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  1. A

    What is wrong with me?

    I am a freshman in college, and I find myself not really wanting to make any friends. I feel like I get irrationally mad people. In high school I was happy and had a lot of friends, and a drinking problem. Drinking and driving every weekend. Up here in duluth, I have no friends from back home...
  2. Poppy12

    Its my birthday today

    and I'm 49! A friend is coming over for lunch a bit later then I'm going for a pizza with my boyfriend tonight. I love my birthday, I'm like a big kid! Had some flowers, a Jamie Oliver recipe book, some adult colouring books and multi-coloured pens so I've been spoiled rotten already hahaha!
  3. S

    Does my second cousin suffers from personality disorder / mental illness?

    Does my second cousin suffers from personality disorder / mental illness? It all started during a Monster High-themed birthday party for my 10 year old first cousin. My first cousin asked me to play with her at the inflable castle, I said no because 1) I was 23 years old and 2) I was too tired...
  4. C

    Am I just having a high pride or my guardians has their faults too.

    I was raised by my grandmother throughout my child hood as a prince like I don't have work to do. I must admit my fault either, yes I don't know any work as a child because I was raised as a prince you know, a bit spoiled but not a spoiled brat. But now that I'm matured, I'd say that I came out...
  5. WigglyOwl

    Happy Birthday Jaxie

    Hope you have a great day today and get spoiled. Same to anyone else who's day it is, but i only know about Jaxie's. x
  6. I

    where to post- what kind of mental illness- sorry long

    Sorry this is long- I have a 34 y/o daughter- I raised her as a single mom, with an ex-husband who tried to punish me any way he could- by paying minimum child support, by threatening me, by harrassing me with hang-up phone calls every morning at 4-5am. My daughter has lied, stolen $25,000, lied...