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  1. RainbowHeartz

    zopiclone not working

    Hmm sooo The zopiclone just ain't doing its job..
  2. loulabelle

    A Polite way to say F off

    I need a polite way to tell someone to F off. Basically this person keeps texting/messageing/ calling me with all there little 'dramas'..... i really cant be dealing with it, the trouble is i feel like i need to help and offer advise and support and if i dont do it i feel sooo sooo guilty. I...
  3. loulabelle

    I should be happy

    I should be sooo happy atm after nearly two years of being on my local housing list ive come to the top of the list ive had 2 offers in like less then a week i turned one down it was sooo nasty but the next day i had another one for a new build they look amazing someone will call me next week im...
  4. M


    Thought id start a new discussion if anyone is interested on HOUSEWORK. You can talk about dusting,hoovering,washing,washing up etc, wether you love it or hate it, the problems you encounter etc. You can evan share hints n tips. Ill start with my houswork; I cant stand it if i dont do it...
  5. loulabelle

    why is everything soo LOUD

    Everything is sooo loud and intense why its kinda loud and loud and loud and loud sooooooo loud
  6. vikkisab

    triggering myself

    At the moment I have been triggering myself to sh by watching videos and photos of sh ... I used to do that and be fine but im actually hungry for it .. I want it sooo bad x
  7. M

    I'm not ok.

    Therapy was a horrible disaster. It made things so much worse. I've got a terrible feeling of needing to escape. I have to escape some horrid imminent danger that I've already endured. It doesn't matter that 25 years have past. It going to happen. The need to escape is sooo strong. My fight...
  8. M

    Stressed out wife!!

    I have just joined the forum and have posted once already and am feeling comforted already by knowing that others have the same kind of worries as both myself and my husband who suffers from both Bipolar and Aspergers. I am feeling.....what's the best word......frustrated!! I am basically...
  9. J

    sooo upset

    Broke my heart and confidence today, wanted to self harm but haven't , I'm better than them all I hope
  10. L


    I've been in agony for 15 hours straight,tooth ace well abses,tried getting to emergancy dentists all day with no joy,until morning,been taking waaay over right amount of painkiller all day,12 asprin,13 ibrobruphin,4 codridramol what my gp prescribed at 5 15pm today,now im lying in bed loud...
  11. loulabelle

    irritable and kinda sedated

    Im sooo irritable today... 2 Of the girls come into work and straight away started moaning... It really pissed me off u just wanted to shout SHUT THE FUCK UP but didnt... Im felling really sedated today my head is sooo foggy it wud be nice if i waant working cos the sedated feeling is making it...
  12. blacktulip

    Why do i feel like i should be in hospital now

    Not to let people down??????......try and conform to normality????? Cant do that now can we......would upset too many people.......sooo you carry on trying to be 'sane' hey ho,,,,im going to struggle this wéékend hey ho xxxxxxxxx:scared:
  13. I

    so near to being better rah to stress

    Hello, I have been doing sooo well as was ready to go to my doc's and be all pleased with myself. But work is sooo stressful at the moment and my whole body aches thorugh being so tense all week. Also I have not been sleeping properly and this is a big warning sign. So I am not going to feel...