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  1. B

    Lost weight, putting it back on

    In the 2nd half of last year I lost weight...since boxing day my mood has been really low and comfort eating is what makes me feel better. The weight is starting to go back on and I can't stop myself eating crap 😢
  2. P

    Whats the point in meds

    Hi guys i have been struggling with anxiety and depression for three years now. When i was first diagnozed i was a healthy 12 stone of mainly muscle used to hit gym 6 days a week as wel as other sports. Anyway after being prescribed citalopram weight shot up too 14 stone And got increasingly...
  3. J


    Can anyone please help or share their experience. I lost a lot of weight in a week. Due to flu. 2 years ago. Took about 2 months or 3 maybe to put the weight back on. I dont know as dont have scales i house weighed myself in work when i came back dont know how good scales are. Not planned. I...
  4. F

    Med change

    Hi, I would like advice please. I am on paliperidone 100mg injection for three years now. I have gained 6 1/2 stone (26 1/2 stone now). I have asked my psychiatrist to reduce the dose to 75mg to help lose weight but he mentioned maybe changing me to abilify. Will I have to go back into...
  5. boudreauj4

    pounds, kilograms, stone ?

    I live in the U.S. and we all use pounds (and ounces.....16 ounces in a pound) over here as the unit of weight most of the time. We are very, very slowly switching over to kilograms. But I see you people from the U.K. using kilograms, stone and sometimes even pounds in your posts when talking...
  6. L

    I feel so unhappy

    A few years ago I managed to get down to a size 10/12 after losing 3.5 stone. I was so proud of myself and the happiest I had been. I have since put on 5 stone and am the heaviest I have ever been and I am so unhappy. I have tried to lose it but it's impossible, I feel like everyone is talking...
  7. C

    Coming off Pregabalin

    Hi all, Ive been on 100mg of Pregabalin 3 times a day for a couple years now for anxiety. I have tried a lot of different medications before Pregabalin. I put on weight while on the other medications but the past couple of years I really piled it on. My highest weight was 19.5stone. I was...
  8. G

    Mental health TV shows - Saturday 3/6/2017 to Friday 9/6/2017

    Planned BBC show - Chris Packham: Me and My Asperger’s. The much-loved naturalist talks candidly about how his autism has shaped the person he is. I'll say when it is on A man with mental health issues is punched by a police officer in Yeovil. Video - Video shows police officer punching...
  9. S

    Starting slimming world

    I gained 2 and a half stone within a year when I was on meds. I am at my heaviest 13 stone 8 :mad: Now I have stopped taking my meds I am going on slimming world and my target is to lose at least 3 stone. Before I started meds I weighed 11 stone so I would love to get down to that again. I am...
  10. Danniegirl1990

    Feel lost with meds

    I've been on priadel for 2 maybe 3 years which has helped the manic episode and was helping the depressive to an extent. I also have a dissociative disorder which gets out of hand when depressed. Voices and some hallucinations. I have been on all mood stabilisers and lithium is pretty much all...
  11. F

    Advice needed please

    Hi, I was sectioned 2 1/2 years ago for not taking my med for schizophrenia. I was put on depot paliperidone 100mg and get the injection every month. It does help me concentrate a bit but I don't and never have had hallucinations or hear voices... I have put on 8 stone since the med started...
  12. Tired Daisy

    My new experiment

    Heres what I'm going to try and do to get my life back on track but also to get more in touch with myself and change myself so that I'd feel better about myself. First thing I'm going to do which is the most difficult thing and thats giving up drinking alcohol and smoking. Do those 2 things...
  13. B

    Psychosis girl

    Hi I decided to join this because... Well actually I'm not sure why I guess I'll just see what it's like... A bit about me and my story I suffered with depression for a long time before I started suffering from delusions and hallucinations for around 2 years. Then I went on medication and I...
  14. N

    I seem to have an eating disorder with no name!

    I'm bipolar (rapid cycling) with BPD but I also seem to have developed a very strange obsession with food; I think I have some sort of eaten not disorder but I don't think I fall into anorexia or bulimia can anyone help? It started last year I went to Slimming World to loose weight, I quickly...
  15. V

    I need help

    hello my name is Vincent I'm 26 years old let me tell you my story with medication I've been takeoff it since I was 16 for what my parents mistook for a mental breakdown I was simply angry I was then taken to a child psychiatrist that if I said if I don't admit myself to a mental health unity...
  16. Gajolene

    Schizophrenia's 'Rosetta Stone' Gene Offers Clues for Targeting Treatment

    Schizophrenia's 'Rosetta Stone' Gene Offers Clues for Targeting Treatment Schizophrenia's 'Rosetta Stone' Gene Offers Clues for Targeting Treatment Hope the link works for you all, forum has blocked me copying and pasting the story here. Guess we are still on high security.
  17. C

    Don't Know Where To Start...This will be long!

    I currently weigh about 27 stone, my heaviest was 31 stone. I'm currently having CBT and have been diagnosed with BED. I have extreme anxiety about anything "social". I have a wonderful boyfriend, daughter and parents. I don't see anyone else. I have trouble answering the door, keeping...
  18. N

    weight gain on quitiepine

    Hello, my name is Nathan. I was diagnosed as having Bipolor2 Disorder in 2012. I was put on quitiepine one 300gm tablet a day. I was 10.5 stone and eating healthy at the time. My diet has not changed and i still do the same exersize as i did before 2012. I am now 13 stone and have tried dieting...
  19. C

    \\\\\\\\\\\\why is nobody listening?

    The Docs are focusing on the drink - and it IS an issue - but they need to hear me when I tell them I was making rusky decisions when stone cold siober - like down two vodkas and get in my car! I knew I was gouing out - what was I playing at?
  20. krista

    what would you recommend for losing weight?

    Hi there. I was wondering (and this is keeping me up at this hour)... I want to lose weight, but.. I've tried multiple diets and they never work. and after a month or two I just give up. I used to be a stick insect that weighed almost 9 stone. now... I'm closer to 13 stone. I do not know what...