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    Are their any nasty side affects when starting on stelazine as I am scared to take it due to bad reports.
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    Stelazine/ trifluoperazine anyone?

    So basically I refuse to take the dose of quetiapine I'm supposed to take due to weight gain. I also take lithium. Clonazepam prn Now added this stelazine.... It's pretty much discontinued apart from liquid form... I'm taking 1mg...increasing to's pretty old stuff Anyone? Experiences?
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    Any experiences with stelazine ?

    I've just been prescribed stelazine (trifluoperazine) by my doc. She said it should help my agitation which I can no longer bear. Is it OK to take two anti-psychotics? She said it was. But i'm a bit worried about my first tablet tommorow. :cry:What do you think? x
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    I am a new member. In 1999 I was poorly, I was diagnosed with psychosis. In 2002 somebody in a Community Outreach Team had the idea that I had Aspergers Syndrome. I saw a Aspergers specialist and was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. My psychiatrist and mum think I don't have psychosis and...