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  1. My_Second_Chance

    New Job - Not Impressed!

    I started a new job around ten days ago. My work experience and knowledge comes from mental health background. This new role includes outreach human trafficking. A subject I have zero experience and knowledge on. I took on this new role as it offered better salary than my last job. No weekend...
  2. M

    my situation

    Just to give an update to my current situation. After being discharged from basildon mh assessment unit, despite protests from ,my community team, I was unable to cope with my anxiety, the pacing around my room , sleepless nights began and after 5 days without any sleep, I was approved emergency...
  3. A

    Making a complaint

    I live in 24/7 supported housing. Been struggling lately. I decided I needed to speak to the police for support so mental health matters advised me just to let staff know what I was doing. The staff member I spoke to told me I'd be wasting police time (even though police had given me the...
  4. I

    getting it all out

    Hi I'm so sorry just feel I need to get how I'm feeling all out.i feel so nervous low upset and suicidal.it all started on Wednesday when I had such a bad first day at work than it got worse on Thursday when I. Really how bad my teeth actually are and I felt my dentist felt I was a nuisance and...
  5. D

    Good days and bad days

    This week has been difficult, sometimes I wondered if my job is worth it or my life is worth it. My staff has seen a different side ever since some people left the company and I realised that I was bullied but didn’t realise until they were gone. Ever since they are gone, I seemed happier and...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    read some reviews about my CMHT online

    and they were really bad! people spoke about how badly they were treated ,palmed off ,ignored ,pushed from service to service and left to get on with it alone staff are rude and uncaring-yes i totally agree! x i feel bad for these people but at least it isn't just me x
  7. embleton

    First ever admission to a psychiatric hospital in the late 90s

    I remember my first ever admission to a psychiatric hospital to this day when I had a psychotic manic episode. My thoughts were weird and that made me believe I had some special powers, when I believed I was in a race of multidimensional access entities, that I belonged to, that was in a war...
  8. N

    I hate two faced people.

    I attend a day centre. There is a member of staff who is really bitchy. This is a small NHS day centre and it separate from any other NHS service in town meaning the staff are really close and all friends because they've work with each other all day so there is a lot of banter between themselves...
  9. N

    Supported living. 19 staff have come and gone in 7 years.

    I live in 24/7 staffed supported living like a group home but we have access to our own benefits and we have a tenancy agreement. I get 21 hours support a week but with the other people on the complex in the day their is always 2/3 staff on and one night staff and because we spend a lot of time...
  10. G

    Work sickness

    Hello. I need some advice I’ve been struggling at work for a few month. I’m at a point where I can’t take anymore. I feel I can’t go on sick as this will put pressure on other staff. I’m practically shaking with the thoughts of work tomorrow. Any advice please ?
  11. A

    Just a matter of time

    It's just a matter of time now. I am tired of fighting. I am tired of having to ask for help. It's not fair on you guys. I told my hubby what my urge was and he asked what I can do to help myself. Told me to phone people for support. I debated talking to staff when I returned but I just...
  12. P

    I have regrets and I feel really sad!

    Hi everyone, I tried looking at all the forums to see which one would be best for me to post in. I was thinking a 'general' forum. I don't have any mental health conditions. I have Aspergers. Although I think a person could feel similar to how I feel even if they didn't have Aspergers or...
  13. I


    Hi I'm worried about two things firstly due to bereaving for my baby brother German shepherd I had to cancel all shifts last week at work and I have ley them down badly I just don't think they will offer me any shifts anymore as they haven't for this week and when I was off sick last year and...
  14. N

    More Call for Staff To Be Trained - Funding - over the next few years

    HI all, I hear in the news this week, today, that there are to be more calls for new staff to be trained up to help those, with mental health issues, and that there will be funding to be placed to help them acheive that. Well, I wish this service could have been implented, when I was a client...
  15. naominash

    What would you rate your mental health treatment so far?

    I give mine 8 out of 10. Just now, my treatment team guy was just telling me about how in his training, they said each patient is the expert on their own case. I just thought that was so great. I'm doing advanced directives for my own treatment in case I get sick again. Also, cool. There have...
  16. N

    Do I have justification to be paranoid?

    I think my supported living manager is scheming to get me evicted. She can't do it directly because I have a tendency with a housing association. She only supplies the support. She has made serious allegations about me in the past, she accused me of saying to a member off staff I had been taking...
  17. L

    Could anyone give any advice?

    Heyho, could anyone give advice on how to get released from section? Also I really want to come off meds. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to approach the MH staff with this? Thanks in anticipation xx
  18. Funnyday

    When I was last sectioned

    The last time that I was in Hospital under section. They informed my ex-wife information about my condition. I couldn't believe that they had done this as we are er divorced! The doctor was grinning like an idiot when she told me too. I'm sure that this was done to provoke a reaction from me...
  19. cpuusage

    An introduction to peer-supported open dialogue in mental healthcare

    An introduction to peer-supported open dialogue in mental healthcare | BJPsych Advances SUMMARY "Peer-supported open dialogue is a variant of the ‘open dialogue’ approach that is currently practised in Finland and is being trialled in several countries around the world. The core principle of...
  20. I

    alcohol is only way to cope with living

    Hi ,I'm going backwards,I feel alcohol I'd only way to cope with having to live and I can't stop now I've started.i started again on Tuesday before staff meeting and during staff meeting to give me confidence than again last night than this morning before work.its Sumner hols now but I hide it...