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  1. T

    the story of my life

    It is quiet. Around here, around me. In me. Birds stopped singing, trees stopped moving, waters stopped flowing. Everything came to a halt. It is silent. Who am I? What is my purpose here? Will I ever have a purpose? Will I be fighting alone in my life? Alone. Lonely. Will I be able to cope with...
  2. P

    Struggle to take my meds

    I have an appointment with my psychiatrist this week, which I really need as I'm struggling a lot, but I'm also scared because I haven't been taking my fluoxetine. I was on the highest dose but just stopped taking it, which I know is really stupid. I don't think I have taken it for over a week...
  3. S

    Help with Mirtazapine withdrawl

    I was put on Mirtazapine two years ago for an eating disorder. Gained 2 stone in weight (28lbs) and had night sweats too. Want to get off this medication due to weight gain mainly but wanted other people's experiences of this. Question is did you have many side effects when tapering and did the...
  4. L

    Esa Stopped

    My Esa has been stopped yet i have depression anxiety and early onset osteoarthritis. and scored 6 points.I aint fit enough to work have only been on increased on my antidepressants a month.And also having panic attacks am on low dose diazepam.I can take for them when required. And am agrophobic
  5. J

    Long Battle With Depression

    I have been battling with depression for the past 25 years. Paxil helped me for quite a long time, maybe 15 years, then it stopped working. Cymbalta worked great for one year, then it also stopped working. I have been taking Buproprion twice a day and Remeron in the evening for the past 4...
  6. S

    Feeling things are dropping

    In December I was discharged from psychiatry and things have not been to bad, I've manages for the first time in years to look after the house, cut down the drinking dramatically and exercise quite a bit loosing 1.5st and being able to cycle 15 miles where b4 I struggled to get to the front...
  7. I

    Should i go back to therapy

    I heard therapy makes you feel worse before it makes you feel better. But how long does it take to feel better? I went to therapy with one very sweet caring involved therapist for a year and a half. By that time I was totally re traumatized and stopped going. It made me feel suicidal. Then I had...
  8. C

    I need an urgent reply from ALL of you plzz

    I have told you in my previous thread about my therapist that I am very close to her because she was always available 24/7 but now she has changed her attitude. Although I know this is right attitude because she wants me to become strong (I assume this reason because she hasn't told me). But...
  9. D

    The notebook.

    I had to start writing today. To get it out. This is what I wrote. I think im going insane. ive been hearing voices, ive been convinced that i can talk to (the watchers) people with my thoughts. im still almost sure the **dontmatter** has told everyone i know about my **dontmatter** and i...
  10. S

    Antipsychotic injections

    Looking for advice/feedback from others who have experience of long term depot medication namely clopixol. Have a family member on this for 10+ years. Gradually has lost personality, all motivation and emotions. Barely appears to exist just now. Background is a history of significant relapses...
  11. B

    Self harm

    I self harmed this morning, several times. One of the wounds looks quite severe. I just don't know if I need to go to hospital or not?
  12. A

    So I kind of messed up

    Hey guys, so I kinda messed up. I stopped taking my medication. I didn't deliberately stop I just kept missing dosages or forgetting to take them to a point I'd convinced myself I was fine without them. I'm a total mess by no surprise and I would just start taking them as normal again but they...
  13. freddiefreakery

    Got diagnosed

    I haven’t been on here in a good while, but since then I’ve finally gotten my diagnosis: schizoaffective disorder, depressive type. I can’t say I’m surprised, considering during my last episode I was so delusional that I stopped eating because I thought I was going to be kidnapped and I believed...
  14. R

    Is this relationship fufilling me

    So as someone who has been fighting mental health for 5 years now. I found myself in a relationship. I am so happy and he makes me so happy. He treats me well and is so caring. However I keep getting this feeling of loneliness emotionally from him. I don't think I ask for much and perhaps...
  15. L


    I'll try and keep this to the point. Basically in 2013, during my second year at university, I was walking home from a night out alone and I was attacked by a man who sexually assaulted me. I have always suffered with social anxiety, but up until that point it was manageable. After I was...
  16. F

    Here I go feeling down again

    Yay me, I had finally stopped having suicidal thoughts, hell I'd even entirely stopped thinking about anything near it. Just until today. I was supposed to start on 2 short classes on a lower academic niveau to sort of get started back on my studying but alas that was just not to be. I lied in...
  17. Fairy Lucretia


    i just posted something about maddie that made me so happy then seconds later i got upset if somebody hurts somebody and you never would and you stopped it does that make you a bad person that the other person did it? :low:
  18. R


    Hello, you guys are my only outlet on this, since anyone else I tell will probably put me on medication in a heartbeat. I stopped medication a little more than a month ago. I had gradually diminished it with my psychiatrist over a year and a half, but she didn’t agree on my stopping, and I don’t...
  19. D

    Unofficially Dead

    I have stopped living. My brain has stopped functioning. I have no motivation to do anything besides refresh the same websites over and over again. I have no passions anymore. I have no future. There is no hope for me. The only reason I am still breathing is because my death would leave my...
  20. B


    Hello! I stopped taking escitalopram (Jovia)last december 2016. I started 10 down 2.5 mcg. I took it starting 2014 of april until december of 2017. After i stopped it i have these feeling in my body. First tiredines but this is not often. Second is my sight. Sometimes i can feel that thing is...