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  1. R

    Building a better boat

    I have suffered in silence for as far back as I can remember. I was close to ending it a few months ago until I decided to seek help. I have severe anxiety and depression problems. I’m starting to pull out of it a bit.
  2. I

    Hello from Scotland

    Have had peculiar mental health issues most of my life, starting with nailbiting at 5, becoming OCD a few years later, a tight-fitting clothing fetish afterwards which persists today, the classic combination of depression and anxiety and finally, only within the past two months, something I’m...
  3. J

    Starting a video blog as aid in recovery

    Hi! I am starting a video blog about my recovery journey through schizoaffective disorder, hoping this may not only help myself but will help others.
  4. T

    Hey all!

    I should introduce myself, I’m Tina. I’ve been struggling with depression since I was very young, as long as I can remember really. The last few years have been especially hard due to the breakup of a vicious relationship (thank goodness - I have found someone who doesn’t abuse or belittle me)...
  5. letmein

    not really coping

    hello folks, hows you? sorry I don't post as much as I should, sorry I can't be any help right now.... I'm in a mess this end. really not coping with stuff..... my mood is slipping again, I'm reliant on my meds & just faking it..... not really sure how i'm going to make it through...
  6. A

    Starting a thread to stop self harming

    Hi all, I hope you all well today x I have been struggling on and off with self harm for the last 20+ years. It has effected almost my entire adult life and left my relationship very battered. Tonight I self harmed again and think it is almost the last straw for my partner. We were due to go...
  7. letmein

    when your desperate...........

    @ 7 am this morning, I made a plan. I chose a method and a day to take control on my none life. my exit was set @ 9 am i broke down and creed like a baby @ 10 am I forced myself out for a coffee with my daughter @ 2 pm i'm starting to get low again today has been a roller coaster of...
  8. J

    Starting a new relationship worries

    So ive become involved with a lovely boy, honestly amazing, but i have reservations about starting a new relationship, like when I have an episode, is able to handle it? Im worried it will scare him off. Anyone got any advice?
  9. S

    New member

    Hello everyone, I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years, my last serious episode was in 2011 when my doctor prescribed 20 mg of citalopram. I have been stable since then but recently regressed and the anxiety and depression has returned. My doctor increased my dose to 40 mg three...
  10. L

    It’s been a long time

    I was apart of this forum a looong time ago! I reckon about 15 years ago!!!!! When it was in its original format!!! It’s only because I got an email about the forum out of the blue that I have come back! And it couldn’t have come at a better time!!! Life has been rolling as it usually does and...
  11. H

    Hello from the USA!

    Hey there, others! I'm R and I've finally come to accept my mental and emotional health are out of control. I have a 1 year old daughter and a partner who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with who is taking care of a teen. I have always been in unhealthy/abusive relationships and this is...
  12. aspieguy1984

    Been thinking about relapsing alot lately....

    Ive been opoid free for the last 8 months. But ive been really depressed, anxiety starting to take over again. Weed isnt taking the edge off anymore....
  13. Guy12182

    Starting Over/New Friends/New People

    PEOPLE People, people need people in their lives, people depend on people,people want to love people I am a people. Well, I've been here a few days now. I've released some things from my life. And the word people came to my mind. I'm gonna be starting over my life at 56. I'm going to be...
  14. Artmuzz

    PIP tribunal date

    I just received a letter today with the date of my PIP tribunal and where it will be held. The tribunal is in 3 weeks and I am really starting to panic and my anxiety is getting worse over this.:panic:
  15. A

    I think I've realized why I am feeling the way I have been feeling lately

    I think I've realized why I am feeling the way I have been feeling lately I think I am starting to feel more normal, and it scares and depresses me. I am starting to lose my grandiose delusions, and I don't like that. Normalcy scares and depresses me. That's what it is.
  16. T

    Feeling lost

    Hi, I'm new so bare with me. Please. I'd like to learn a healthy coping mechanism instead of exploding and hitting myself. I want to get better because I'm.obssesed about being normal. I'm starting to feel like all of this is invalid and I've made this up somehow. I can't see a reason as to why...
  17. L

    Car phobia

    Ok this probably seems like a really silly phobia but i have this fear about my car breaking down. its that fear of it not starting and being unable to get to work. And work are not very simpathetic Im finding the phobia so bad its keeps me awake at night my my cars is only three years old so...
  18. C

    Anxiety becoming debilitating

    Hi all, Just need to thrash all of this out, because my anxiety is becoming so overwhelming I feel as though I'm losing sight of myself and unable to keep a balance. If I'm honest, I have always had issues with anxiety and maintaining a healthy level of self esteem. My self esteem often goes...
  19. A

    I need help

    I don't no whether or not I suffer depression or I'm just feeling sad. But I'm starting to feel the symtoms. I feel exhausted everyday and starting to lost my focus. I feel sleepy everyday even though I had enough sleep. I'm starting to lost focus when I'm in campus or when I'm in a meeting...
  20. A

    forgot to pick up lithium

    I have been without my lithium for three days. tonight will be day four. I am starting to feel the effects. I am worried about telling my pdoc. my memory is terrible.