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  1. J

    How does everyone cope with work ?!

    Hi guys , new here ! Long story short I've been out of work for a year . My parents have been helping me , but it seems hopeless most days. I have so many restrictions and things I "can't" handle, I don't know how I will ever find anything meaningful. Basically I have an inability to sit for...
  2. NoWhereman72

    taking a stand?

    ok i know i am still new too this thing but today r yesterday rather i took a chance and spoke out on face bok on a status talking about things. i gt lots of support but never having had too be social which is what i want to be i kind of felt way out of my comfort zone and here a few hours later...
  3. E

    Got Used Today

    Hello, everybody. I wanted to get some thoughts on something that happened to me today. I suffer from social anxiety and also have an extreme problem with standing up for myself. I grew up with a mentally ill parent who was (and is) frequently abusive and highly reactive to everything. I had...
  4. Prettyasapeach

    Ptsd and Gad

    Hello I am 43 years old and I was told that I am clinically depressed i also suffer with gad. I have become a hermit. I hate being in large crowds and sweat profusely when someone is standing close to me or behind me. I am easily aggitated. My doctor prescribed buspar but I don't think it's...
  5. L

    How Cope with Phots

    Hi Everyone I've got a huge event at work coming up next month. There will be cameras so a lot of photos will be taken. I am terrified!! Yes it's about 4 weeks away but i'm thinking about it now, i don't know how i am going to cope. I just don't do photos. I hate myself!!! & standing next to...
  6. S


    Why am i so afraid of everyone? Its to a point where i wont answer my own door! Dont want to go anywhere. Is the outside really that horrible...maybe or maybe not. Id rather not find out. Im on several meds to help with my mental health but it just seems im at a standing point. Will this forever...
  7. P

    Some asshole in my tree at night.

    No shit. Some asshole is back there just standing there in the night. Freaks my dog out.
  8. P

    You are all weak.

    I fight gods. I fight gods because i know why they made this place. I fight them by not fighting because they wants them a good old show don't they. Even if it kills me i still fight them and i don't give them a show, even if i die just so they don't get what they wants. They put the zebra...
  9. E

    sew we have any tag or grubsake from the begining or end, its really all a bout our cure in long standing

    sew we have any tag or grubsake from the begining or end, its really all a bout our cure in long standing oH i SHOULD expose my ass for long enough, maybe there is some meat up serventt you reject
  10. T

    Does anyone believe this is appropriate from my therapist?

    Hello! I have been seeing the same LMSW for over three years now. A few months ago, his schedule changed and he insisted I get into a specified time slot and commit to it or run the risk of him not having any availability. I have had a regular time with him before (he decided to no longer work...
  11. D

    Death is always an after thought

    Hey I was brought into this world afraid and crying, helpless, 44 yrs later , I am still crying and feel scared and helpless, it's as though I have been born on the wrong planet,month a different species, things that are normal to ( normal people ) are mundane to me, everyday things...
  12. BrianHorlicks

    Visted by a Spirit.

    I've never seen ghosts, Buy I still believe. I've heard one once. The fort at the promanade is haunted. And I've felt one, My partners father died on 12.12.12. And, I stayed over, This is before I moved in, And I was asleep downstairs, 3 days after, My hairs went up on my neck, And there...
  13. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Two People Experience the Same Hallucination

    So one of the recurring visual hallucinations that I have are shadow people. This morning I was playing minecraft and got that feeling they were standing behind me. Just then I noticed shadows on the wall as though there truly was someone standing in my doorway so I looked back and they weren't...
  14. valleygirl

    Recurring Dream

    I've been remembering a lot of things lately--things that I pushed into the background, things I didn't want to remember. One of these things is a dream I've had about 5 times. In my dream, it is my wedding day, and I am standing at the back of the church, about to walk down the aisle. And as...
  15. S

    When is a good person considered bad

    Say for instance you stood up to people that did one or all of the following: 1. Individuals that try to wear you down emotionally and make you feel bad. 2. Individuals that treat you like a second class citizen 3. Individuals that enjoyed your pain and/or suffering and try to make it worse 4...
  16. calypso

    Thought it would pass

    I have just thought that the feelings would pass if I held on a few days. They haven't, I have a mind which has decided to work without my consent, on pictures non stop of suicide. Its like someone else is in control and pushing buttons to make these things happen. I have lost my strength...
  17. F

    Quick overview of my long standing belief system.

    Sometimes I can sense/see/feel/know that the devil is stood behind me. The devil can place his evil spirits into human bodies including my body in order to do cruel/abusive and evil actions. Somehow I sense and know when a person has an evil spirit within them. it's like a sixth sense and I...
  18. C

    A personal testimony of the healing power of psychiatric non-compliance.

    A personal testimony of the healing power of psychiatric non-compliance. This is quite a long article but I found it incredibly powerful and resonated with me a lot, I wanted to share in case it could be of help to others also :) A personal testimony of the healing power of psychiatric...
  19. J

    Worried about neighbor's behaviour

    I have been noticing my male neighbour standing perfectly still outside, at all hours of the day and night. If I check the mail, he is standing like a statue and stares past me. When I say "hi", there is no response from him. He is approximately 20 years-old. He wears the same blue hoodie...
  20. S

    Feeling Too Old

    Still standing up to all the s*** and the people willing to dish it out. I feel I'm getting too old to keep doing this. :shrug: I go out of my way to avoid people, because most are so god damn rotten, and then there are those who pretend to be nice to your face and you know and they know that...