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  1. A

    how to talk

    hey i think i've been doing self-harm for two years now. i don't think i can stop yet but i think i just need someone to talk this through. how to speak with your family and friends? i'm so tired of wearing long-sleeve shirts and coming up with excuses for that. i feel guilty i haven't told my...
  2. I

    So it’s not just me.

    I have spent years thinking that I am the worst human to ever have lived. I have recently been diagnosed with several personality disorders. While I have had some relief in this diagnosis, I am still too ashamed to speak to anyone I know about this. Just wanted to say hi and hope that I can...
  3. J

    Hi everyone

    Hi, I'm Jo, I've just joined the forum and dropping in to say hello. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and hopefully speak to some of you soon.
  4. V

    Hi all

    Hi everyone! My name is Kaz, I'm 25 and I live in Oxfordshire. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years ago, and after shockingly poor treatment from my mental health team I am turning to this forum to speak with people who understand what I am going through, and what this illness does...
  5. fazza

    Abuse in the family and a template for the future

    I have seen some pretty abhorent things as a child. My doctor told me yesterday that i must see this as a template for normal married life. How wrong can he be. As a victim of abuse i was always scared of telling my doctor as i presumed (rightly so) that he would say that the abused becomes the...
  6. T

    Hi all.

    Hi everybody. This is the first time that I've been into this forum. I normally go to the anxiety one, but feel as though this one will be a bit beneficial to me. Am I ok to share some things with you all? I find that it's easier to speak with people that understand what it's like, rather...
  7. R

    What is wrong with me?

    Hi, I'm new to this am looking for some high level advice. i routinely replay bad experiences / memories in my mind, causing me to become extremely worked up and angry. These thoughts literally make my lips moves making it appear that i'm speaking to myself (which, I sort of am). when it's...
  8. I

    Feeling lonely and upset

    Hi I have a emotionaly unstable personality disorder. I find it very hard to cope with my emotions I feel up and down all the time and it feels like everyone hates me . The Mental health team in my area has faced huge cuts as a result When I get referred to the mental health team by my Doctor...
  9. N

    Introducing myself but afraid to do so...

    I suffer from social anxiety disorder and as a result alcoholism. I live everyday of my life in fear. Afraid to go to work, to speak in front of people in a nutshell afraid to be judged. The SA is so debilitating that I drink so that I can speak in front of people at work, so that I can go out...
  10. Funnyday

    This made me paranoid

    I was on the return flight home after staying in Gran Canaria for a week with my brother and son. When I see someone that I recognise from CMHT. It didn't stop there. In all there were 8 of them! Talk about making me paranoid as to their motives for beiing there. I didn't see them on the way out...
  11. Mr.NiceGuy

    Ghosts have different personality's but all act under the same rules

    Not all ghosts are the same. They say different things. It's hard to put an identity on them. However they all act under the same rules: they don't speak like normal humans bringing up matters of there own concern, they only respond to your thoughts, never you onto them. They also will fall for...
  12. V

    I have anxiety attacks all the time....

    To get me out of this place and back to where I came from. A sense of normality away from this miserablity. You can choose your friends but not your family! Especially when they say go speak to your social worker! Cheers! Such a great family!
  13. A


    I can't last much longer. I am on the verge of phoning 111, but not sure that will be too helpful as from experience if they take me to ED, I will be stuck there for hours and hours before I get to speak to psych liaison and I don't want that. I'm not sure how much I want help.
  14. J

    Lost my job and not sure who to speak to

    So I have posted about about being stressed at the possibility of losing my job, unfortunately a couple of days ago my worst case scenario came true and my employer decided to fail my probation and stopped my final pay. I'm just wondering who can I speak to about my worries regarding money, I...
  15. M

    Mild depression or will it pass?

    Over the last few months, I have felt low quite often. It's not a constant feeling, it's on and off.. some days I feel fine and feel like my 'usual self', but other days I feel so low to the point where I just don't want to get out of bed and face the world. It's not severe in my eyes, but it's...
  16. B

    20 and don't know what to do anymore

    This paragraph in short is me struggling with lonliness and my GAD, I can't talk to family because from the outside my life looks fine so they don't take me seriously. I'd talk to my Girlfriend but she says "stop being so negative it's annoying" she doesn't take me seriously either.. I'm tired...
  17. S

    Nice to meet you all

    I have got over the worst in my life as I used to have bipolar disorder, and besides many other problems, but now I feel like needing company, as I have problems with my vocal cord so I can't speak much with people, and I'm having slight depression. I just hope I'm able to bring some light...
  18. R

    too young for this

    Need to speak to someone who understands dementia in young people
  19. P

    Help, what could be wrong with me?

    Hi, where do I start...:confused: from as young as i can remember I have been very quiet around others, teased over the years at school for it (they didn't really bother me just my thoughts that bothered me of wanting to speak but felt to worried to), had a traumatic upbringing with a father...
  20. K

    Who am I?

    It didn't take much thought when choosing the title for this post. It's a question I seem to be asking myself daily. I'm new here...registered literally 5 minutes ago. I'm hoping for help and advice from both people who have been dealing with anxiety for years, and others who are only just...