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  1. E

    Wife has changed personality dramatically overnight

    Hello, I'm really worried that my wife may have had or does have PND or some other depression - and is medicating with drink and cocaine at weekends. I've NEVER used drugs. We have a 21 month old son (our first and planned) and bought our dream home nine months ago. We are the most tactile...
  2. tabbykitten

    Panic attacks

    And how. Had some really bad ones last night:panic: reason? stupid idiot of a neighbour, means well, but doesn't understand. She was trying to persuade me to go on a cruise as I would love it apparently. All sorts of things laid on for folks holidaying alone, social events and special groups...
  3. Lincoln1990

    How can I tell?

    How can I tell if a headache is just a headache or if one of them wants out? I get headaches quite frequently but I can't ever tell if it's because one of the alters wants out or if it's just a headache. Like right now I have a horrible headache and have had all day that I can remember. I've...
  4. A

    I'm NOT manic

    My sister thinks I'm going manic. A volunteer in the charity I attend was "concerned" and contacted the mental health clinic on friday and they've made an appointment for me on monday. Its pretty much all because I'm jittery and not sleeping and not eating and "self" harming and cos I've made a...
  5. Reach

    If life gets back to normal, then it never happened

    Letting myself feel good, be normal, go to the gym, go to work, get back to normal, be okay, that means it didn't happen. I don't know how to live normallly like everyone else, and still have this thing, this disorder and the nightmare experience that came along for the ride. I don't know how to...
  6. pkeegs

    Special needs along with bipolar.

    So, I went to my doctor the other day and described the symptoms I've been having lately, some of which are old and some of which appeared after my first episode. The old symptoms include not being able to understand what one person in a conversation is saying before the next person starts...
  7. T

    fao Calypso

    I just wanted to say I'm thinking of you, and will be all the more next week. Hope you're holding up ok. Take extra special care of yourself. Xxxxx
  8. N

    step son with comlizon disorder

    now my step son ( sorry can not spell the term used) has a comlison disorder means hes lost a load of genes ( in 1000,s) and gained a load in other places as well as sensory issues i,e doses not like touch of any fashion , so no technical term /label , now he gos to a special need school...
  9. magic touch

    :) :) :) :) Please help

    I have once again been lifted from my darkness , after feeling so low and really quite awful , the community and care which I have found here has been fantastic . I really did feel that trust and love etc was for other people and that I was doomed to be just left alone to fend for myself once...
  10. Sunshine & Showers

    Days like today is what makes it hard to stay sober!

    Its moments like these when i just wanna give up because I don't feel like I'm worth anything or special to anyone.:(
  11. C

    Feeling like I don't matter.

    Hey everyone. This is my first post and I just need to vent and I need some advice if possible. Just a little background before I get into my story--I am 20 years old and I have ADD which I take Vyvanse for, and I was prescribed Prozac for depression back when I was 18 but I stopped taking it...
  12. bobshocker

    shock, horror

    I ain't that bad. I fucking know I sound bad. I ain't. I love people, but? I fucking love us, I love the people that been treated badly. Reading my posts? ya might be thinking I'm a sexist bastard. But? despite what you think? I ain't. Yaknow I started work in the late 80's, with a group...
  13. I


    Hi all I thought this was probably the best part of the site to post. I was diagnosed with bpd at the age of 18 im 24 now. I've been regularly seeing the psych I was assessed by her told her what im struggling with. I have aliens communicating with me usually through the radio in between words...
  14. M

    *Trigger Warning* My whole world has changed-deaths in my family

    I'm writing this because today is my brother's birthday and I am feeling very sad. My brother committed suicide when I was about 18. He's been gone for so long now. But it makes me sad that he went that way. And last year my father committed suicide, which makes two people in my family that...
  15. C

    Special Diet

    Being on social assistance one of my friends was mentioning to apply for special diet. Are you able to get the special diet benefits for a mood disorder? Would prefer if there was a Canadian on here that could shed insight if not it's all good. Later gators.
  16. ABsea

    I'm not special to anyone

    I feel like a burden. They're only being nice because they feel obligated.. Maybe I think no one cares because I don't know how to care anymore. Did I ever even care? I can't remember. I don't know how to act anymore. Its just another day today. Nothing special, nothing to celebrate nothing...
  17. J

    dont want to see 2012 - Trigger Warning

    I have so much going on in january. I think I will end up crashing badly and I dont want to keep going on fighting. I do know I only have tonight and tomorrow night to get out of this world and be at peace with someone very special to me. All I keep thinking is dying. I dont want to see...
  18. J

    Psychosis - The Ultimate Ego Trip?

    I'm not saying this is valid for everyones psychosis, but its kind of put mine into perspective. The insight into what was going on comes out of a conversation with a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner friend of mine that started to break down my delusional architecture. In some ways I feel I fed...
  19. bluevelvetcake

    Hi y'all

    Hi, everyone. I'm obviously new here. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post here, since I do not have a current diagnosis but after browsing through several forums over the past weeks I feel this site most matches my personality and the kind of support I need. I hope you all don't mind :) I'm...
  20. BillFish

    Special dad

    Watched this episode with my son this morning, at one point they put a sign outside peters house saying "Special dad" I told my son I consider myself a special dad but he did'nt get the joke.