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  1. C

    I am still in love with my doctor....

    I thought my feelings for a doctor would go away after he left. He was a focal point while I have having anxiety, but now I don't know,what to do or to stop thinking about him. I need to stop because I am having bigger issues in my life right now.
  2. sahasrara

    dbt therapy and weed.

    So due to start my dbt therapy this week. Going through the work book and there is a very specific part about drug use. I have used cannabis for about 10 years now and I'm reluctant to tell people especially therapists about it. I know I use it to manage my moods, and I want to stop after Xmas...
  3. R

    Should I see a psychiatrist?

    I think I might have depression in some form or another but I'm not sure if I actually do. For the past six or seven months now I've been talking to myself out loud when I feel like I'm just talking to myself in my head. When I'm in my room I'll tape my mouth, or when I go to lecture I'll keep...
  4. F

    Hello everyone

    I'm new in here, I'm a girl who has the "Magical Thinking" part of OCD, trust me it can make life very difficult. I've had OCD since I was 6 I think, because I still remember I used to take certain colours of handkerchiefs to school, thinking avoiding certain colours would would actually prevent...
  5. mami5

    Can't stop

    Been self harming now more or less on a daily basis for over a week. Now I've started back I can't stop my head tells me to. Need to do more, more pain, more ways, more risk.
  6. S

    Did something out of character

    So it's dark out and it's very cold and we had to walk our dog. While I was waiting for him to do his business, I started singing and dancing by the street. Cars started passing by and it didn't stop me. I kept singing and dancing. Horribly, too. My mom was with me and she kept saying "Stop! You...
  7. T

    Fish/fish oils

    Eat your salmon guys The omega three fatty acids can actually stop you getting depressed!
  8. D

    BPD and alcohol

    I'm new to this forum so my apologies if this topic has already been discussed. I wanted to see if anyone else struggles with alcoholism and if you have any tips on managing it. I find it hard to stick with not drinking because my emotions are all over the place. I really do want to stop...