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  1. T

    Fracking & Spiritual/Metaphysical Consequences

    Prefice: This post includes concepts and ideas around spiritual beliefs that do not necessarily conform to certain religious dogma. The opinions and thoughts expressed below are not meant to offend anyone with differing spiritual or religious beliefs. The post is not intended to persuade...
  2. J

    Hearing voices

    I’m wondering if anyone has heard voices like this. I was deep into spirituality and a little bit of Christianity before I started hearing voices. I used to read all about lucid dreaming and out of body experiences before I started having my own. I stay away from all of it now except for the...
  3. B


    I am a clergy member struggling with depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, and addiction. I am here seeking more or less anonymous support through my journey of spiritual and psychological healing.
  4. L

    Spirits keep on having sex with me

    Spirits keep having sex with me. They said they can control my arms and legs. I've orgasmed multiple times so I must enjoy it sometimes but other times it pisses me off because I'm not in the mood or they are just totally inconveinent! Does anyone else experiance something similar?
  5. N

    Beating the voices!

    Hi Folks, I just wanted to share with you something that I have just done and it's almost silenced the voices I've been getting for the last 6 to 7 years. The voices I've had have been very negative, threatening and everything they have ever said has been a lie! I have never been to a doctor...
  6. D

    Hello nice to be here, have issues with seeing spirits and having Bipol

    Hello nice to be here, have issues with seeing spirits and having Bipol I had a spiritual experience that was very profound in 2011 and it was very hard for me to deal with so I isolated myself I have been seeing spirits for 2 years and have also felt a ghostly feeling as well. Has anyone...
  7. shaky

    Pilgrimage? What pilgrimage?

    Years ago I was 'called' by a spirit to go on a pilgrimage. But I put it off year after year But this year I decided to do it. So I booked two weeks holiday and prepared to start today. Spiritual work is different from normal work, it has different rules. I asked the spirits about the...
  8. M

    My mind - Complex, intellectual and multi-dimensional.

    I'm asking a question, based upon my sanity. Going back to the early stages of my life (which I can remember very early on) I have been different - I have never been in tune with my peers, although I was accepted into groups and lived a relatively normal first stage of child hood. I was...
  9. A

    How do you fit spirituality into your life?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a way to integrate spirituality into my life, but I'm not sure how. I am as they say a total "noob", not having grown up with religion nor knowing too much about it really. Is there anyone else here who started at 0, but has found a way to practice spirituality...
  10. R

    Just been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder

    Hi, I have just been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder but from Oct last year to January this year I heard voices continuous for that time. I spoke to God, ghosts who I had to change their codes so they wouldn't haunt my house or rape when they take over people. Animal spirits so they...
  11. shaky

    A spiritual Day

    Today was a holiday from my cleaning job so that I could go to a meeting about a workshop that I (and my sometimes director L___) are going to do. So I didn't have the radio alarm on this morning. I managed to avoid watching the news (just caught the weather) It was necessary that I have a bath...
  12. R

    Sexual abuse by ghost

    The male spirit with the lump on his tummy keeps spunking up in my mouth over and over again. He has raped me. Has anyone else ever been sexually abused by spirits in their body?
  13. S

    Legendary creatures from Japan

    It's a long list, but it's interesting: List of legendary creatures from Japan - Wikipedia What sort of spirits do you know about and which culture do they come from?
  14. M

    Positive emotions are a spiritual sense

    I am going to give a divine and spiritual analogy to make my point clear. Just go with this analogy anyway. If you are a naturalist who does not believe in anything paranormal, then this analogy can be changed up a bit in your mind to suit a purely naturalistic universe. First off, before I...
  15. cpuusage

    The National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum (UK)

    The National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum (UK) An interesting organisation from the UK who are focused on brining an awareness of the spiritual into mental health understandings & approaches. i feel that this is an important area - The National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum...
  16. cpuusage

    Universal, non-dual, unitive spiritual understanding & practise

    imo - All religious traditions / spiritual systems are forms - Fingers pointing to the moon. There is a thread of truth within everything. The perennial philosophy is very well established. Truth is Universal. i would far rather look for all the similarities than differences - the wholeness...
  17. cpuusage

    Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology Vol. 5 No. 1 Summer 2017

    Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology Vol. 5 No. 1 Summer 2017 Looks like an interesting issue / publication - can be read / downloaded here - Exploring the relationships between non ordinary states / unusual experiences & spirituality. Journal of Exceptional Experiences and...
  18. valleygirl

    To Someone I Used to Respect and Admire

    You totally fucked with me, man. I admired you, respected you, looked up to you. But you, as a priest, spent 5 years deceiving me about who you are. You were so kind and compassionate and caring. You were like a dad to me. But for 5 years or more you were pretending to be someone you...
  19. cpuusage

    The Matrix Control System & The Path Towards Awakening

    Explanation of Video / Link - Some (Not all) of what comes under psychosis / schizophrenia, is imo crossing over within the realms of non-ordinary states that cover the Shamanic, Mystic, & spiritual crisis / emergency - spiritual Awakening. i have been following this Authors work (web site &...
  20. cpuusage

    Katie Mottram on Spirituality and Mental Distress

    i like Katie Mottram. An interview with her here on the subject of spirituality & mental distress - Katie Mottram on Spirituality and Mental Distress | Psychology Today