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  1. R

    First Time Post

    This is the first time I’ve ever posted in a forum like this. I self harmed as a teenager and have recently begun doing it again. This has stemmed from a relationship that I thought was beginning but it now is obvious that there isn’t one. I’ve never spoken to anyone about this but have been...
  2. C

    How can cbt help?

    How can cbt help when there is no thought or feeling attached? When I am effected it's like I'm a tranced observer watching myself on "autopilot", I am dissociated from words spoken and even feelings being expressed. How can changing thought processes help when it's like an unconsious defensive...
  3. K

    Having conversations in my head constantly

    Hi, I hope this is the correct forum to post this in. I'm a 35 year old male who's had history of depression in the past. I've got to the stage where I'm having conversations with people in my head before I've spoken with them, and also afterwards when trying to think if I should have said...
  4. B

    Don't no what to do

    I've lived with my family for 5 years now with my partner her 2 kids I have taken on which I love and my little boy we had together. She took me away on a family holiday of 14 all of her family and decided to break up with me 2 days in. She said she has known for weeks she doesn't love me and...
  5. B

    The thought of going back to work is terrifying

    As a teacher I am coming towards the end of my Easter break and the thought of going back makes my whole body tense. My boss has decided to criticise everything i do to the point of long drawn out emails telling me how useless I am. She compares me to others and comments on how I'm not god...
  6. J

    Help needed

    I am 26 years old, single parent to my 8 year old child. I’ve had various issues growing up, abused by a family member. Grew up watching my dad be violent towards my mother and then to myself and my brother. I moved out when I was 16, pregnant at 17 with a boy who repeatedly had sex with me when...
  7. J

    Struggling with bfs mental health and unwillingness to get help

    Hi, I'm new here but am struggling with my bfs behaviour at the moment. He has depression, self-harms, has suicidal thoughts, is an alcoholic (but denies it even if 'caught in the act' so to speak) but aside from being on low level anti-depressants for the suicidal tenancies, he refuses to...
  8. Zardos

    Losing The Will To Live

    Its official.. i have no one left to talk to.. I'm completely isolated. My son.. Who is the last person in my life.. Is at a wedding tonight.. So hes outta commission.. That leaves nobody in the real world who will talk to me... And the infuriating part is i don't know why this is happening to...
  9. cpuusage

    Poor Treament

    i don't agree with the current mainstream / dominant understanding & approach to psychosis / schizophrenia. i don't agree with a lot of the past 27 years of ways that i have been treated. Surely with what i have spoken out on in my criticism of things, & in of alternatives is Not...
  10. N

    Cant go outside

    i havent stepped outside my house in months, just once every 3 - 4 weeks to drag bin out. i havent spoken in 2 years.
  11. Mind_Games

    Thought insertion???

    Hello, Can anyone please give me any info on what thought insertion feels like? I have bipolar and have been having some psychotic symptoms with it but the last few days I've been having a really weird experience I've never had before. Thoughts appear like lightning in my head but they are not...
  12. G

    Forum Psychosis

    With time the representation of forum posters increases in form. The messages more and more develop the character of spoken words. It is like they are spoken with a certain rhythm, with a certain emotional tone. The posters get physical characteristics like body shape and hair colour...
  13. R

    My friend can't even talk he is so anxiety ridden

    I just wondered on here if anyone here has experienced anxiety quite as bad as this. I have a long standing friend of ten to twelve years. He is a bit older than me. He is 48. He has had bouts of depression over the years but never anything majorly serious. He been on antidepressants most of...
  14. Hayyyleyyy

    Is anyone about?

    Had another horrible evening, I cant keep asking, I'm dying to go through with it, but something inside me will not stop trying to get help :@ I sh* and ended up in A+E because I over did it, the usual patch up and sent home, they dont even bother with the crisis team anymore, I left feeling...
  15. J

    Feeling blue again...

    Feeling teary and low again this evening. Not sure why, feeling lonely I suppose. Spoke to my brother who lives abroad, first time we have spoken since dec. Don't speak much to my other brother, spoken once in last year. My best mate has moved abroad, feeling sorry for myself I suppose. I can't...
  16. A

    Hi - hoping for advice for my son please :)

    Hi, I'm new here and not sure which forum to post this in. I'm hoping for advice about my son, who's been a recluse in his bedroom - like the Japanese "hikikomori" - since he was 15 (he's just turned 24). He hasn't spoken to me in all that time. We have had various organisations involved but...
  17. M

    anyone around?

    Hi, hubby's gone out for the evening straight from work, been home all day by myself and will be most of the evening. Only person I've spoken to today is the nurse. Somebody talk to me! About anything! Maddy
  18. keepsafe

    Trigger Please talk

    Help me anybody, I am going through hell here! I;m on the verge - I donlt want to ring NHS DIRECT I have spoken to samaritans, the truth is I am never going to get any better
  19. H

    Confused! Don't they believe me?

    Hi Would really like a bit of reassurance I suppose. Have recently been diagnosed bipolar by GP have started to take Sodium Volporate which seems to help stop the totally off the scale moments like screaming shouting throwing things then going out at 2am without shoes (I think - can't really...