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  1. R

    What depression is...

    depression is.... Heavy... I know it's been said, but really it's like dragging around a bag of angry cats Photophobic...everything is too bright. I walk around wearing sunglasses on cloudy days Phonophobic... I speak so softly that others can't hear because I can't stand the sound of my own...
  2. N

    Weird Panic Attacks

    Hey there, So I have been experiencing this "attacks" since I have been a kid and kinda learned to control them and calm myself down, but never actually consulted anyone about them. It would be really interesting to know what these are and also the causes. My first guess was a sensory overload...
  3. K

    Can I get your thoughts please?

    Hi, this is my first post. I have been a bit lost. My brother died a few months ago, he was 32. He would openly tell us about depression and anxiety, but also had some behavioural traits that could be difficult to cope with. After he died we met lots and lots and lots of his friends who we would...
  4. A

    Olanzapine or Depakote

    I had to come off Quetiapine because it was affecting my heart. Its taken 8 weeks to get back to as it should be. My Psychiatrist today has given me a choice of trying Olanzapine or Depakote. I've read up about both but they both sound terrible. Can anyone give me any idea which is the least...
  5. S


    Hello, i am new here... I am wondering if someone could recomend me a good mature Psycologhist in central London, I tried some before on NHS and didnt like it... sorry if i sound rude but i need someone mature in their 50's or so... if you know someone good would you please advise? Regards...
  6. D

    How can I get things done?

    This may sound silly but I have a serious problem of not getting anything. I spend most of my time daydreaming and spaced out. I don't seem to care about things but, when I reflect on my life, I tend to panic because I have't done anything. When I say I don't get things done, I mean I can't...
  7. R

    Why I am on the forum tonight

    Honestly? This might sound like I am using people, but I am here to read about other people having different delusions to remind me how absurd these ideas sound to an external ear, and therefore to remind myself that mine were just as absurd. I was looking at my facebook at the time of my...
  8. M

    Do you remember what your voices say?

    Are you able to keep them as memories? I mean do they become memories because I've been wondering...we hear noise and sound everyday and forget most of them. But I seem to remember some of the topics that the voices keep mentioning.
  9. Prairie Sky

    What do you say to people you care about who are depressed or suicidal?

    What do you say to people you care about who are depressed or suicidal? Well that probably sounds mighty odd because I've been depressed and suicidal for a good portion of my life. I have a lot of experience in what not to say. But what can you say or do that truly helps? That doesn't sound...
  10. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Dementia as it pertains to schizophrenia

    I have a diagnosis of schizoaffective-bipolar. But there are a few things which concern me. Sometimes I forget where I am, where I'm going, who I am, and who other people are. Its been a while since I have have had an episode of this nature. I sometimes lose large blocks of time. The most...
  11. S

    upsetting illness, with noise distortions too

    experiencing noise distortions makes me want to cry .. i hate how noises can often sound '' cold '' '' disgusting '' and almost distorted and weird . my therapist has given me a suggestion to listen to music but i don't want to keep putting music in my ears why should i have to , sometimes i...
  12. A

    Feeling extrememly low

    Don't know what to do with myself. Done all I can to help. Have put laundry on. Will put tv on after. What next? I saw my care co-ord before. I don't even remember what we talked about. It may sound stupid, but I feel really guilty about that. I am completely washed out. Another day...
  13. F

    i feel like im about to snap

    at this point in time i feel like nothing i do is right or good enough, i feel like im about to snap and say or do something that i may seriously regret. it gets to the point that and as mad is it may sound but my head starts hurting and i can feel the anger building up inside of me i know this...
  14. redone

    Racing thoughts?

    Hi guys Around a year ago I became severely suicidally depressed which came with agitation, anxiety, thoughts that I and the world weren't real, and thoughts that people could know what I was thinking and that I had 'demons' inside me. I was able to recognise though that that was not a normal...
  15. A

    Hearing Voices 24/7 for two years now!!

    Hi, for 2 years now ive been hearing voices all day, everyday and night and its driving me crazy. I cant do the things i want to do, i cant concentrate, nor even think straight because there always there. Its seriously effecting my life and my sons life because i cant be the best mum i want to...
  16. nickybow86

    Does anyone relate?

    I dont hear loads of voices or different conversations My voice just calls my name but it only seems to happen in a certain noise or tone it like the voice is in the noise or sound ?? . It sound so strange. As iv gotten older I don't hear it as much but it it does happen still. Does anyone...
  17. sunset547544

    Anti Addictive Drugs

    If addictive drugs work by changing your brain so things don't feel good without them, could drugs exist that have the opposite effect and reverse the damage, i.e make you feel terrible temporarily then better permenantly? I know it might sound like a crazy idea but at least on a biochemical...
  18. C


    I so miss having intimacy with my partner. I'm caring for him so much.. I'm not getting nothing from him. I sound selfish but I'm really not a selfish person. I just miss making love to him. I'm afraid to go out on a night out with friends incase I stray. .and to be honest I think I would. I...
  19. Z


    Has anybody else experienced not knowing if you are hearing voices in your head? It sounds maybe not like a big problem, but many times my voices sound like me and I think they impersonate me to be tricky. It really bothers me and I'm embarrassed to tell my doctor. Anybody?
  20. B

    Another failure

    I finally thought I had found a home for my cats as I need to just run and start a new life. Am sick of everything. The night before I hadn't slept and kept thinking they would use them for Satanic rituals etc. Anyway t-bone went mad and hid so well in the couch couldn't find her. Other was...