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  1. Ender

    Do you ever get mixed states?

    Do you ever get mixed states, like when you experience both depressive and manic symptoms at the same time? I get this way often. I'll be restless and hyperactive, with a very short attention span, but in the same day I'll have really low moods and feel hopeless. It's frustrating because I feel...
  2. Kerome

    Buddhism and not having a soul

    One of the Buddhist doctrines, anatta, states that we have no soul. That we are merely a stream of interconnected events and mind states moving from the past to the future. This doesn’t mean that there is no afterlife, merely that there is no permanent ‘i’ to experience it. So we don’t need to...
  3. S

    sorry guys

    just wanted to say sorry ... i've been writing on here that i quite possibly have dissociative identity disorder .... i guess i confused some of you on here , part of me only thought i had this but i guess because a lot of the literature states it's caused by childhood abuse , that i actually...
  4. H

    How to know if it's psychosis or just a break down?

    My gf suffers from BPD and she goes into these states sometimes, where she is either dissociative or angry. How do you know if it's psychosis or just a shift of mood?
  5. cpuusage

    Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: The Dialectic of Distress and Spirituality, with Dr. Ingo Lambrecht

    Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: The Dialectic of Distress and Spirituality, with Dr. Ingo Lambrecht Thought that this was worthy of it's own thread - it's an intelligent discussion on the subject - Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: the dialectic of distress and spirituality, with Dr. Ingo...
  6. cpuusage

    Shamanic, Mysic, Visionary or Psychotic state?

    i can't get away from the first experience that i had that lead to being sectioned for 4 months on a locked ward. i think it was dealt with & responded to largely very inappropriately, & in a very damaging way. A lot i have seen, studied, researched & read seems to corroborate certain...
  7. Tired Daisy

    I was born in the UK but I'm really an American by birth

    I think this is important that I tell y'all of who my real soul is and I don't belong in the UK I don't agree with the united states government but the people there are awesome
  8. S

    Aripripazole for depression in bipolar disorder/ your experience on Quetiapine withdrawal?

    Aripripazole for depression in bipolar disorder/ your experience on Quetiapine withdrawal? I have started on Aripripazole (in addition to Lamotrigine and Mirtazepine) - has anyone had much experience on this drug? The literature states that it is effective in manic states but not so much for...
  9. cpuusage

    Understanding Extreme States

    Understanding Extreme States: An Interview with Stephen Harrod Buhner - Mad In America
  10. M

    Question regarding flashbacks

    I have a friend who suffers from horrible flashbacks and I have a question regarding flashbacks. We know the types of experiences flashbacks can bring back such as certain smells, sounds, and emotions. But are there certain types of experiences that cannot be brought back during a flashback...
  11. T

    Separate persona

    I am confused because the different parts of me were actually very mingled up but since some therapy are much more identifiable and separate. I don't know if these parts are real parts/personas or basically emotional states, probably emotional states. But the one that takes its toll on me is...
  12. Lincoln1990


    I think I'm Bipolar. I have ups and downs. I go through manic states and States where I want to die. I have racing thoughts. Can you have Bipolar and DID?
  13. cpuusage

    American Psychosis

    American Psychosis | Mad In America Sandra Steingard, M.D. November 25, 2013 A colleague from another country e-mailed me with some questions after having read, E. Fuller Torrey’s most recent book, American Psychosis. My initial response was to tell him that Torrey saw things through an...
  14. firestorm

    Formal Intro

    Hi Everyone, I joined the site last week and have made some posts but have not formally introduced myself yet. So here goes. I am 38 and work in health care in South Africa. My mental health problems started when I was still very young (about 12 years old) and I have been battling life since...
  15. pippinjay

    Do you know anything about Waco? Do you realise that the President of the United States Gassed Kids. His name was...

    Do you know anything about Waco? Do you realise that the President of the United States Gassed Kids. His name was... ........................................................................................................Just go You Tube, find the latest evidence on Waco and you will see...
  16. Mz.Veya


    Can someone please tell me if esa os offerd in the united states? And i so a phone number please on where to apply?
  17. RainbowHeartz

    Self states not D.I.D

    Had CC come and visit she explained to me that I have a personality disorders such as avoidant, borderline and dependant, as I told her I want to know everything she knows about me, she then said I do not have D.I.D but display alot of dissociation, and my self states are far far apart, and that...
  18. RainbowHeartz

    the writings of E

    I painted my nails and L asked are you painting mommy's nails? Ha very sweet, anyway have navy blue nails now, and not sure what to do, I've cleaned thoroughly throughout the week, and have CC coming tomorrow, and hope I stick around as its more helpful when I grab the information than letting...
  19. D

    alienation nation

    constant voices constant whispers im useless im worthless stride foward tomorrow might be a better day but right now its so very far away. suck it up common don't let them win you should see some of the states I get in. local nutter brain is fried youd never accept me unless I died............
  20. Lone_Wolf

    New and poorly diagnosed

    Hi, I received a bipolar I diagnosis in 200- six years after leaving the USGA with a depression diagnosis and a bottle of Zoloft. I've been in and out of psych hospitals ever since in at least four states and received the whole gambit of treatments. My diagnosis had PTSD added two years ago...