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  1. C

    F**** spiders!

    September is truly the worst month of the year for me... I just had a giant house spider under my quilt ffs, I tried to squish it but it just jumped off my bed and went under the bed and now I can’t find the bloody thing... I HATE autumn spiders... coz it rings out the teganariea gigantia...
  2. M

    You and animals

    I myself am an absolute fan of animals. I like about all animals, but more those that aren't human like at all. I have 2 cats, and fish including 3 upside down catfish. I like cats, spiders and snakes. Cats mostly because I grew up with a cat thats basically still very attracted to me and mews...
  3. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Does anyone else see tiny mechanical spiders?

    I see mechanical spiders that crawl down my arm into my food. They look like the hand of the "other mother" in the movie coralline. I know many people would argue that its triggered from the film. I just saw the film a month or two ago. Ive been seeing these mechanical spiders for many years now.
  4. C

    Hallucinations at night time

    Hello all this is my first post here. I have generalised anxiety disorder and an unhealthy fear of having a heart attack. I have never slept well, even as a child, but recently I will wake up and see people walking around my room or will see objects rotating and going flying and people walking...
  5. C

    Am I too anxious? Is it anxiety?

    Hi, I have always been a fairly anxious person but i never considered it that bad or a problem but people in my life say i'm extremely anxious. I cant actually tell when i'm anxious anymore its so normal but lately it has escalated and my family and my school councillor and my teachers are...
  6. A


    Hello, this is my first post. So, right into it. I am arachnophobic. I'm scared of spiders. I need some solid advice. NOTE: If I look at a picture of a spider, I feel both MENTAL AND PHYSICAL fear. A shock of fear to be exact. This is one of the reasons I avoid the therapist. I know what they're...
  7. Tired Daisy

    Gonna be sleeping rough tonight

    I know that this sounds crazy but I've found 5 freaky massive spiders. I hate spiders I just spent the last 2 hours freaking out, there so creepy and move so fast I don't wanna sleep in my house tonight and will be sleeping rough if I can't find somewhere else to sleep for tonight. My support...
  8. T

    Reality Check: Spiders

    Hello, Does anyone know if spiders can swarm over Hills in England in the warmer weather? I am specifically talking about Harvestman Spiders. ( just looked it up online ) They blended in with the grass so the only way you could see them is because they were moving. The hills were absolutely...
  9. M


    I keep seeing giant spiders on all the walls
  10. A

    My thoughts on what could possibly be the truth about schizophrenia

    The world is not completely physical, and many different dimensions exist. These dimensions have spirits living within them, possibly of those from this world who have passed and perhaps other worlds or even galaxies. Some of these beings may have even been created by us, when we create movies...
  11. S

    Good Spider Season Predicted

    BBC News - 'Good spider season' predicted by experts 'Good spider season' predicted by experts Experts have said people can expect to see more spiders in their homes than usual this autumn. Professor Adam Hart, from the University of Gloucestershire, said he expected a "good spider season"...
  12. A

    How can I get through this psychotic episode?

    I REALLY need some help. It started 2 days ago when I started seeing people as cartoon characters and everything else around me was made of paper. I also saw a giant spider on bedroom wall. Today has been worse. I have been seeing spiders again. I am dead paranoid that someone is going to come...
  13. loulabelle

    Am i hallucinating??

    The last few days i keep seeing things usually out the corner of my eye like spiders even though there not there and the curtains moving yet when i look again the curtains are not moving. Im petrified of spiders as it is and now im seeing them everywhere im scared of my own shadow. Im not...
  14. D

    arachnophobia preventing me from sleeping

    I have always been very phobic of spiders particularly the way they look to the extent that I find the image of a spider equally repulsive to an actual spider in fact a large image is more upsetting than a small spider (I live in england so don't encounter large spiders often). recently I have...
  15. mygirl1uk

    Ahh Spiders

    All i can see is spiders running across the floor, quite irritating really. And i an hear ppl having a conversation, near where im sitting, i have not experienced this before, what could it be?
  16. M

    sharing time/taking forever to switch

    I feel like I'm 2 people. A 6 year old and me. Only I don't know who me is. We feel very sad. She wants m**my. I don't. I don't have one of those. If I could be anywhere in the world, I would be in a cave. Curled up in the dark. All the way in the back where no one could see me. I'm not scared...
  17. rattusrattus


    I just had a horrific experience! I live in Tasmania, Australia. In winter, we don't get many spiders. In summer ... the huntsmans start coming out. This year they are early >_< This was a relatively successful experience, in the past I have slept outside because there was a huntsman in my...
  18. Lola25

    Most stupid post ever?

    I feel really stupid for posting this but I don't know what else to do. I don't post on here that often, mainly because I suffer with M.E (as well as a variety of mental health problems) so I get very tired. Anyway, I haven't slept properly for over a month and I finally feel I can sleep tonight...
  19. N

    Is there really anything you can do about a specific phobia?

    I am terrified of spiders, I never talk to my doctor about it because it just sounds stupid when I say it. I mean how many people out there actually like those things. However I am truly irrationally terrified of them. I rent a room out in house and I saw one in the silverware drawer about 2...
  20. bubbling under

    keep seeing spiders running up my walls

    can someone tell me why again.....i don't know.