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  1. NicoretteGummed

    Prejudice & Favouritism In the MH System

    This is something that's still a huge issue for me. Many times I've heard staff talk about Patients who have Bi-Polar like they are extremely special (even when they've done terrible things). Bi-Polar's will always deny it but they get the best deal by far in the MH System.
  2. S

    cognative impairment, any one have one? this is serious, please help,

    Child of the 70s, I have personality disorder, caused by the education system as a child, ie the special school, before that a birth disability, ie brain injury, I just didn't know as a child, unfortunately the psychologist planed my life for me, because of the abuse in special school, mental...
  3. A

    I need to vent with someone

    Hey everyone! I was always a confident woman, never had major problems with relationships and I always thought I was in control over things. Until I met this guy. I completely fell in love with him, I never felt that kind of strong connection with anyone before and he made everything between us...
  4. colouringrainbows


    Hi there, I put my thread in this catorgory but I know this is not the case but I know people will automatically say it is a psychosis problem. But I put it here so I can get advice from other people who are in the same situation as me & has ways to prove I am not psychotic. So since early...
  5. C

    friendships: being taken advantage of

    how can you really know and tell when friends are using you or just keep you as their friend for the sake of it? I've always been that person people can easily take advantage of, I mean I'm overly shy, emotional and naive with every friendship I've ever had I've felt used, when I leave it's as...
  6. mami5

    Not Safe

    I don't feel safe in the house. I am so, so scared. He's coming for me. He wants me to hurt me. He's the devil. He has special powers. I don't. I'm nobody. I have to obey.

    Special afterlife books

    This is one thing I am looking forward to - after death. Exploring the great libraries and study areas. We will find out the true history of mankind and the true motives. Essential to learning about ourselves, and for preparation for our next life. 'In the afterlife we will have access to...
  8. cpuusage

    The National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum (UK)

    The National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum (UK) An interesting organisation from the UK who are focused on brining an awareness of the spiritual into mental health understandings & approaches. i feel that this is an important area - The National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum...
  9. cpuusage

    Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health

    Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health Special Rapporteur on the right of...
  10. F

    Obsessions vs special interests

    I wonder what the difference,if there is one, is. I don't think mine would count as special interests but do think they affect my functioning as I can become fixated on them to the neglect of other things . Pre internet: Making cassette tapes by artist/genre/year etc. Writing lists of songs by...
  11. Kerome

    Osho leaving his body, 26th anniversary

    My father actually pointed out to me that it was the anniversary of Osho's death on the 19th of January. The last few days I've felt strongly connected to Osho, things have been coming up in my meditations which show the signs that Osho has left in us, and so I decided to revisit some of the...
  12. Casting Harbor

    I Desperately Need to Rant. Support and Advice Would Be Helpful.

    So, I'm alone at home all day every day because I just cannot seem to hold down a job. Which leads to me piecing together ongoing and endless moments of contemplating my death and a bunch of other pessimistic ideas. I admit, I'm a boring person. I have nothing going for me. I don't have a...
  13. T

    Anyone else been told they have special powers?

    Hello, so now my voices are telling me I've got special powers. They have changed over the past day or two. I mentioned in another post that I apologised to bullies in work for reporting them for bullying me and the voices have gone down a bit. But they have also changed their tone and now they...
  14. P

    So who's gettin it this halloween?

    A special special night i guess. I wonder who's fucking getting it this halloween? Some killed and some tortured. Who makes a good target would you say? What are you guys going for anyway? All that i know is someone is fucking going to get it as usual just as i did. Watch out during...
  15. P


    Better check the time, oh it's 6:16 again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQkW3rerjoc I still have no idea what a 13 means to these people. It's always 1:44 as well, i still have no idea what the fuck this means to them. And why follow a guy around and make him look at these times over and...
  16. K

    not special to (almost) anyone

    I have a spouse and children who love me, which makes me luckier than many. However, my kids are grown, and my spouse can't (and shouldn't) be my whole world. I'm one of those people who doesn't make friends easily. Most people don't actively dislike or avoid me. I'm not particularly...
  17. Binca

    Tying up loose ends

    I feel so detached from the world. I am literally beyond repair and have known this for a couple of years now. It sounds bizarre to some people but very natural to me considering all I have been through. A person close to me, that I cannot get rid of and don't want to, has today verbally...
  18. Kerome

    Why self-compassion works better than self-esteem

    In 1986, California state assemblyman John Vasconcellos came up with what he believed could be “a vaccine for major social ills” like teen pregnancy and drug abuse: a special task-force to promote self-esteem among Californians. The effort folded three years later, and was widely considered not...
  19. F

    Not Yet Kicked: The Consequences of Big Tobacco’s Targeting of Mentally Ill People

    Not Yet Kicked: The Consequences of Big Tobacco’s Targeting of Mentally Ill People Talk about crazy: Even after the tobacco industry was cornered into revealing in 2007 that it had targeted mentally ill people for decades with fake science and free cigarettes, the puffing continued apace. Some...
  20. T

    My mother has cancer... ;(

    I've had this gut feeling that something was wrong with my mother since she started having problems with one of her eyes. I thought that it could be cancer without knowing about symptoms of the disease at all. But today my gut feeling got stronger because she wanted me to take a day off from...