone has elevated prolactin or had it in the past? Do you know which meds can cause it? Me and my pdoc tried stopping Zoloft but it doesnt causes it,also Lamal doesnt cause it either.Depakine (Depakote) lowered my prolactin for a half but its still elevated and pdoc says it must be some...

    Health and Work Conversation

    Has anybody had one of these. I think this is a new thing by the DWP. You are supposed to talk about your work goals and what is stopping you from working. It is connected to the ESA benefit. Employment and Support Allowance (ESA): Eligibility - GOV.UK
  6. D

    Hello everyone

    Just stopping in to say hello. I'm in a bad place in my life right now and came across your site while looking for help.
  7. letmein

    is there any way back?

    being thinking about my "out" plan here... I'm not sure what I have to push on for.. I am in debt to over 30K£ with no asset but can't afford to go bankrupt. :yuck: My family have their own lives, my daughter dosn't really care about me as it's been proven this year by her actions. I...
  8. D

    Constant worry

    Hiya - new here and hope I'm posting in the right place! For about the last year I have been obsessively worrying over one specific thing - sometimes around 100 times a day. I know logically it's something fairly unlikely to happen but constantly find myself talking through it in my head...
  9. Nikita

    So Upset CBD traders to be made to cease trading!

    I have just found out about this and I am gutted,i take CBD for anxiety and it helps a lot and i think it is stopping my cancer from spreading too. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency forces 'CBD Products To Be Removed From Sale in UK' | David Icke
  10. Lost_Darkness

    DBT and stopping self harm

    i have BPD. I have finally agreed to DBT. My therapist told me the first thing to work on is stopping self harming. this has really unsettled me. I have been self harming on and off since i was 15. i don't know how i will manage without it. i think i would even miss it. anyone else feel...
  11. O

    Depression and comfort eating

    Hi everyone Unfortunately my vice for dealing with depression and anxiety is comfort eating, living in a rural area it is far too easy to just chomp on a chocolate bar than to go and get the social interaction I need to cheer up. Do any of you have any methods of stopping comfort eating...
  12. W

    Why Cant I Cry?

    I cant cry. I want to. I know i would feel better if i could. I cannot make the tears come. In the last 5 years, i have cried on 2 occasions, very unexpectedly, but once i started it was......uncontrollable. I feel sad and want to cry...is it medication that is stopping me? Please help.
  13. D


    Hey my is Darren need a bit of help ​i suffer from severe OCD ANXIETY & SLEEP PHOBIA ​Ive been going through a tough time lately making myself anxious over worrying about sex and arriving to soon. very embarrasing i know. ill have sex with my partner and it will be fine and not over quick but...
  14. W

    SHing after a long break

    I just did some self harm. I haven't done it for years. I've hardly thought about it. Last couple of months i kept thinking about it. Now I have done it. I don't know why. Im glad i got it out of my system.And it does feel good. I do feel ashamed though...and i am ashamed of this post. Also, Im...
  15. Freezingmoon

    Being evicted and benefits stopping!

    Long story short, the sherrifs arrived at my door with legal papers that mean we will be chucked out in 2 months. I thought I could cope until I remembered my ESA papers stated my contribution based ESA ends in February! I'm in the support group and everything online says for me it should be...
  16. D

    Stopping anti-depressants for a week

    Had some really bad symptoms, I've thrown up once and I've had constant flu-like symptoms as are described when stopping medication abruptly, also feeling dizzy and just overall not feeling good. It wasn't planned I just wasn't able to get the medication renewed and now it's been 6-7 days of not...
  17. S

    BPD and alcohol

    For the last 8 years I've drank so much alcohol to numb my emotions. But it turns me into a horrible person. Am I a horrible person deep down when I'm sober too?? The things I've said and done when drunk are terrible. I feel so bad I stay in bed for days. I've tried stopping drinking but i...
  18. C

    Big day

    I am meant to be going in to school today, after 4 weeks off, to tell the head that I no longer want to teach as it has become a trigger for my depression and anxiety. However my anxiety is stopping me from going...what a mess.
  19. M

    Stopping and Starting Prozac again

    Hi everyone, I had been taking prozac for 6 weeks but then decided to come off it with the support of my therapist as she felt that it was too stimulating for me and that I wasn't reaping the benefits of it since I believed it was causing me the insomnia that I am suffering from. I had been off...
  20. Empty

    I want to harm my self

    My wrists are covered in scars, small ones big ones severe ones, a lot of stitching scars as well. These are from my last time of depression. when I came out of being depressed the scars were one the things I regretted the most. But right now I want to so badly harm myself. severely. It's a...