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  1. S

    My voice hearing

    I learned to stay positive and find the silver linings in life and that you can't fix the world only those you love in life. If they don't like you oh well life moves on someone will to be honest. More positivity more influence. DC 111:8 And the place where it is my will that you should tarry...
  2. K


    Yet another newbie:whistle: looking forward to making some friends as i am a bit if a solitary soul
  3. pepecat

    The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence

    The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence | Spirituality & Health Magazine The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence A former monk shares insights from a year of solitary prayer and contemplation A few weeks after I graduated from high school, I left home and went away to a monastery. For...
  4. Tired Daisy

    Well being honest don't get you nowhere

    So I had 2 chicks that were interested in me so I thought it would be better to be honest and I told one them I have autism and that was it no more replies :low: I thought they'd understand :low: oh well maybe I should just wreck my liver and drink in solitary confinement and be alone :confused...
  5. S


    If I take my medication tonight I don't have to sleep in solitary confinment I said that's a mean rule
  6. J

    paranoid schizophrenic

    this is what they think is going on with me. my name is john, i live a solitary life with 2 dogs
  7. zafujohn


    Hi all It's been a long time since I ventured onto a forum but finding this place which looks so welcoming and friendly without being cliquey has tempted me out of retirement. I'm a male in my late forties who has suffered with depression GAD and social phobia since childhood. I was only...