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  1. A

    Mirtazapine vs Trazodone

    Hello to all my fellow forum members! I need an advice. I use Mirtazapine for insomnia and it does wonders. I sleep 7-8 hours every single night on 15 mg of Mirtazapine after 14 months of treatment. But the hunger is permanent and unbearable and I gained a lot of weight. Now I decided that I...
  2. N

    Prescription from Chemist - Phone Communication (and speech) Problems

    Hi Folks, I called the chemist, to check when the Abilify solution would be ready, I had somebody a foreigner on the line, and not knowing what they were doing, reading off from the till screen wise, and gave me to believe, that the melts, were being ordered, and that wasn't the case, and...
  3. B

    What should i cook for anxiety?

    Im pretty sure when someone is in anxiety there will always be a solution for them to be happy again. :) Food maybe one of it :D any suggestions?
  4. A


    I posted that I have an "unsettling feeling". I think it is akathisia. It is more internal than external, though. I wonder if there is a solution to this side effect.
  5. D

    I just want to die

    Because I don't see me getting better in any way and I feel like death is the only solution. I just want somebody to kill me so I can rest in peace. My problems are permanent and therefore i need a permanent solution. I'M DEAD ALREADY Sorry x
  6. P

    Why do I lack motivation ?

    Hi, I just joined here, I'm a 18yo girl and I've been dealing with depression most of my life. But I've been terribly demotivated the past two years after I dropped out of school due to my depression getting worse (panic attacks, meds etc). I went back to school but after a year doing nothing...
  7. D

    Question about depression

    Hello, years ago I understood that there is no point in my life, I work but I dont have money, Its only enough to pay the bills and eat, so basically I am just a modern slave, and I know that it can only get worse, I know that there is no "future",.people say I am pissimist but I know that I am...
  8. F

    Death Anxiety/Unable to find a solution

    I'm posting this late in a mid-anxiety frenzy, sorry for typos/rambling. I'm a 20 year old female and I have mild anxiety that I think is spiralling. I've always been a worrier since I was little but it's getting to the point where I may have a drink to calm my nerves (I won't get drunk nor do...
  9. B

    should I stop now?

    I know you will say yes but... My pdoc prescribed me Ativan months ago to use when I really need it. That's when I want to hit my head to the wall, namely, irritability, mixed episode etc. He never prescribed benzos before but on those days I was highly irritable. So, I have taken 15-16 times...
  10. D

    I just want to end it all, but don't have the courage to do so.

    HI All, I have been having some really bad relationship problems and I am at a point where I have no one else and can not see any sign of hope. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for the last 18 years and have no friends. For the last 9 years, my wife and kids had always been enough for...
  11. E

    Well I was confused, quicklyput me on chemic

    some body said psychosis and depression and I stood up. Call me a wanker. Kick me solidly out of the library because the people there to help me hung up on book as rulers. If I am written I must be a character. Push aside, my desire, make you perfect solution. I must what they tell me to take...
  12. B

    poor money management

    So I have some difficult choices this month. I have forgotten about my car insurance renewal and not put that money aside or made provision for paying it. The only way I can afford to pay it is if a put it on a monthly plan and default on something else. I have a 40 min commute to work which...
  13. A

    Feeling Unhuman

    I'm not really sure if this has anything to do with mental illness, but I guess that's what I'm here to find out:unsure: It's difficult to describe, but I suppose in essence, the things that should be the most "natural" or "human," seem the most unnatural to me. The most prevalent examples of...
  14. H

    MY GF broke up with me and I don't know what to do :(

    Hi guys, I have a pretty big problem and I'd like to get some advices on how to feel better, because I can't take this anymore. So, I've been with this girl for 3 months, and that was enough for me to fall in love with her. I'm just that type of person, I fall in love very rare, but when that...
  15. Solitude1

    I am really fed up with this life

    Never could I think of my life as the misery it is nowadays. Now that I have fallen into an abyss of loneliness and despair, no one even deigns to hear me, let alone understand and help. Today I am surrounded by people but lonely, seen and addressed by them but lost, and resemble them but too...
  16. I

    Good morning all

    Hello :) I'm Isabelle or Bella. Whatever you fancy. Joined this forum as i have a few issues with not making friends very easily. I'm also on here to help as many people as i can. I suffered from depression at a young age and considered a more permanent solution to it at the time. Thanks to...
  17. C

    No self esteem and unbelievably lonely

    So here goes... I've struggled with social problems my whole life, meaning I've continuously felt lonely for the past 20 years. As a child I suffered with anxiety and depression, leading to a miserable time growing up. For the past nearly 2 years I've been very low in mood, I've attempted...
  18. dubblemonkey

    it's kind of unlucky

    it's even worse than unlucky... it cannot get worse than my experience with people experiencing me! ...what I have managed or mis-managed what others think and believe... what I always knew! was that I am a terrible mistake. ...I have met so many people over the years.... and nobody ever...
  19. N

    Fear of monsters keeps me up at night

    That's right, I can't fall asleep at night because I'm afraid of monsters attacking me. And I'm 18 years old, so it's kind of embarrassing. I of course know that monsters don't exist, but my imagination keeps telling me otherwise, and I just can't control my thoughts. I've always slept with a...
  20. N

    Hello im new here.

    Hi,just to say im new here and have had issues for arround 14 years,have been on many medications and still searching for a solution and a medication to make me normal again.:thanks: