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  1. C

    medication and mood stabilisers for BPD

    Hi, I was recently diagnosed with strong traits of BPD (?? not sure if this is an official diagnosis) by the community mental health team. I have struggled with a lot of the symptoms of BPD for as long as I can remember. Since the diagnosis I feel like I know myself a lot more, I have been...
  2. N

    Should I start taking my mood stabilisers again. I'm all over the place mentally apparently

    Should I start taking my mood stabilisers again. I'm all over the place mentally apparently I went to see my social worker yesterday who has been working with me for 7 years so knows me really well. He told me something that really throw me off. He said I'm all over the place at the moment one...
  3. J

    Worried my depression maybe BPD

    Hi all, I have suffered 3 bouts of depression over the past 10 years, the first lasting 4 months, the 2nd lasting 6 months, and this time, well it started in November 2015, and I'm still as low as can be most of the time. I have been on fluoxetine , matazapine, along with sleeping tablets...
  4. Poppy12

    WARNING - mood stabilisers and HRT

    From bitter experience I have found that mixing HRT and some mood stabilisers is really dangerous. Despite this being well documented many doctors and other professionals are unaware of this dangerous interaction. I posted my experience just now in the anxiety section -...
  5. C

    Eight things you should know about "mood stabilisers"

    “Mood-stabilizers” is a collective term for a group of drugs used in psychiatry to counteract mood-swings. Patients who experience alternating episodes of extreme elation and deep depression were originally said to be suffering from manic-depression, a relatively rare disorder afflicting about...
  6. Grape

    Do all mood stabilisers make you flat?

    I'm on lamotrigine. Currently still on my anti psychotic until at therapeutic dose. Struggling with flatness. Do all mood stabilisers do this? I've been googling and reading other forums and there are some which say they do, some say they don't, some say it's just anti psychotics, some say...
  7. F

    Antipsychotics, mood stabilisers, and reductions in violence

    Antipsychotics, mood stabilisers, and reductions in violence : The Lancet
  8. F

    Do mood stabilisers treat mood instability?

    Critical psychiatry: Do mood stabilisers treat mood instability?
  9. D


    Hey, I have a long-term problem with being VERY noncompliant with medication, for a number of reasons: mood swings mean I crave hypomania (so I do not take my stabilisers) and I can't take AD's without stabilisers because I get panic attacks/paranoia/dangerously high upswings which mean I stop...
  10. C


    Have had this added today to deal with anxiety but cannot find much info on people with bipolar and on mood stabilisers also taking this as well. Anyone been on it? XXXX
  11. C

    Alternatives to Mood Stabilisers?

    Hi folks. As you know I am seeing pdoc for a looong crisis appointment this week as I am apparently in an acute and dangerous state at the moment. But I have been thinking that I really don't want to play with mood stabilisers any more. I am ultra sensitive to medication and all my...
  12. L

    just diagnosed with BPD

    one hour. that's all it took for a psychiatrist to tell me i have 'depressive disorder and borderline personality disorder'. 8 years i've been feeling this way and he's the first to tell me so. i shouldn't complain, i wanted a diagnosis and now i have one. i was expecting him to slap me on the...
  13. diamondshine

    mood stabilisers?

    What are the criteria for being prescribed mood stabilisers? One of the nurses in the home treatment team asked me last week if I was on mood stabilisers and implied that I would be started on them. Yet more tablets! I read somewhere that if you've had two or more manic episodes (and I assume...
  14. merlin12

    Do i fit here?

    Hi my problem is that among other diagnosis i am told i am Unipolar as i don't get the highs. Just on what passes for an even keel or plunging into the black abyss. So i am not sure if i should be posting here but not sure where else to put this. For the last few months i have mostly been in...
  15. L

    Experiences of mood stabilisers

    I've been on Carbamazapine for a few years now, and it seems to make my higher moods managable at least. Of late it's been bothering me though, the fact that it muddles my thinking somewhat. People think I'm quite intelligent, but I feel stupid. I can't focus to read, and I can't answer quiz...
  16. M

    anyone on antipsychotics...antidepressants and mood stabilisers

    is anyone on antipsychotics...antidepressants and mood stabilisers all togethor and can i increase my antipsychotics to see if they make any difference without seeing my dr...if anyone has the same can thy tell me when is the rite time in day to take them
  17. S

    I don't want to mess up now,.. advice pls

    I'm being super careful with my meds as things have been going so well. Only, have just this minute realised I've run out of my correct dosage of Mood Stabilisers. I do have other tablets (same stabilisers) but in different dosages that are stored away. I can either take 100mg less or 100mg...
  18. F

    Pdoc appt

    Hi, Well, basically, i got patronised and told i only have a mild form of bipolar sparked by antidepressants until i said i've been having these ups and downs since i was 13. So anyway, story is, i have to decide what combo of CBT, mood stabilisers and coming off of anti d's. Totally overlooked...
  19. R

    Alone and Confused

    Hi, I am suffering from severe depression, borderline personality disorder and hear vicious degrading voices constantly. I have been in hospital since march and have recently been discharged from a section. I have taken 4 overdoses since being here(not the nurses fault they are brill but we are...
  20. B

    Anti-Depressants and/or Mood Stabilisers

    How many of us with Bi-polar, Bi-polar 2 in my case, follow treatment regimes that comprise of only of 1 or more mood stabilisers and no mainstream anti-depressants. My pdoc is convinced I am bipolar but my highs seem, few and far between, and even when they do happen they seem mild and self...