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  1. bert tomato

    Rant about STIGMA!!! Its everywhere!!!

    I think one of the reasons I lost my job was because of Stigma. And I work for the NHS!!! Irony or what?? I have more to rant but not feeling that angry at the moment... Share your tales...
  2. amathus

    Borderline Diagnosis Stigma turned Inward

    http://time-to-change.org.uk/blog/stigma-turned-inward A blog which talks about a dx of Bipolar being changed to one of Borderline and the stigma which ensues. qf.
  3. A

    Want to end mental health stigma? Stop medicalising distress

    http://www.psychminded.co.uk/news/news2011/aug11/Mental-health-stigma001.html August 29, 2011 Labeling people with psychiatric diagnoses lies at the heart of negative attitudes towards people with mental health problems, argues Terry Simpson ...
  4. snarkophrenic

    working up to attending a peer-to-peer group... or something like that.

    working up to attending a peer-to-peer group... or something like that. my (wonderful) neuropsychiatrist has been encouraging me to become involved with a peer-to-peer group, as i don't have many other schizophrenics in my life... i know two others, and i no longer live near either one of...
  5. amathus

    Why is Religion important to Mental Health? Article

    http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2011/03/20/why-is-religion-important-to-mental-health/ Historically, religion and mental health issues have had an uneasy relationship–and it goes both ways: people with mental illness have long faced stigma in religious communities, and mental health...
  6. Fluffymum

    How have people responded to you being bipolar?

    I've told a few people about Bipolar, most don't really know what to say and I explain it very briefly, one person pretended to be scared of me :mad: very supportive but I think it was there way of dealing with it if that makes sense. As soon as you use the words mental illness it becomes a...
  7. J

    my related poem

    the knife that cuts the wrist that bleeds scares are left for eyes to see fules opinions that hurt me my heart that breaks that makes me need the knife that cuts the wrist that bleeds by me
  8. A

    Self Stigma

    We know that Stigma (Attitudes) & Discrimination (Behaviour) - Is Rife within our Society - especially against the more severe forms of mental distress; & especially in regards to schizophrenia. It's a complex issue - But Self Stigma can be just as crippling. How do you let go & move on from...
  9. Able Scribe

    Petitioning Parliament

    Attention comrades! An opportunity is coming to influence the agenda of the village of westminster, via the Number 10 site and e-petitioning. In preparation for this, I would like to drum up support for a petition which goes along the lines of a request that MPs put a stop to their habit of...
  10. maxitab

    Mental health TV shows - Sat 13/11/2010 - Fri 19/11/2010

    I don't know whether to cry or throw up. Did you see the request on here somewhere from someone doing research into stigma. Maybe we recommend they read the TV listings. OMG.
  11. M

    the stigma of bipolar

    Do you find there is a stigma of bipolar and people think youre crazy (what does crazy actually mean?) Do you chose to tell people or keep it to yourself because of the fallout that follows and has it had a negative affect on your life like losing your job etc I have never told anyone but...
  12. T

    mental health stigma

    I am looking to link with anyone who has been involved in ward based acute mental health inpatient setting.I am involved in a project that helps people with mental health to deal with stigma associated with mental health.If anyone has any ideas of group work and any questionnaires that will be...
  13. Rorschach

    Whose Recovery?

    Whose Recovery? There seems to be an extraordinary amount of literature, talk and general preponderance with the concept of recovery. It is a phenomena that doesn’t always sit well within my consciousness (and one might and pre and sub/unconscious), with me finding it more a source of...
  14. S

    Eating disorders charity Beat tackles illness 'stigma'

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/wales_politics/8527154.stm The charity aims to challenge the stigma of eating disorders Only one person in five in Wales believes eating disorders are mental health condition, claims a charity. Around a quarter of those surveyed for Beat Cymru believed that...
  15. BillFish

    Stigma alive and well in the UK

    I don't want to get anal about it but if you spend any time away from the protected environment of mental health forums, you’re quickly reminded that misconceptions and stigma are rife on the internet regarding mental health issues. Take Kerry Katona's situation at the moment, she has bipolar...
  16. T

    hi everyone

    I have taken an interest in this forum as i know the mental health services well i have just been discharged from a secure hospital less then 12 hours ago. i want to help change the views of people in the community and get rid of the stigma that still exsists. please feel free to contact me via...
  17. T

    Are we Tougher ?

    I for one have lost many a friend due to mental health problems and i've no doubt that some or most of you have But for those of us that have survived all the problems, and the constant stigma, we come across everday in the community - has it made us stronger and tougher than - Joe Public ?
  18. Shona

    Hello :)

    Hello all, I'm not sure what to say ... :blush: A little introduction, i guess. My experience of mental health and the problems that can occur is life long: my father has schizophrenia, my husband has borderline personality disorder and i've had my own 'issues' as a teenager. I've done a lot...
  19. R

    stigma or illness?

    I notice for the new esa they've done away with illness, they're using that disability movement argument it's stigma, for the assessment they don't measure illness but what work you can do. Many years ago i was in a hostel were they argued that as long as i took the meds the illness was...
  20. A

    Campaign for Abolition of the Schizophrenia Label

    http://www.caslcampaign.com/ http://rufusmay.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=64&Itemid=9 http://www.asylumonline.net/ http://www.psychminded.co.uk/news/news2006/oct06/Abolish.htm http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2006/10/10/schizophrenia.html Google - 'Campaign for Abolition of...