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  1. S

    Do you still experience "cycles" while on a mood stabilizer?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this site. Also, please forgive me for being naive. I know very little about Bipolar Disorders. Short Version (Because I know some people don't have time to read everything): If you are on a mood stabilizer, is it common to still have manic or depressive...
  2. E

    What are mood stabilizers like for you? (valproic acid, depakote)

    Hi! They (my doc and the staff at the center where I'm being treated currently) want to start me off on Depakote. I've always been diagnosed with Depression, but only very recently has the question of Hypomania raised. Beyond seeming to serve as a catalyst into a depressive episode, my alleged...
  3. E

    Hi from Elomen

    Retroactively diagnosed with Disthymia since around age 7. Officially diagnosed with Clinical Depression at 16, after around 3 years of symptoms. Depression runs in the family on my fathers side. Began treatment with different SSRI's, to which I was very reluctant due to my personal views and...
  4. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Strange days

    Ive been having a rather strange time lately. Seeing unicorns, spirally visions, hearing tropical birds where none exist. My doctor prescribed me an additional dose of Haldol but I'm not sure it helps. I think I'm gonna go to the hospital pretty soon and see what they can do for me. I feel so...
  5. T

    Average time for Tegretol/carbamazepine/mood stabilizer to kick in?

    Hi. I have cyclothymia with borderline traces, but no one's sure yet! They say it can take months for a mood stabilizer to kick in properly! Is that so? I know we're all different but what's your experience? I surely haven't been too stable with carbamazepine so far, but I only started it 3...
  6. J

    Is there still any hope left for me?

    I am a 47 year old male. I took lithium 1200 mg/day for 21 years and had to stop "3" years ago due to developing kidney disease. I am still experiencing anxiety, depression and severe mood swings on a daily basis. I am a doctor and yet haven't been able to work or have any relationships with...
  7. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Quetiapine / Seroquel

    How many of you take seroquel? What is your dosage? How long have you taken it? Do you find it helpful? What side effects if any do you have? Do you feel that you are building up a tolerance to it? I take SQ for Schizoaffective Bipolar subtype 400mg (200mg twice daily) I was also taking...
  8. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Response to meds

    I am recently diagnosed with schitzoaffective disorder bipolar subtype. I have been taking seroquel(200mg) and depakote(1000mg) for about a week and a half now. I noticed a drastic decrease in visual hallucinations and lessened voices. Now my voices seem to have returned. Any advice ? How long...
  9. B

    What is your Lamictal dosage?

    Hi everyone, I'm on 100 mg Lamictal daily. We increased the dosage very slowly since I had a skin reaction in my previous try. So far so good. I wonder if 100 mg will be enough as a mood stabilizer. Please do not say "we're not doctors, go ask your pdoc" I know :) Just want to hear from you...
  10. F

    Aripiprazole Mood Stabilizer

    Hello everyone. I saw my psychiatrist today and they prescribed me Aripiprazole as a mood stabilizer. Wondered if any of you are on it or no people who are and how it's working out for u or them? Thank you. :-)
  11. M


    Hi, I know with anti depressants you should never stop them straight away. Is this the case with lamotrigine as well? I know it is used for epilepsy and only works if you take it everyday, so if they stop taking it, would it have any bad withdrawal symptoms? I'm on it for a mood stabilizer my...
  12. M

    Things are better!

    My doc upped my antidepressant and added a new mood stabilizer and I think it's helping. I am usually suicidal and fighting to stay alive. But that weight feels like it's been lifted from me. I know this May not last. I have a long history of meds suddenly failing me. But right now I feel like...
  13. G

    Diagnosis change?

    Iv been being treated for bipolar 2 since December last year. Iv had clear highs and lows and some psychotic features, infact recently my cpn has been discussing changing my banding to a higher band because things seemed more progressive than they initially thought. Anyway there's been a change...
  14. M

    Help stop the mania! Any antipsychotic input?

    My 22 year-old son has schizoaffective disorder and Asperger's. He has been manic for about 3 months now in spite of 3 hospitalizations totaling 35 days. He's been home now for 6 days and it is a mess. He has exposed himself twice at home, he's pacing non-stop, and he has varying levels of...
  15. A

    Seroquel and Bipolar II

    So, my bipolar 2 depression is killing me for 10 years now. I'm now in day 6 of taking generic Seroquel called Quitapex . I started like this : 50,100,200,300,300,300 ... All I feel is my depression is getting darker and I'm getting more isolated and depressed . Is that normal since I'm just in...
  16. prairiechick

    I miss the passion I had for life

    I know I've said it before, so forgive me for saying it again. I just hate how antipsychotics have dulled my brain and my mind. I hate this feeling of living in a fog. I wish there was something that worked for me that's didn't leave me in this dull- minded space. I am sure I eat more...
  17. M

    Worried Relapse Mood Stabilizer

    Hello all again im really worried and its causing me much anxiety at the moment that i can relapse on my mood stabilizer, i take depekote. My care coordinator said that stress and anxiety can cause a relapse. I have very high anxiety so im always worried that bit to much may push me over and i...
  18. J

    Antipsychotic med when I'm stable?

    My old psychiatrist who my insurance no longer covers would never have me on anti-psychotics except when I went off my mood stabilizer, went manic and then had delusions. My new doctor has me on antipsychotics all the time, every day twice a day 365. Is this normal? In my experience I have only...
  19. T

    Antidepressants sending me manic

    Hello all, I am 24 years old and since the age of 14 I have been on and off Antidepressants, Mood Stabilizers and Anti-psychotic medication. Recently I have gone down hill, I have been suffering from really bad depression, Anxiety and paranoia. Every time I have been on an Antidepressant my Dr...
  20. R

    wellbutrin as only treatment for bipolar depression with no spontaneous mania

    wellbutrin as only treatment for bipolar depression with no spontaneous mania i never had spontaneous mania and only hypomania after taking anti-depressants alone with no mood stabilizer. i heard wellbutrin is safe to treat alone for bipolar depression [which is persistent] as an anti...