1. S

    Learned the hard way to not care what others think you..

    I was in a 12 step program called Al-anon, and Co-dependents Anonymous, for relationship problems. Well.. One day i was on the phone telling my Brazilian sponsor, who adopted me as her daughter, how i hated being judged, backstabbed, gossiped and talked about by others. My sponsor (adopted...
  2. B

    Hubby to climb Snowdon-daughter on youtube

    This is my daughter. I'm posting this here as I suffer with depression due to her illness. Hubby is climbing Mount Snowdon this weekend to raise money for Huntington's Disease.Please could you guys sponsor him,however little.It would be very much appreciated,THANKYOU! Please click on...
  3. Prince Buster

    Hello again everybody... please sponsor me!

    Hello to all my old friends on here and anybody who I don't know who happens to be reading this. I have not been around these parts for a while as thankfully things have been going well lately. In fact they have been going so well that I am hoping to return to work soon (and those familiar with...