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  1. C

    autistic and add, have multiple other issues?

    hey. I'm autistic... And suspecting something else. I seem to encounter a lot of instability, like creating and destroying communities and very easily changing mind. My obsession/hyperfixation issue got worse since jan 16 too, it was bad already but now i cannot stop creepily obsessing and...
  2. S


    Been given 60 mg by my doctor and I’m on my 5th day there making me nervous as hell useless yorning is the a side affect or do I stop?
  3. A

    Intrusive thoughts

    I'm currently using clopixol antipsychptic for intrusive thoughts but i still mildly get intrusive thoughts. I also get terrible nightmares on clopixol, is there a way i can stop taking meds and just have cbt counselling instead?
  4. SoftRain


    For those of you that have bi polar do you have this? I have been jumping around in my moods again lately. Not everyday but quite a bit lately. I probably need to see my doctor before the time scheduled next month. Right now writing this I’m weepy, crying. Then I go into anger because I am...
  5. B

    unable to sleep without taking resperidone. how to treat this?

    so after couple of years of taking resperidone and escitalopram i decided to stop taking resperidone for once. but when the night come im unable to sleep no matter how hard i try. this is really scary, i feel disabled like i lose an arm or leg. am i? i only taking those meds because doctor...
  6. T

    New Here

    I’ve never used anything like this before but I need to reach out to someone and right now I don’t know who to go to. I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. I’ve been self harming since I was about 14. I did good for years after I got out of high school and started my career. Then I met...
  7. S

    How do I hurting my lips?

    I always hurt my lips I do this when I'm anxious, excited, bored. Any kind of mood. I want kissable lips. Plump, soft, juicy. I want to look good in deep cherry red lipstick but I can't because my lips are all chapped. I've tried it all. Nothing works. How do I stop this awful habit?
  8. N

    Not sure where to start

    So basically I'm on here because I've come to realise there maybe something up with me.. short story I won't go in to detail.. basically o go through periods of happiness ok with life etc then I'll go through a period of being pissed off constantly not happy in life no motovation, I'll then go...
  9. E

    I hate my family

    Okay. So I have hated my family for as long as I can remember. My brothers used to make fun of me for having a disability my parents didn’t do nothing , they wouldn’t stop. That kind of thing. We are from New York so they are stubborn. My parents get loud and act like idiots. They yell at me for...
  10. M

    SH in public?

    Recently a memory has popped up from like 6 years ago when i was in grade 9. I had recently learned about self harm, and i was very lonely and anxious at the time- high school angst. I cant remember what i was thinking exactly, but the night of some performance that i was stressed about, i was...
  11. L

    Obsessions HELP

    I am obsessed with a person and its a really person real life.. how do i stop it before i get into trouble? please advice
  12. little rose

    dont know what to do tired

    dont know what to do tired of being like this tired of this mental illness this the way i am been crying on and off all day i done a few things to help myself.. but feels that all i deserve in hurt well i not sure what to do i want to stop hurting and i want to be happy why am i not allowed that...
  13. speckles

    Please sign this. This going to be devistating

    I just signed the petition, “Jeremy Hunt: NHS Adult Eating Disorder Psychotherapy cuts: Patients at risk at Springfield, SW London.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link: Petition . Jeremy Hunt: NHS Adult Eating Disorder Psychotherapy cuts: Patients at risk at...
  14. M

    A Bad Habit / Compulsion

    Hi All! I've had an ongoing bad habit (or possible compulsion) for a few years now (probably 10) where I will occasionally rub my hands together. It only happens when I'm at home (I live alone if that has any bearing) and never anywhere else. Sometimes at my dads but rare. Definitely not in...
  15. W

    Anxious all the time

    I spend most of my days feeling anxious and scared. I wake up feeling sick and dreading what the day will bring. Is there anything that I can do to stop feeling like this?
  16. little rose

    had enough depressed

    dont understand what all this hurt and suffering is for i just dont understand this amount of hurt and struggling i dont get it anymore.. :'( why cant i be happy like others and stop hurting i tried so hard to day now sittin here cryin again
  17. C

    I Hate Being Me *Major Rant Warning*

    I'm having one of those days. My head won't stop and it's fueling this internal storm. I dont want to see people, speak to them, just anything. I would rather disappear into a void right now. I don't know if i'm on the spectrum or not. I don't know if I have ADD. I've been told it's stress and...
  18. L

    I'm struggling to cope.

    My moods been all over the place lately, my heads been going over and over and over the crappy things that happened in the last while. I'm constantly obsessing over minor issues and it's going to cripple my relationship. I want my head to stop, I can't make it stop. Doesn't matter what...
  19. J

    Questions about dark fantasies/thoughts

    I often let my mind drift and my imagination always turns visualizing scenarios dark. Do you ever have "dark fantasies" or daydream about bad things happening? Like getting into a fight with someone you love or someone important to you dying or getting into a wreck... Is it anxiety? Wondering...
  20. Lyotto1

    what insecurities do you have that could stop you from aproaching the man/woman you want?

    what insecurities do you have that could stop you from aproaching the man/woman you want? Did you do smth about it? How did it go?