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  1. Azelka


    How is it like when cyclothymia starts for the first time?
  2. Fairy Lucretia

    too sensitive

    can't cope being around people anymore everything ,literally everything triggers me and starts me off need to be in a room all alone with nobody around me can't cope with real world
  3. A

    Possible Bipolar Disorder ? - Help!

    Hello all, this is my first post in a mental health forum...I am grateful for any support/advice on my situation with my partner. We have been together for three years and in these three years there have been three "episodes" (I don't have a better word for them), in which his character changed...
  4. MissesGange

    It is so dark.

    And I can't see the light. I almost ended it yesterday. Never was peacful with tge idea of death before. Had my sons picture on my cell. We will lose our apartment if I go inpatient right now. Im the only one working til hubby starts in Jan. My hallucinations are the same. Therapist says its...
  5. V


    My voices scream at me. Two of them just randomly call me nasty names and one of them tells me what to do or else she starts shouting. Anyone know how to cope with this?
  6. T

    Bipolar support group

    I saw someone before Xmas (I think a GP wrote to them?) based at the place our shrinks hang out, so part of assessment and treatment. She put my name down for a support group. It starts the end of this month, I'm a bit nervous. Has anyone here been to one of these? X
  7. Lincoln1990

    Guess what?!?!?

    I have a boyfriend!!! His name starts with a J so we can call him J. He just asked me to be my boyfriend. Omg
  8. F

    Bridging the gap

    http://www.centreformentalhealth.org.uk/pdfs/bridgingthegap_fullreport.pdf Dementia part starts from page 18.
  9. Imperfect-Angel


    Does anyone else take zopiclone to help them sleep?' I'm lucky if I get 2 hours once I've taken it & then the nightmare of the over thinking, anxiety & self punishment (mentally) starts all over again...!'
  10. shaky

    Lies, lies, lies

    I am f*cking pissed off with the portrayal of relationships on teelly It seems there's a fucking program called 'First Dates' coming up on ITv about first dates Then there's a dating program on Channel 4 whose name I forget Then there's fucking match.com who advertise saying 'It starts with a...
  11. Emkatz


    Why does my ex husband still trigger me? We were married for eleven years, have two children together, and we've been divorced for five years! But he knows exactly what buttons to press to trigger my urges to self harm! I had no control over my life when we were married so when he starts getting...
  12. M

    Now it all starts to make sense

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to ask a few things. After more than 15 years of cyclical depression, 2 failed marriages, 9 different jobs, yo-yo weight loss, 13 different homes, struggles and obsessions with drugs, alcohol, sex, money and food and having moved half way round the world...
  13. ABsea

    how do I know if my anger is 'out of control'?

    Tell me where you think this situation belongs on the "normal angry reaction scale" Im driving home. I have some mofo riding my ass during rush hour. He starts impatiently swirving left and right as if that would make the traffic infront of me move faster. He continues to follow way too close...
  14. M

    borderline personility disorder has ruined my life

    I am not sure if any one has ever felt like bpd has ruined there life and left them wondering who they are and what they feel. It drives me mad going from happy to sucicdeal in a matter of minutes sometimes with no obvious reason. The constant felling of lonyness and wanting approval from...
  15. F

    Frustration !!!

    Is it just me but I get frustrated so quickly to the exstent on where i just want to flip out !! Its been a frustrating day and you think that my meds would help been taking them long enough but nope they just slip down into my body work for a few hours and then my body starts to get...
  16. greenfairy

    Bad day,Bad night

    Anyone out there at the moment who has ever had this?I've been really weird today-everything seems to be running in cycles-I'm calm for a little while,then I get really anxious,my heart starts racing hard,then I get the shakes and start to cry,calm myself down,then it all starts again.and...
  17. M

    Nan with COPD - so frustrating !! **might trigger **dying ***

    Hey all, My nan has severe COPD, on steriods,anti biotics, enhalers,nebs you name it (oxygen will be next) and yet she continues to smoke. Tried to stop several times. Did stop for a week but I saw her today, she started again. I said where you going ? she said mind your own buisness and went...
  18. B

    Mental pain, psychological pain - SEEING A PSYCHOLOGIST?

    Does anyone see one or have seen one? I'm in quite a bit of mental pain over what happened during my past episodes/s. I feel like i need help with this as i am toying with the idea of overdose again - i think it is way off but this is how it starts doesn't it. I really need some help today, i'm...
  19. Uglulyx

    Panic Attacks Caused by Films?

    Has anyone else here experienced panic attacks induced by watching movies? I know that sometimes if I watch fiction or sometimes non-fiction about a really challenging subject I can find myself experiencing really bad panic attacks. Most recently of which would be from watching 28 Weeks...
  20. being me


    hi everyone.. ive been prescibed propranolol been on it 5days.. been on different pills b4 and nothings really worked :unsure: has anyone been on this b4 if so did it work 4u? how long b4 it starts 2work? thanks :D