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  1. L

    Conversation with Manager about BPD?

    I am returning to work next week after taking a 6 week long leave due to my mental health decline and a surge of my BPD symptoms. I am trying to figure out how to talk with my manager regarding my leave and whether or not it's time for me to disclose that I have BPD. I have already talked with...
  2. A

    I just got meds and I'm scared and angry

    I was gonna write this long winded story about what's going on, but I ran out of energy. And I think this is something I wanna do so I decided to make it quick. I am 23yo she/her college graduating senior. I have situational depression, and panic disorder that was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I hate...
  3. J

    My Jewish Manic Episode

    Dear friends, For years after my manic episode, I couldn’t write or talk about it. But I finally got up the gumption and published a short piece about it in a national magazine. It came out this week. I won’t lie - coming out has been scary - but I’ve done it bit by bit and reclaimed my...
  4. Bizzarebitrary

    Let's address antidepressants and self-stigma

    There are a number of reasons why someone diagnosed with mental illness refuses psychiatric medications and I'd like to understand why some stigmatize it. Can mental illness be treated, tolerated without meds - yes of course, I know this from personal experience but let's discuss why patients...
  5. R


    Hi folks, this is my first post, hello everyone, Anyway, one thing I have learnt since suffering from mental illness for over ten years, first diagnosis with bipolar and later changed to schizoaffective is the stigma attached. People don't want to know you, when you have a mental illness. A long...
  6. Midnight.Panda

    Hi everyone! Any medical students/doctors here?

    Hi everyone! I am 20-years-old, and I am half way through medical school (and I am the most stupid medical student there is so don't ask for any advice from me haha) I am really excited to be here and getting to know some of you guys. I think it was about time I joined something like this...
  7. spoon-racoon

    mental health stigma

    Next semester I'm planning on writing a research paper, and I'm gonna spitball a few ideas here to help my thought process. I feel an obligation to do something good with my life. I want my experience and ideas to make a positive impact on the world and I'm far away from reaching that goal...
  8. spoon-racoon

    lonely and scared

    I really want to talk to my mom about these things but she's tired and stressed out and has to deal with the kids all day and she doesn't need this. I keep seeing everywhere, and someone told me directly today, that bipolar=insane, and it scares me so much. I don't want to be crazy and I don't...
  9. MajorMoody

    I'm creating a platform for myself...

    Hey guys and gals, my name is Jared, and I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder back in 2009. I was 19. Over the years I've faced drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, delusions, homelessness, poverty, and back in '09, I was in a catatonic state, only barely being able to write my...
  10. A

    just joined; kinda nervous

    Hi, I'm Kitten! I am a 25 y/o female. I am very socially inept and shy. I'm having a bit of anxiety while writing this I joined to give and more or less recieve advice about stigma. :-( i am currently in a potentially bad living situation
  11. A

    Just a bit sick of being labelled....

    Hello everyone, Like the title says, I am just a bit sick of being labelled by family of all people. With the exception of my amazing mum. I have 2 young boys and to be honest ever since being diagnosed with Schizophrenia I have looked after them the best I could and endeavoured to be the best...
  12. M

    How do online forums help you deal with mental disorders, especially the stigma attached to them?

    How do online forums help you deal with mental disorders, especially the stigma attached to them? I live with GAD & depression. I'm pretty much a recluse, as most people don't understand these issues. There is so much of a stigma attached to mental disorders that I don't like to talk to anyone...
  13. S

    Rant about stigma and mental illness

    I swear to God, I give up!!! We will never lose the stigma about mental illness and I have to give up. If I don't, I will be posting video's and shit until I'm dead. My fucking family won't change so I guess its just me. I'm the loser. Something is seriously wrong with me and I deserved...
  14. R

    homeless place

    i’m going to the homeless place, some women phoned, she’s going to get me a mentor befriender, i’m not sure i want services, never seen anyone who receives services get better, but guess better is a pipe dream then theres the stigma, those mentally ill ex cons who said they weren’t mentally ill...
  15. S

    Anyone been turned away from a UK hospital/medical centre

    Because of their mental health condition? I was deemed serverly mentally ill with BPD but apparently I'm not too bad and it's things like schizophrenia that they normally exclude.
  16. fazza

    Stigma Stigma Stigma

    I am not ging to eat your babies. I am not going to start barking at the moon. You have more chance of hurting me than I have of hurting you yet. You judge. My best friend told me that he is uncomfortable with me staying their because I have schizophrenia. He is scared that n the middle of the...
  17. I


    Open the Doors > Decreasing Stigma

    Living with schizophrenia: 'There is a wall of doubt, stigma and pain'

    Living with schizophrenia: 'There is a wall of doubt, stigma and pain' | Life and style | The Guardian
  19. G

    Mental health stigma against mental health professionals

    Mental health professionals | Stigma | Bipolar disorder | Blog | Time To Change
  20. L

    I don't think I have BPD but psychiatrists wont listen

    Many years ago a psychiatrist diagnosed me with Borderline Personality Disorder. Even back then, I wasn't entirely convinced with the diagnosis even though I could understand why he would think that based on my behaviour at the time. But recently, I was referred to another psychiatrist by my GP...