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  1. H

    Anger causes me to hurt myself

    This is a real problem and i don't know how to deal with it. I have very little money and resources like transportation for example so going to see a doctor just isn't an option. I'm very self loathing and I'm a huge disappointment to my husband. I mess up everything. I'm always tired so I...
  2. K

    Alcohol and my bpd

    Right so I am new to this. I have bpd and I can't stop drinking, I'm not an alcoholic I don't drink everyday I would say 3 out of 7 days a week. I try to tell myself just 1 glass but before I know it the bottle has gone. I don't know why I don't like who I am when I'm drinuking. I need and have...
  3. W

    Undiagnised disorder

    I have no idea what i wrong with me.. All of a sudden im in pure depression and all of a sudden the anxiety stars at first it was about my life the way im going to be ending up.. And now it is health issue.. I have no symtoms of any health issue whatso evr.. But im suoer afraid to get it test...
  4. N

    Weird eating

    I feel so tired and i try to sleep but i cant so i get up and want to eat something and im not even hungry. I can go the whole day without eating then in the evening when i am bored i want to eat? Ive had this habit for months and i dont know how to stop it.
  5. Mr.DoucheBag1984

    I don't know if I have a personality disorder

    I don't know for sure all I know is I show no remorse,was emotionally abused in my school years up to a teen by other kids. I was never picked to play with others. I am manipulative and cunning. I show charm to get my way and never show real love but maybe fake I dunno so don't judge me alright...
  6. A

    Newbie BPD Husband

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to be a part of someplace where people understood BPD. I have lived with my husband for four years and he was diagnosed a year ago. I understand how it makes him feel (although I cannot imagine how horrific it is for him on a daily basis). This isn’t a poor me post, I...
  7. M


    How on earth do i stop dissociating!!!! help needed ASAP
  8. G

    Does it get better?

    After being sexually assaulted in April, I just want to know, does it get better? Will I ever stop feeling guilty? Will I ever stop wanting to cry whenever I have sex with someone now? Will this end?
  9. A

    help! I wanna stop my ED behaviour

    Hi y'all first of all, I have to apologise for my English, I'm asian. I have a big problem which makes me feel so terrible about myself. I just can't stop my ED behaviour. It's been a year that I have been doing this secretly, noone knows. I used to do this when I was young (because I...
  10. C

    obsession over conversations

    Hi, This is my first post here. I seem to replay conversations over and over in my head until i am literally sick with a headache and queasy stomach. My worry is with the person i have a conversation with. I am wondering if they meant something other than what i heard. For instance, i went to...
  11. S

    rage, i hate it

    ok so i seemed to have an episode earlier where one i was very out of body , disconnected and two i was struggling with rage .. i screamed at my sister , ok maybe loudly shouted then i stormed up to my room feeling awful , ate my tea in my room as i couldn't face being around her . it seemed to...
  12. S

    someone to talk to please

    someone to talk to please .. i'm struggling , lonely , feeling trapped and like crying .. feel so lonely with all this .. i just want it to stop , i'm so tired of dealing with rubbish all my life , people are not made to deal with so much in their lives, i'm too tired, why cant it stop
  13. B

    I need help resisting the urge to self harm

    About a month ago someone leaked nude pictures of me without my consent. The pictures included my name, face, and personal info. I was threatened that the photos would be sent to friends and family by the poster. I have been harassed and tormented online. I cry myself to sleep every night and I...
  14. Fairy Lucretia

    it's not choice

    im sick and tired of people thinking my self harming is a choice even my CPN has said in the past you need to just stop doing it i do seriously bad things to myself that are damaging my organs permanently but i do it TO STAY ALIVE! not for attention i know what people think-im a stupid idiot...
  15. Iamsoconfused

    I am really scared.

    Please help me, I am feeling so upset and hurt by the neighbor. I am so paranoid that they want to hurt me or my home or my loved ones. I feel really invaded and scared. I am crying and feeling really triggered by their actions. I want that woman to stop passing in front of my doorstep. She is a...
  16. S

    sat here , really upset , why won't life give jme a break

    why wont life give me a break , sat here nearly crying because all i want is for it to stop , it never does.. i don't understand , can't comprehend anything
  17. S

    Hi all, I need your advice regarding happiness!

    Thank you for reaching this thread :D I suffered with depression and got medication - Sertraline 50mg at first and then increased to 100mg. Continued to for 1 year and started decreasing the dosage. Then when it became 50mg I couldn't stop because when stopped migraine like headache comes. So...
  18. M

    Having nightmares

    My depression is getting worse, yesterday I had nightmares that my family was dead and I couldn't stop thinking about a presentation that I have in the following weeks. Right now I'm in my room crying. Can't stop the crying. All I ask God why me?
  19. M

    I hope God would give me the strength to get up tomorrow

    Tomorrow I would see a new psychiatrist and I hope that I would be able to get up and see this new doctor. Today when I came from work, I couldn't brush my teeth, I didn't have the strength to do it. I always have problems with my weight, I had anorexia and bulimia and I'm afraid to take meds...
  20. M

    I can't stop crying, depression is killing me slowly

    I can't stop crying, my life is a disaster. I hate my job, I don't have a boyfriend and I can't stop thinking about a Tv show that is affecting me. I don't know what to do. I can't sleep with out medication. I don't want to get up and I don't want to go to school. How do I tell my body to get up...