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  1. fazza

    Anger to the point of combustion

    I did not drink last night as I thought it would help with thinking more clearer. I may have well drank the bottle On my way now to pick up some meds from the pharmacy. I have been give 10mg haloperidol and 5 mg diazepam. My anger issues are getting out of hand and I genuinely believe that...
  2. J

    Depression & Anxiety - Unpleasant feeling in chest

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. Hope you are all ok and staying strong. I am a 40 year old male, been suffering from depression for 20 years. When it first started it struck with with terrifying paranoia and anxiety and the feeling that I was going insane - then came the depression. But I...
  3. L

    Just another loss soul.

    Hi, I have depression. I came here for help on managing it better.
  4. W

    For the attention of Soul Searcher.

    Are you okay? I have not seen you around since you said you were going to do that water fasting thing. I hope you are all right.
  5. Kerome

    Buddhism and not having a soul

    One of the Buddhist doctrines, anatta, states that we have no soul. That we are merely a stream of interconnected events and mind states moving from the past to the future. This doesn’t mean that there is no afterlife, merely that there is no permanent ‘i’ to experience it. So we don’t need to...
  6. Y

    To messed up to love??? hope is all you need

    I think I found my soul mate in rehab. well she works there. she has expressed that she likes me back. I feel like the luckiest person in the world , cos she's perfect . I'm trying to open the " box" as I put it and try and express myself to her. addiction problems and little to none...
  7. shaky


    I'm taking Risperidone again - and life has gone dull I'm not enjoying anything. I was rather unstable, very anxious, so I went on Risperidone again, but the lack of energy, not getting stuff done, and the lack of enjoyment is soul destroying.
  8. D

    "Well why don't you just stop?"

    I have heard the words "why don't you just stop" from the two people in this world who I reached out to about my self-harm. One is my mom. Once she found out I was doing it she just told me "you need to stop there's no reason for you to be doing this", discussed me going to a therapist, and then...
  9. Kerome

    The Dark Night of the Soul

    So in meditation - on one of the rare cases recently when I was quiet enough to actually meditate - it came to me that the contents of my psychosis are self created, that in effect this confrontation with my fears is a kind of Dark Night of the Soul, a series of purgations and trials that one...
  10. S

    Hello I'm new 👋

    Hi, I thought I'd say hello before I jump into the threads feet first! Do I introduce myself here? Bare my soul warts and all or just say hi and run?!?!
  11. L

    losing my soul mate to cancer

    Please please please help me!! My mum has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and as a family we are devastated! The thought of losing my mum to this bullshit disease is soul destroying!! In the past I have suffered horrendously with depression and my mum is the one that has pulled me out...
  12. Poopy Doll

    When Does the Soul Enter the Body ??

    Okay, here's a topic that will drive you crazy. Don't bother participating in this thread if you don't believe in souls or reincarnation. A yoga teacher I know has said that the soul enters the child in the womb at the fifth month of pregnancy. That means I've wasted my time playing music for...
  13. Tired Daisy

    I was born in the UK but I'm really an American by birth

    I think this is important that I tell y'all of who my real soul is and I don't belong in the UK I don't agree with the united states government but the people there are awesome
  14. cpuusage

    The case for the Soul

    The Case for the Soul The Mystery of the Mind - Wilder Penfield The Mind and the Brain - Jeffrey Schwartz More than Matter - Keith Ward The Matter Myth - Paul Davies & John Gribbin 1. The Case for the Soul (Neuroscience) 1. The Case for the Soul (Neuroscience) - YouTube 2. The Case for...
  15. D


    Having some psychosis so I'm hearing demons inside me, I heard my soul crying outside my window. I'm going to pray all night. I started praying that God would take my ex from my heart because it has caused me to lose my mind. He is a trigger for my schizophrenia. Like I say his name because my...
  16. cpuusage

    How To BE Your Own Healer

    How To BE Your Own Healer - RiseEarth by Rosanne Lindsay; Nature of Healing "You were born to be a healer. We are all healers by birthright. There is no rulebook on healing. We are simply created to heal ourselves. In order to appreciate that inherent quality, we have to see ourselves as part...
  17. cpuusage

    Intuition: If It Feels Off. Its Off!

    Intuition: If It Feels Off. It's Off! - The Minds Journal Always, always trust your first gut instinct. If you genuinely feel in your heart and soul that something is wrong, it usually is.
  18. valleygirl


    Beyond Behind your gentle smiling Behind all the kind words Behind all the tender listening Behind all the comfort You gave me You were a broken soul You hid behind your gentle smiling Behind all the kind words Behind all the tender listening Behind all the comfort You hid Your broken soul I...
  19. N

    Loneliness makes me want to give up

    I feel like I don't want to hang on to life anymore. No matter how many friends i have, it's living alone, and being surrounded by families in the flats around me which is hurting. I feel lost. My parents live overseas, my siblings have their own lives. I feel at this point that if I keep...
  20. E

    A Perspective On “Voices”

    No one can come to a conclusion about what “voices” are unless, they have heard them sufficiently, listened to them with out doing what they say, and testing them sufficiently, and has a variety of voices, positive and negative as a sample pool to draw conclusions from. I am such a person...