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  1. C

    New Here, Please Help Me!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping someone can help me. I suffer from OCD more precisely OCD related with cleaning, never was in medication and been going through it for years, some periods better than other but this has been a constant in my life since the beginning of my...
  2. mrlaurel

    true friends...........

    its a funny world ay... someone off here, and you know who you are :thumbsup: has just made me feel so special with such a kind gesture.. you know, life ain't so bad after all.. martin
  3. Sally Cinamon

    Am I manic? Video..

    Nothing partcularly special or deep, but special in a frank refreshing way. Outlines the impotance of friends, and draws from importance individual experiences.
  4. A

    A Special Message for Families and Friends of Someone Diagnosed as Having Schizophrenia

    A Special Message for Families and Friends of Someone Diagnosed as Having Schizophrenia http://www.successfulschizophrenia.org/articles/message.html
  5. Jennya

    hello im new and want to say hello to everyone and introduce myself a bit!

    hello im new and want to say hello to everyone and introduce myself a bit! hello, im jenny im 30 and was diagnosed as bipolar on friday so very recently, i live in nottinghamshire and have a 5yr old son with special needs. id love to be able to chat to other people with bipolar
  6. D

    agreeing to disagree

    I think all the members here are very brave and special, each an island of uniqueness and heavy burdens , but we all support each other, no matter what, we are a family of diverse people and opinions ? I support you all and hope I will always do so, this is a special place, you get solace and...
  7. D

    cost gutting ??

    Officials at the Department for Work and Pensions have bought 23,381 office chairs in the past three years. The dearest was a special one designed for people weighing up to 43 stone and costing £2,258. Three other workers in the department in charge of state handouts are sitting on chairs that...
  8. C

    Downward Spiral

    I'm not happy, concerned about my health (mental & physical), Unable to form a relationship. I've always been the guy who never get's the girl or the job. I'm a "nice bloke" but I don't know how to get what I want. My Marriage broke up in 2004 after 15 years and then I was retrenched (made...
  9. J

    Something my boyfriend just wrote for me...

    i dont care what any1 has to say im happy this way, im happy with what im doing today im happy that i met this girl a month before may an that we laugh an lay, while her son goes out an plays in the sunrays. theres no delays, this isnt jus a little phase this is were im gonna stay, ill make her...
  10. L

    New and dx with peudoseziures

    or psygenic seziures. I havew having several a day. I eye blink very rapidly and go unresponsive. they can last a while up to 6 to 10 minutes unless some pinches me. I even had one walking hone from the store by my self and feel in the street with no memeory of any thing all on. I am...
  11. G

    Hiya, Im new.

    Hello everyone, its my first time on any forum etc. Hopefully I can start to realise I'm not that special and agoraphobia can and does effect others :blush:
  12. I

    stop and listen

    Hello everyone... gosh!!!!...why?... do you all have to bicker... ''''''i wrote this'''''....''''she wrote this'''''.... '''''prove this''''''....''''and''''.... ''''this was written'''''' why?.... dont you all... listen... you are all gifted... you know what sits right... and... what sits...
  13. P

    SSRI Caused mania - But am I bipolar?

    I have a dx of cyclothymia, when i got this dx i promptly stopped with the NHS and moved to a different country. While i was on citalopram/celexa, i experienced some heavy mixed and a manic episode. during my manic phase, i was hallucinating heavily, i had a divine experience. I was seeing...