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  1. D

    It is a never ending mess.

    Hi.My story with starving myself has started when I was only 14 years old.Since I hit puberty I used to be overweight and I always hated myself.Long story short,I dieted since I was 14. I never knew how to maintain the weight that I lost,so I used to just gain the weight back,and then lose it...
  2. L

    Never Feel Hungry?

    This is more of a question aimed at the community. I only eat because it's been conditioned in me to eat 3 times a day... I mean of course I love to eat (food tastes good), but its tuesday and I haven't eaten since saturday night and the closest thing I've felt to hungry is a slight headache and...
  3. cpuusage

    ‘Sanctions, starvation and evictions are not entertainment. People are dying’

    ‘Sanctions, starvation and evictions are not entertainment. People are dying’ ‘Sanctions, starvation and evictions are not entertainment. People are dying’ | Vox Political
  4. S

    When no one is helping?

    Ok. Having been extremely low for this year. Not received any help. No one is listening. So, mental health issues run in my family. Relatives with schizophrenia, addiction, SAD, dementia and personality disorders. I'm not a stranger to mental health issues. However, I've never really been given...
  5. M


    Hello Understand that not eating improves battle against depression - hence no good to say to sufferer add a few meat pies to the diet to get out of the sub 15 BMI danger zone -so what do you say- thanks
  6. RedRoseBeauty

    Starvation Mode

    I remember this part was hard. Trying to just ignore the food hunger pains. It needs to be done, I have to lose weight.
  7. B

    Is starvation mode classified as an eating disorder?

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows if starvation mode is classified as an eating disorder? I only eat dinner on most nights, sometimes a little breakfast, but some days only dinner. My doctor told me that isn't good for me in maintaining or losing weight and could cause certain medical...
  8. C

    Control to no control

    Greetings all, I've been struggling with an Eating disorder over the past few years, where I'd starve myself throughout the day. Suddenly binge on whatever when I got home school after eating completely nothing. Around this time I was about 8 and a half stone (I was also 5ft and still currently...