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  1. Devilyn


    Hi, so basically I joined up because sometimes I feel speaking to others who also live with mental health problems is far easier then speaking to those who don’t necessarily have any experience with mental health problems. So Hi I’m Devilyn and maybe I’ll speak with a few of you soon. I have...
  2. T


    I have been suffering with anxiety and stress. I transitioned to.job. I work for the NHS and my actual job was moved over to another hospital in the same Trust. A few changes; one it's further away fm my home, my boss is a very aggressive lady and the job is a little different. She has triggered...
  3. B

    Mental Health/Split Personality

    Hi (new to the forum), I just wanted to see if maybe anyone has experienced what i have and has any solutions to help out. My partner has suffered with mental health since i met her 2 and a half years ago. Since then we've brought a house together, had a baby and spend 24/7 with each other...
  4. A

    Conversing with my voices.

    For a long time I tried just ignoring what I was hearing, but this ended up getting very stressful. It's constant, whilst I'm at home at least, and so the other day I just started talking back. At first it was just angry horrible stuff, being nasty back to them...which was cathartic for bit...
  5. P

    urge to self-harm

    getting the urge to self-harm again.. seen a cpn for 2 years then eventually passed too a phsyc nurse trouble is im feeling the need to go in with wounds. dont feel i can get my issues out when speaking :unsure::unsure:
  6. M

    The big crap is speaking

    Just because you are paranoid don't mean they are not after you 😇😇😇
  7. S


    my mum just said .. i inflict my mental illness upon her .. i reacted to her in upset , i closed my door a little loudly and she tells me to stop it i then get wound up with her and tells her she is analysing me , she said i was shouting downstairs.. i wasn't shouting i was just speaking to...
  8. Mr.NiceGuy

    childbirth from necessity to privilege

    Maybe its appropriate to infinity that we change once from having children as a neccesity to it being a privilege. I think this will change voices and possibly spirits with identity way of speaking to those who hear voices. There understanding of what they are will lead them to be more at your...
  9. L


    What kind of help is there for people feeling suicidal? I need to talk about it but to be honest I have trouble speaking in person or on the phone. Is there any sites specifically made for it?
  10. F

    A question for the non/self diagnosed

    Do you ever consider you may be selectively looking for facts to prove ASD/NVLD to yourself, and ignoring contrary evidence ? I do wonder,personally speaking, whether it's about the need to find something that explains how and who you are.
  11. Mr.NiceGuy

    when other people say things through the space heater and I think its MY thought

    when other people say things through the space heater and I think its MY thought I think I ve noticed the phenomenon of when making voluntary voices or bird chirping, like I posted about earlier, around other people or into a space heater is that your brain involuntarily absorbs the noises that...
  12. H

    Paranoid in my relationship?

    I am literally at breaking point, So I've only been with my boyfriend for 5 months or so but we've already had so many ups and downs, more downs then up. I've had a few bad relationships in the past and almost always been cheated on/lied to or dropped for someone else. One of which chose to...
  13. D


    Iv been with my boyfriend for 6 months nearly have a year im getting to parnoid lately over thinking if he is going to cheat on me and hurt me iv tried explaining why i really love him and do care about him alot i cant go without on day worrying who he is speaking to keep seeing who he is...
  14. P


    Gaslighting is a term which describes a situation where a person tries to ridicule or gain power over another person by telling others that they are crazy, or else trying to convince someone that they are mentally ill by denying that person'r reality. It's a common form of control and abuse...
  15. S

    Selectively Mute friend?

    I was diagnosed with Selective Mutism when I was 4 years old. Kindergarten through grade 3, for me, was pretty rough. I switched schools just before starting grade 4, and I kept telling myself that no one knows me here, so I can just be myself. It actually worked, and even though I was still...
  16. I

    what a bad day

    Just as I was getting better i have a terrible day at work with the bullies they make me feel so uncomfortable by speaking to everyone else but my trying to get all friendly with them.butting in when we are speaking rudely.i need to get a new job away from.them.they make me so uncomfortable...
  17. B


    Hi. I have been on citalopram for about 3 years in various doses. I stopped taking about 3 weeks ago and all has been ok. But over the last few days I have started to feel a bit lost and more emotional than usual. Not looking for fixes but don't feel I can discuss with friends and family so...
  18. C

    I am concerned about my son

    Hi. My son is a 15 year old boy. In 2010 he lost his mother to cancer. He didn't seem very affected by it at the time, and he hates bringing it up. When we were on a roadtrip to my fathers house after he passed (2014) he informed me that he was hearing voices calling his name. I was very...
  19. B

    The price of speaking out

    I live with my sister and her boyfriend. Over the Memorial Day weekend, on Sunday, they had visitors, adult son, DIL two grandchildren, and one adult couple with their two small children. I know the son and his wife well but the other couple I have met only a few times, never spoken to and...
  20. L

    He just wants to be friends

    Bonjour, this is my first post. I met a guy online, we seemed to just click, we met up and got along really well. We almost had sex and I was heartbroken when I had to leave. But now he says he just wants to be friends. He says it's him, not me, and I live too far away. How do I get over him? I...