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  1. J

    Never Felt This Bad Before - Or For So Long

    Just feel I'm never going to be well. Felt Awful since August. Don't feel like having any more CMHT appointments as I think they're pointless. I'm enduring each hour and it feels like time is standing still sometimes. Nothing to look forward to, no motivation or inclination to leave the...
  2. Gajolene

    Going to start EMDR soon

    Finally found the right psychologist, wants to start right into EMDR with me, After just grazing the surface of my past, and the day to day's of today, she asked how I was still standing? she ain't heard nothing yet. Don't know whether to feel good about it or bad about it. :panic:
  3. L

    Standing at the bottom of the garden - in my dressing gown

    I've just been standing at the bottom of my garden in my dressing gown, smoking a joint, staring into the black abyiss quite literally, wondering how things will ever be okay again. The poster child of sanity, no? What a fucking clichè I am. Then I text a friend, more like a sister, and she made...
  4. D

    Possibility of working

    Hello, I am looking for some input on how those of you who manage to work, do manage. I really want to be able to work at some point, but have been wondering how we can get the head space we need in a work environment. I find that I need a lot of space and time for myself to manage my voices...
  5. Toasted Crumpet

    Goddess Oracle Cards

    I have these Goddess cards someone in 12 step recovery gave me ages ago. They are sort of like Tarot cards in that you can use them to answer questions but not quite the same (I don't know much about Tarot) So, I did them today regarding my future employment situation and I got this: Past...
  6. O

    Can't sleep.

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, feeling a lot of things right now, but I guess anxiety is the main culprit. I've been trying to sleep for the last few hours but every time I turn the light off I get terrified. I feel like theres a dark figure standing over me or standing in...
  7. E

    Really Scared

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, and I have severe OCD. Right now, I need to talk through something. I'm living with my Dad and am terrified that I just got pregnant off the toilet seat tonight. There was a drop of fluid there from the last time he used the restroom, but I was scared to clean it...
  8. tinyboat


    Hey guys, I've had chronic OCD when I was a teenager for about six years straight. I guess it's been in remission mostly for the last six years, but lately things have been going a little weird. For example, yesterday I dropped my partner off at the airport and when I got home I cooked dinner...
  9. R

    Had massive problem with long standing friend

    Thank you all for very kind messages I did kind of kick off a great deal and placed my anger against the forum admin etc. That was deflecting from my real anger which was against a very long standing friend, who was incredibly abusive towards me for whatever reason I do not know. Anyway we...
  10. O

    i cant "do" today

    been up for hours already tried going back to sleep a few times but i'm not actually tired (dispite sleeping badly for past few nights) started on citalipram few days ago which is making me feel sick and i'm having trouble eating just managed to eat most of a small can of beans not much i know...
  11. shaky

    Waiting for Admittance

    Sometimes I write pieces to try to get over to other people what it's like having a mental health anomaly. Here's a poem I wrote about going into mental hospital for the first time. Waiting for Admittance Standing in a corridor. Only artificial light. Accompanied by nurses I have known for - a...
  12. W

    Occupy Wall Street

    My fellow Americans! A non-violent resistance movement is happening as we speak! While you sit and watch the nightly news, you might have seen that other Americans are standing up! We are the 99%! It is time to make a change! It is time to change the world! Our constitution states "We the...
  13. A

    Hello i'm new and think i may need some help and advice pls

    hello i'm alan, i think i've stumbled onto what is wrong with me and it's BPD,oh dear its been two days of crying and i'm so scared.I've done the internet research and recognized myself straight away, at the moment i am unknown to the mental health profession but i can't go on i'm done, out...
  14. T

    Is halluciniating (audo and visually) upon waking up and falling asleep, normal or common?

    Is halluciniating (audo and visually) upon waking up and falling asleep, normal or common? Sometimes I have audio or visual hallucinations right after waking up or falling asleep. They have never been a problem, I'm just wondering if it's normal. Examples of audio Yesterday, I was waking up...
  15. R

    Black Shrouded Figure???

    Shortly before hearing voices 17 months ago I experienced something I never did before. I was sitting at the computer and "sensed" something standing behind me as you would if it were a person standing behind you. I didn't get a chance to turn and see it, but my minds eye saw a tall "human like"...
  16. nickh

    Standing on Your Head

    Has anyone heard of or tried this treatment? Apparently American psychiatrists at Yale have discovered that spending 10 minutes a day standing on your head stimulates serotonin uptake and lowers the onset of depression by up to 35%. A study involving over 500 people with mild to moderate...