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  1. milkshake

    Son overwhelmed with high school

    My son has just started high school, he feels overwhelmed with the volume of homework he is given, at primary he did well and always had gleaming reports, so this is a shock to me, he spends hours 3/4 a night, often ending tears, i am worried he with shut off or make himself ill, i try to help...
  2. C

    Son hears voices and I don't know how to help

    Hello there! I was watching Eleanor's talk at Ted and found the link to your website. I have a 24 year old son, Trevor, who hears voices and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 18. We live in San Diego, CA and he is currently on many meds and attending the Transitional Age Youth Program...
  3. P

    Being treated badly triggering a Bipolar episode... (long story)

    This is a major vent, i need to rant sorry! So, I will try and keep this as short as! I have been suffering Bipolar depression since Sept last year (God, it's almost been a year!), and have good and bad days, recently having had extremely good days :). But... for a few weeks my partner was...
  4. C

    Has anyone here

    tried 'running away'? If I stay here they will put my door in - my son. I have about a £1000 in my account. Don't know what to do. I want it ALL to end - but the son who WILL kick the door in does not deserve it. He deserves a mum who will be there for him, his partner and their future children
  5. R

    Need answers to help son

    My son is incarcerated in a jail on a misdemeanor trespassing charge & he desperately wants to be bailed out. His atty. said to leave him there & he should be taken to a psych ward for 90-180 days. His father talked to him on the phone & said that he's very paranoid & delusional & rants. I...
  6. BillFish

    There is a God after all

    There is a God after all, my son got a distinction on his previous year of college and he got accepted for a two year A level business course this morning. I'm really chuffed, I missed so many opportunities when I was younger. I got qualified in everything from heli handler( could be on a rig...
  7. scitzorich

    praying works let me tell you why!!!

    Today i woke up like every other day with cripling side effects from my dipixol injection so i took my procycladine as normall and then i dicided to write a poem to read out at church on sunday as ive just become a born again cristian but the thing thats been driving my prayers a latley is a...
  8. L

    New here, worried and at the end of my tether.

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have previously been trying to talk about my issues elsewhere but I need to be talking to people who hopefully understand. My story so far... I am 30, I am living with my partner and I am pregnant with my first baby. I was married and left my husband in...
  9. C

    You have to be

    very careful on here. So I will try to be. I've lost it - pardon me my mum died. A son has blanked me for 6 months. I'm not that good with taking my tablets - fucks sake, I did not want this. The son who has blanked me has contacted my local MHT and said - whatever. I work on that...
  10. K

    13 year old athlete son with eating disorder and phobia of being overweight

    13 year old athlete son with eating disorder and phobia of being overweight My son is 13 and very athletic. He runs for an hour 4 times a week and goes to the gym 3 times a week. He is 5ft 9 inches tall. He is trying to consume as little as he can get away with. His diet is extremely healthy to...
  11. C

    Running Away

    how can I do this? Want to (would need to let my kids know I was alive etc) I have had enough. Nobody cares if I live or die - and why should they. So tired of being alive and all the shit that goes with. Let them get on with it - the youngest (in London) with the world at his feet, the...
  12. Y

    I'm concerned about my 16 year old son...

    My son has severe learning difficulties...he started a specialist college last year and by Christmas they said they wouldn't have him back unless he started medication too help with his challenging behaviour and anxieties. Since dec 12 he has now seen 4 different psychiatrists...there is no...
  13. Imperfect-Angel

    care allowance

    Hi, does it have to be an adult that can receive carers allowance? As my son is 15 & he does everything I can't possible do.., Many Thanks Imperfect-angel :D
  14. BillFish

    Job done £300 in the bag

    Spent the last four days working for a local business guy, really enjoyed it.I dropped my eldest son at a party tonight about 10 miles away and on the way back had the weirdest feeling lol. I felt that most of my life should be spent outside the house and I would enjoy doing it.I really have...
  15. C

    Quite a bit calmer

    despite bereavement. One or two on this Board gave me a hard time when I was already struggling for survival. That's okay - we are all unwell and have the potential to act in a ,not sensible' way - self included. The funeral is behind me. Was at Mum's house last night to take some items...
  16. S

    My 13 year old son has Anorexia .. Looking for support and information

    Hi ladies and gents, I'm John, 42 and my partner Lynne is 37. We have 2 teens, a girl aged 17 and a lad aged 13. Our son has had tummy troubles since he was 11, constantly either with severe constipation, then diarrhoea with stomach pains. They put it down to "stomach migraines" and repeatedly...
  17. C

    Head of the Family

    my little branch of. Not much choice - they need me, so I shall be there. a point of reference. pontificating when I have no right (she did - God rest her soul). They've wiped one of my threads - all I said was Good Night etc. Not bothered. Now how am I getting through today? I dinnae ken...