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  1. N

    Brain damaged through long term depression any comments

    Hell hope this doesn't sound to far out there but feel I know what is wrong with me,I have had depression on and off all my life I feel ,this episode I am having now is different in I feel my brain had been damaged by the depression resulting in a shut down and the state I am in now,ie it...
  2. N

    Assessment experience

    My first time applying for pip ,I got turned down. So August this year I applied again. My assessment ,I thought, was terrible. It was so bad, days later, I complained. The assessor was, well, like a robot. On entering the room, I was told to sit in the "red or green chair"! I might be a little...
  3. Funnyday

    Medicinal Cannabis now being prescribed by consultants in the UK

    Medicinal Cannabis now being prescribed by consultants in the UK. In the UK from today. You are able to get on prescriptions. Issued by a consultant. Cannabis in three forms. In its natural state, as resin or as cannabidiol. Medicinal cannabis now legal on prescription Does anyone know for a...
  4. L

    I'm Back...

    Since I posted under this topic a lot I feel A need to state here I'm still alive. :grin: Ps: old screen name was Little-Loss-Soul
  5. Funnyday

    ESA, PIP and State Pension

    I tend to rather not think about retirement. However, if you have to live on benefits till that point, what does it all mean? When you reach state retirement age. If you defer receiving the state pension and any private pension too. Can you stay on benefits indefitnatelly? As this would leave...
  6. F

    Desperately need help with my fiancé.

    Ugh. I probably should have been on here or looking for help a long time ago. My fiancé suffers from very bad depression. I would say at this point that rarely is she alright. It wasn’t always this bad but it is now. She sleeps all the time. I venture to say she wouldn’t even wake up if I didn’t...
  7. J

    ESA Home Visit in the morning - please help!

    Hi guys! I'm new here and I'm basically looking for a bit of last minute support/advice! I've been claiming ESA since October 2017 and I've FINALLY got my medical all sorted. A home visit was officially accepted and it's in the morning between 9am and 10am. I'm terrified. I claim for mental...
  8. Not_Crazy_Yet

    The olde familiar feeling

    I get out of sorts in the spring/ summertime. I can see myself waking up in state custody soon.:\
  9. M

    Greeting - looking for signs of life.

    Greetings, I'm looking for some reflection on my mental state, in an attempt to find a way back to a more functional state. I will be posting a more detailed introductory to my situation in the psychotic depression area.
  10. D

    Discharge from secondary care and unwell

    I am being discharged from mental health services despite being unwell and I just don't know what to do. They told me I'm obviously well because I turn up to appointments and call to cancel. I have tried to state my feelings but they are ignored. I struggle with day to day life and am...
  11. P

    Medication isn't working?

    So I've just started taking sertraline, as prescribed by my doctor, but I am not really feeling any changes. I am finding it easier to wake up in the mornings but I am still suffering with bad insomnia. Even though I am able to get up in the mornings (as I wasn't before) I find that I have zero...
  12. S

    Have to be brave..

    My husband never was the type to watch his diet and exercise regimen regularly. I've always made suggestions, or would tell him how important it was in the long run to keep an eye on his weight, eating habits, etc. But, you know how some folks are.. You just can't tell them much until the...
  13. S

    I have never felt depressed and don’t know what to do

    Hi everyone I am 32 and over the last year have felt increasingly depressed and it is really starting to worry me. I just wondered if anyone may be able to help me/offer some advice? This is the first time I have ever spoken to anyone about it. Basically I have always been a very ambitious...
  14. D


    I have a 35 yr old daughter with schizophrenia living with my husband and I. She is not on medication. We live in Washington state where marijuana is legal so I do encourage her to smoke a couple times a day. She doesn't know she is even mentally ill. How can I help her. I need to get her...
  15. J

    Chronically ill, miss my old life when I was healthy

    Hello. Recently I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that leaves me in pain, emotionally imbalanced and with insomnia - at only 38 too! I also had a year from hell with a ton of trauma, including 3 surgeries, which has given me PTSD. I use to be a happy go lucky/ active person, so this is a...
  16. J

    Chronically ill, feel disassociated from the rest of the world

    Hello. Im not sure Im in the right thread or not, but recently I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that leaves me in pain, emotionally imbalanced and with insomnia. I also had a year from hell with a ton of trauma, including 3 surgeries. I use to be a happy go lucky/ active person, so this...
  17. B

    Is it weird to think i have it all figured out?

    Sometimes i think i pretty much know it all; other times i feel clueless. To elaborate; i feel like the reason many of us end up Bipolar is because of substance abuse while we are still developing. So; we drank alcohol and energy drinks at different times and because of that our brains have...
  18. Drooo

    "High Functioning Depression"

    I came across this video on YouTube. 7 Signs You May Have High Functioning Depression - YouTube It speaks of 'High Functioning Depression'. This is a brand-new term to me, and one which I see as a complete oxymoron. Having struggled with depression for a long, long time, the very idea of being...
  19. T

    😣😢😩 The faces of my state of mind.😡

    I've been anxious and depressive since I can remember. I always manifest my worries into the worst situations which inevitably leads to my current state of mind. I'm old enough to know I should have taken some sort of control over my mental health a long time ago, but I'm naturally a...
  20. Kerome

    The beauty of being an idiot

    Lots of people seem wise and clever in moving within the system. But what is wrong with being an idiot? It’s only the ego that says you have to be smart, it tells you you have to know where you are going. Try to look at your ignorance from a different angle, it is clean, an unpolluted state...