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  1. F

    What's happening in your reality?

    A man is after me with a gun. he's not mad, he's got the devil in him. I made it home but the birds in the trees are going to give away my location with special noises they make.
  2. R

    what is wrong with me?!

    i have been diagnosed with depresion when i was 15 or 16 but then it got better for a while because i was not thinking about it i think other symptoms started when i was 17 or 16 and a half i started seeing people but i didn't think it was weird i told my sisters and my mother they would not...
  3. J

    Possible help with depression/relationship issues???

    Hey everybody, this may be a topic people think will be a minuscule problem but I was hoping for advice from people who understand. Sorry if long but I'll try to keep it easy to read. I have had depression/anxiety for years. I've also been in a complete crap relationship years ago too. I'm now...
  4. A

    Can someone help me please, I am so scared I feel sick I don't know what to do!

    Can someone help me please, I am so scared I feel sick I don't know what to do! Long story short really, was on the bus yesterday, mother asked woman sitting in priority seat near wheelchair/pram area, if she could switch seats with her, so she could sit next to my two year old sibling (in...
  5. O


    when I was 15 years old I had a total breakdown or as I like to say I snapped. locked away for 14 days I thought I was evil. but once I was out and on the right meds I learned how blessed I was I have people in my head. good people. I see them in my head in the stars.and when I listen to music...
  6. I

    Read This!!

    i dont know if you ever heard this i have ocd but not from the usual things you always hear i have a big ocd and a big big big fear that i will lose my mind. i'm a funny person that laugh a lot (even i'm not happy) also i dont act like other people always i'm special even in my clothes style...
  7. Davey Blueeyes

    I'm sorry if I worried anyone

    I have been poorly and I needed to split, for all the wrong reasons. However getting a special message shows me how lovely we all are here. I wish we could all go live on an island somewhere and look after each other, I love everyone on here, especially those that came looking for me while I...
  8. G

    Mental health TV - Sat 3/1/2015 - Fri 9/1/2015

    One from Conscious TV; Adrian Rides and John Flaherty - 'Addiction and Awakening' - Interview by Iain McNay John is author of the book, 'Addiction Unplugged - How To Be Free' and has worked in the field of addiction for 25 years. He was previously a Catholic Priest but left when he was 35...
  9. M

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I hope and pray you all have a lovely Christmas and I'm sending special hugs to those who are alone or who struggle to get through the holidays. Love to all!
  10. cpuusage

    Trauma & the Two Worlds

    https://www.psychopathfree.com/content.php?152-Trauma-the-Two-Worlds Those who have encountered a psychopath, sociopath, or narcissist often feel as if they have been touched by pure evil—haunted by a constant anxiety, self-doubt, and lingering darkness that can't quite be explained. It feels...
  11. SarahD

    I feel lost without my Mum

    My mother died three and a half years ago. I was her carer for 12 years. I miss her so much. I was very lucky to have her so long, lots of people lose their parents at a young age. I feel like I should be able to think about the positive things, the things we shared together, how lucky I was to...
  12. N

    On realising I'm a narcissist...

    I've had a weird year. A painful but incredibly revealing year. I've just had a therapy session in which I admitted something I've been secretly thinking for a while...deep inside, I'm narcissistic. It's something no therapist has ever pointed out, and something I would never have admitted...
  13. calypso

    Me again - can you sign a petition - Please!

    Hiya, as some may have seen before, we in Lancaster are fighting against the closure of female beds in Lancaster Psychiatric Hospital. We are told its temporary, but in fact its till at least March 2015 and longer if the second unit in Blackpool (nearly 60 miles away) is not completed by then...
  14. Voytek

    Is recovery after 7 months psychosis possible?

    Hello, my name is Voytek. I`m new here. :) Sorry for my awful english in advance. :mrgreen: I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and I was taking clozapine about 1 years and when I stoped taking this medicament too quickly, I felt into psychosis for about 7 months and no medication could...
  15. seastar

    its my 21st birthday today

    I had an exam. A few friends wished me a happy birthday, and my family was great and we had dinner together. But I can't help but feel like crying. My boyfriend sent me a message saying "happy birthday beautiful" at midnight and I got it when I woke up. We're in a long distance relationship...
  16. B

    my story of psychotic depression

    what ruined my life was child psychiatrists misdiagnosing me at a very young age. when I was a kid I had problems with shyness growing up in near poverty. I grew up with a immigrant single parent and because i had extreme shyness people really couldn't help me properly. they put me in special...
  17. Grape

    I wanted to be something special

    A dancer singer or musician. I had fantasies of dancing and spinning in front of certain people. Of being admired. Distinctly average though. Creative yes. Empathic yes. Caring yes. Thoughful yes. Just feeling nothing special. Feeling fat due to anti psychotics. Feeling ugly due to ageing...
  18. cpuusage

    The life and work of Dr. Anthony Stevens - Dr. Anthony Stevens at 80.

    The life and work of Dr. Anthony Stevens - Dr. Anthony Stevens at 80. - YouTube Published on 8 Jun 2013 The C.G. Jung Foundation presents: "The Jungian as Scientist and Humanist: A Special Day Honoring Anthony Stevens" . A 50-minute film about the life and work of Dr. Anthony Stevens.
  19. E

    Voice Hearing Poetry

    Here are some poems about voice hearing. The poems are based on religious songs which I have taken and reorganized the grammar and chosen new words related to voice hearing, so that they become something new. I have both positive and negative voice experiences, so some of the poems will reflect...
  20. I'm Kate

    Guilt - struggling with it :-(

    Mmm, feeling pretty bleugh today. I have my old CPN stepping in this fortnight whilst my usual CPN is on holiday and I've been told that I can email her. I haven't really needed to all week so why is it that my bleugh feeling comes just as the CMHT closes for the week? I might email her later...