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  1. Y

    Views and Experiences on SSRI's please

    Hi, I have GAD and have had for many years. As a lot of you will know, its horrible. I have been prescribed anti depressants in the past but have always been reluctant to take them. A few of the reasons are that I have heard the horror stores about what happens when you try and come off them...
  2. D

    Help with anxiety

    I take ssri medication for depression and do lots of therapy and mindful practices but still have random panic attacks and feelings of general anxiety. What are some options that could help this?
  3. E


    Hey guys, 10 days ago I was started on 20mg of fluoxetine (prozac). I was having severe panic attacks almost daily, sometimes more than once in a day, which was stopping me from attending interviews for a job I desperately need. I feel like I have no control over my life right now and it's not...
  4. S

    How It All Started

    I'm quite distressed right now. Not because of my own mental state, but because of the mental state of someone very close to me. I'm not going to name names here (for privacy reasons of course). I'm certain this posting will get to her at some point. However, I've been quite concerned about...
  5. L

    Antidepressants and s.a.d (particularaly ssri's.)

    Hi there, Firstly, I'm a new member, so hello everyone. I'm a female in my early twenties. I've suffered from SAD for many years now as well as anxiety. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with taking antidepressants for SAD? I had CBT for my anxiety and it really helped, but I...