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  1. N

    Builders - On A Temporary (Roof men) I meant, Basis/Noise

    Hi Folks, I have discovered, well rediscovered my trick, for blocking out the sounds of roof work men, at the moment, for next door neighbours, to listen to my head phones of a different musical currently to prevent the hacking and the banging sounds filtering through to me. So hopefully, and...
  2. P

    overstimulated by sounds?

    I honestly don't know if this is the right subforum for this question because I don't know what it is lol but this sounded like the most appropriate I guess. more easily when I'm tired, but not exclusively, I seem to get easily overstimulated by sounds especially. for instance I'm tired and...
  3. S

    How to deal with hearing voices

    A story I have repeatedly mentioned. I swear by God that it is true. God will ask me about this oath on the Day of Resurrection. I was traveling, and the glass of my car was completely closed. On the right was a wide desert as well as on the left. Yet I still hear voices. These sounds ask me to...
  4. H

    What is it, and have you such experiences?

    Frequently I sort of disappeare for a short glimpse, and when I do that I sort of hear thinks, that might not be real sounds. I hear negative words about me, or other sounds that people make when angry. But soon I'm "back", and it seems distant. If I take less antipsychotics this experiences are...
  5. Tired Daisy

    PIP People will get paid more

    I'm finding this had to understand tonight as my brain isn't in gear but I came across some news about PIP and it sounds like its good news and thought I'd share it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42862904
  6. Under_The_Moon

    Anyone else find nature therapeutic?

    For myself, when I'm feeling blah or anxiety is getting to me I find getting out into nature helps a lot. Somewhere quiet with just the natural sounds of nature, no one around but me and whatever birds and animals I run into. My mind is too busy taking in all the sights, sounds and smells to...
  7. S

    upsetting illness, with noise distortions too

    experiencing noise distortions makes me want to cry .. i hate how noises can often sound '' cold '' '' disgusting '' and almost distorted and weird . my therapist has given me a suggestion to listen to music but i don't want to keep putting music in my ears why should i have to , sometimes i...
  8. R

    I didn't hear voices, I heard sounds...

    I suppose it is the same mechanism as hearing voices, but I feel it is also different since I didn't hear a voice in my head but something real being transformed in a word. Basically all the sounds around me would form sentences. Each sound would make a word and the words together would form...
  9. nickybow86

    Can anyone relate ?( Hear voices)

    Does this sound like anyone else please ? I have always heard a voice calling my name since I was young , the voice seems to come on a wave like sound (sounds ridiculous I know) as I have gotten older I don't hear it as often but some sounds will trigger the voice and I can hear it again. I have...
  10. I

    De-Cluttering My Brain

    I've been encouraged by some nice people here on the site to express how I'm feeling. It's not easy, because basically what I do 24/7 is is pretend to be fine. Anyway, the point of this post is just to get some stuff off my chest, and hopefully that'll take the pressure off for a little. I've...
  11. H

    Dealing with set backs

    Hi. My name is Jack and I'm 19 years old. For as long as I can remember, rugby has been my life. Maybe it sounds childish, maybe it sounds unrealistic but all I've ever wanted is to play proffesionally and make myself proud. In October, I went to a trial and didn't make it. I wasn't good...
  12. X

    I think I'm scrambled.

    I'm an adult male. I have autism and OCD and I have spent my whole life living with my parents. I AM IN THERAPY. But my therapist only knows about the OCD part. Recently I've been suffering from a plague of strange sounds and voices that are confusing me and perplexing me dramatically. THIS...
  13. Rainah

    Selective Mutism

    Does anyone else suffer with this? Not sure how well known this anxiety disorder is, I'm currently reading a book about it and it sounds exactly like me.
  14. S

    Hello to all, new here

    Hello, Just making a quick introduction as I am new to the forum. As of this year it's been two decades since I first began receiving help for anhedonia and anxiety issues. Despite numerous therapy attempts and a variety of medication trials, the symptoms have only grown progressively worse as...
  15. R

    Daughter hearing voices

    My 9yr old has just started talking to me about hearing voices. From reading what people say on here it sounds very genuine. I'm not sure what to do?
  16. Mr.NiceGuy

    schizophrenia cured

    In using a space heater as a source of sound, as it has both the heater and the fan element to use as a sort of white noise, I can create an array of varying voices and sounds coming out of the fan. In doing this I found that you can only listen for one type of sound to manipulate at at time. By...
  17. M

    Dad with Depression

    I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for a long time now, coming up to ten years nearly. I'm starting to write a blog to help me document my everyday life and maybe get some feeling of belonging, I don't know it sounds stupid but it was just an idea.
  18. S

    Loud disorienting voice

    For a few years now (6+) a loud angry male voice will take over in my head, so loud. As if they are standing by my ear. It sounds like he's in a hallway though, far away but very close, like reverb. It's become more frequent over the last 2 years and is usually on set by reading, Anything...
  19. N

    Physical Health - Anxiety/Low Sound of Helicopters

    Hi all, I wasn't very well today, I had rembrants of sinuses infections, and then clearing, oriignally this morning, I had my arm bands on for anxiety levels as a precuation, now, later on this afternoon, my anxieties were extremely high. So i thought right, on goes the arm bands again. I...
  20. N

    The sounds of frustration

    i am so bloody frustrated. i just want to yell and twitch about a bit making frustrated sounds. But I can't cause i'm in a stupid mental health setting and if i do what i want they will never let me go so instead i will vent through my fingers... HHNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH