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  1. F

    My thoughts of my depression demons

    I'm in a dark place.. A well A hole A cave No sign of light No sign of freedom No help Tired of fighting Tired of believing Tired of hoping Feeling trapped Feeling lost Feeling lonely Staring in to darkness Staring in to silence Staring in to the eyes of depression Wanting to escape...
  2. B

    Needing suggestions to deal with Embarrassing OCD

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I joined cause I need suggestions and support for these stupid OCD fears. So, I have a problem being afraid that people think I'm staring at them. I always try to make myself look away from people or hide because I'm afraid that they'll think I'm a weirdo or...
  3. W

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    So I got diagnosed with BP 4 years ago and I take seraquil, lamotrigine, and mirtazapine but I am extremely paranoid in any public place or while driving, ect. It always feels like EVERYONE is staring and judging me. Does anyone know how this is treated? Is there a medication or any other way to...
  4. S

    Tiresome: Hard man wana be's

    Wales is just full of people walking the walk and talking the talk and full of crud....:doh2: So tiresome. :doh2: Like chimpanzees and the hierarchy structure primates have..... primitives trying to improve their status among the tiny little towns communities....... by staring, conducting them...
  5. K

    Europhoric episodes

    I day dream alot and I've always been like it since I was I small, I find myself staring out the windows in my own world for hours and laying down alot daydreaming alone.
  6. P

    Spirits staring at me.

    From the trees, from the rocks, from the clouds, they opened my brain to a bit of what the world is made. Seeing such drastically advanced things makes your mind wander. People ask me why i think of such things or act the way that i do. It's because i see highly advanced interdimensional...
  7. H

    No where else to turn

    I don't really know where to start, it's taken me 3 day to work the nerve to post. I'm a 37 year old mother of 4. I've never been diagnosed with depression, but have been pretty sure it's what I suffer from for a long time now. I've always had my UP's and downs but the past six months have been...
  8. N

    Hopeless College Student

    Okay so I made this account a few years ago so ignore the name. Basically I'm a college junior who is experiencing bad anxiety and I can't push myself to network or find an internship and I'm already really behind in that respect. My social life is also being impacted. I always had some...
  9. S

    Is this normal empathy?

    I was working on empathy-building with my spouse. We were staring into each other's eyes. Neither of us used binaral beats today, and I haven't used them for more than a month. However, we have learned to identify different brainwaves as "theta" or "delta" based on how they feel as compared to...
  10. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Do you ever feel like a reject when you're cycling?

    Today was not a good day. I had to see my psychotherapist this morning and took my meds WAAAY earlier than usual. Luckily she didn't notice my SH wounds. (I was worried about a trip to the psych ward) then I had a nap before work. I couldn't take another dose before work. During work I could...
  11. P

    PLEASE please help me with this problem! Why do I feel/react this way?

    I am a 21 years old girl and considered very beautiful and hot (I am not bragging but it is necessary to tell in this context). Many people call me beautfiul and as per the beauty standards of society, i fit perfectly. Anyway, the problem more psychological than relationship issue. On multiple...
  12. C

    How to stop drinking?

    Hi all! Those who know me knows my court date rapidly approaching on Wednesday. Any tips on coping with the stress apart from drinking? The drinks not helping long term & I'm in a state of constant fear. It's been the worst year of my life. Dunno how I'll cope, stuck in court all day with all...
  13. S

    Staring is ruining my life!.

    I've got schitzophrenia but I Cnt go out anywhere as I start staring and can't stop I can then hear evil sentences as well n dnt know what I'm doing I have to go to bed n no one seems to know what's wrong with me can anyone help me pls?!!, Lol!. Xx:hug5:
  14. S

    Anybody help pls advice x

    I have schitzophrenia but I dnt hear voices I hear two sentences but I end up staring and it won't stop !!, It's annoying as I Cnt go out far with the kids incase it happens!!, I have to go to bed I Cnt function properly has anybody got any ideas what's wrong with me pls?. Xx
  15. P

    Bug eyed

    Have this neighbor that i usually see and he has the strangest bug eyed stare like angry confused e.t. Makes eye contact but no speech. Any thoughts on what or why could be the reason?
  16. K

    Does it never end?

    So there I was looking out of a cafe window sipping soup and contemplating life suddenly just for a fleeting second it seemed as if nothing mattered, there were no worries, no big problems and actually felt ok happy even. Cut to seconds later and it's all anxiety ridden doubt again, what about...
  17. M


    So I have finally got enough guts to actually post on here again. I've been too scared to but here I am. Struggling is the word to use, death is staring me in the face, literally. All my thoughts have been consumed by dying. I had a plan which I talked myself out of yesterday, I hate myself for...
  18. F

    HIV Anxiety controlling my life

    About 2 1/2 weeks ago a lab tech came to my house to draw my blood (for life insurance purposes). The tech was an hour late and he was visibly sick (excessive coughing, sniffling, etc.) From the get go, everything just didn't feel good. He forgot to swab my arm down, didn't give me a paper for...
  19. D

    Something is not right

    As i am writing this i can hear breathing from something standing behind me. I am reaching a point where i feel like my brain is capable of creating something solid, like a person. If i think hard enough, it will happen. I have been unaware of my behavior changing, but recently people have been...
  20. A

    i love staring at myself in the mirror i'm so beautiful

    does anybody else do this