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  1. R

    Watch out, paranormal

    Watch out for the moon and Mars in time for people colonising as space ghosts that own the earth are going to wrap spirit mist around them in time for people colonising as to kill and entrap human spirits as is done on earth. When this happens Mars and the moon will start to get an atmosphere...
  2. C

    Re starting fluoxatine after 9 months of them.

    Hi everyone, i started having panic attacks around 10 years ago, the attacks also gave me depression. I've been on and of meds for 10 years and was using Prozac for a couple of years. I'm 3 days back into my meds and my god it's hard, temperature, sickness, tiredness but not sleeping and low...
  3. T

    anyone been addicted to xanax?

    ive been taking 0.5mg twice a day(sometimes more on the weekend) for the past few months, i know its not a huge amount but when i dont have it i start to feel really paranoid and shaky. has anyone tapered off it ? i take other stuff aswell and feel ill when im sober im sick of it
  4. hp44858

    Need someone to talk to!!! Health Anxiety

    Im a 46 yr old male with severe health anxiety and it always gets out of hand during the holidays. I’m ok when I’m at work, but I’m on vacation this week and it is flared up (more time to think). The last three days have gone like this...Day one I had headaches, so of course I have a brain...
  5. B

    Work Anxiety is crippling me everyday

    I've been diagnosed with anxiety for about 2 years now and it has always had a negative impact on my work. If I make any kind of mistake my brain tells me that I am rubbish at my job and I'm going to get fired and then I spend the rest of the day panicking about my job security and telling...
  6. P

    How do i start getting help?

    Hi, everyone. Here's my situation. I'm a 39 year old man living in the northeast US. I have severe anxiety and i'm depressed. I basically have no life. I'm single and haven't dated in years. I don't work and haven't worked in years. I don't drive, i've never gotten a license to drive. At this...
  7. T

    you should get a job and

    - get married, and have kids, and get a car, and go to the gym. You are just in a bad cycle. You should stop your medication as it isn't helping much so you maybe don't need it. When you start work, you'll be fine and will surprise yourself that you will feel so much better. Work helps you. :eek:
  8. T

    Being ignored by family

    I keep being put through this with a friend or cousin. For a while everything is good, we are close, texting and emailing, meeting and laughing, then suddenly it all stops and they don't answer or reply. I am then left wondering what is wrong. Sometimes they are not well, sometimes the gossips...
  9. LexLoofer

    When you're not a morning person...

    I've never been a morning person. I like my sleep. But I've been going through some medication changes that have made sleep difficult and I've been waking up about 2 hours earlier than usual. This has made mornings hard for me. I wake up either irritable or sad. I start feeling anxious. I...
  10. H


    Hey everybody. I'm not totally sure what to put here. I'm 27, have a stable job and work 40 to 50 hours a week. I want to start therapy but honestly with my hours it is a hassle. I've tried therapy in the past and had bad experiences whether it is being forgotten about, overdosed or just told...
  11. M

    New to this

    Hi all! I have joined in hopes of meeting new people who suffer from terrible anxiety like myself. I have severe fear of speaking in front of people, or being the center of attention. My voice gets shaky, I start to sweat, and I just completely lose it, and I hate that this happens to me. I'm...
  12. P

    Fear of my own pulse

    This is kind of bizarre, but I would have meltdowns when I was a child when I had to get shots. When I got paper-cuts, I'd become hysterical. I haven't been able to take my pulse since I was twelve and first learned about aneurysms. When I have bruises on my hands/feet, I start worrying about...
  13. M

    My story, any advice?

    Ill start from where i made my first mistake which was dropping out of school at 15 due to my social anxiety being so bad. I had been suffering from it since i was 13 but was never diagnosed as i stayed away from doctors and therapists or anywhere i was sent. I dropped out before i even finished...
  14. L

    I'm Back...

    My phone fell down some rapids when I was kayaking...along with the fish that got away. I'm still kicking. Just Loss my old account Little-Loss-Soul. Ill just start fresh. Also using PC this time around so hopefully will work better.
  15. A

    My anxiety, depression cycles.. have they been adhd in disguise? Reluctant to get a diagnosis

    My anxiety, depression cycles.. have they been adhd in disguise? Reluctant to get a diagnosis I suck at writing, and grammar etc so I apologise in advanced TL:DR at bottom I'm sorry if this is breaking any rules and I truly intend to really write my heart out here with everything I've read and...
  16. S

    maybe this would help..

    instead of writing about “how to live with voices”, maybe i should start writing how to live with brain(Nano)Chips – eg deepBrainStimulators? maybe it would help…
  17. G

    Not sure if there's a fix

    Hey guys I'm at a very low point in my life where I'm seeing history repeat itself, my wife has become very distant from me recently and when I confronted her she has said that I've become very negative and not very nice to be around, I've been a horrible dad and hardly shown any interest in my...
  18. G


    Hey I'm new here, thought I would start by stopping here and saying hi, I'm from Fife in Scotland.
  19. L

    I lost myself

    I lost myself,now I am concerned that I never knew myself.. After a break up with someone I am in love with who is now marrying another woman that he picked over me, I am now lost and don't know where to go or where to start. I deleted all of social media and closed myself in. No friends or...
  20. M

    Depression has turned me into a sociopath.

    Hey so i'm not too sure if this is against the rules sorry if it is, but about 3months ago i completely changed, i used to just have depressive episodes once every few days/weeks and a few weeks of being hyper, but recently im perfectly fine in the day then towards the night i start to feel so...